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Electric Scooter Suspension - All You Need To Know

What is suspension, and why is it so crucial for electric scooters to have them? If you are hunting for the perfect folding electric scooter for adults but are not sure if you need a suspension, this electric scooter guide is for you!

Suspension or no suspension? The decision you make on the suspension of your electric scooter will significantly impact how comfortable the ride will be.

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What is Suspension on Electric Scooter, and Why do You Need it?

You have most likely heard of the suspension in an electric scooter that can affect the ride quality. Scooter creators and manufacturers spend much of their time perfecting the prosuspension because it is essential for handling and comfort.

The primary purpose of the suspension is to reduce the impact of the scooter on the road surface to provide a smoother ride for the user and ensures that they won't lose control while on the road. The parts for a suspension in a foldable scooter for adults are less complex than a vehicle. The components include:

  • 1. Preload:

The preload raises the suspension and ensures it stays at the top of its travel.

  • 2. Coil or Spring:

The spring is what will move up and down to ensure you experience fewer shocks while riding your electric scooter. The spring will also hold your weight and reduce the impact when riding over a bump or rough terrain. Lastly, the spring will also set the ride height.

  • 3. Shocks:

The shocks control the movent of the coils, so your wheels stay on the ground.

  • 4. Limiter Straps:

It reduces the impact of the shocks.

If you were riding on a flat straight road, you wouldn't really need suspension. Even if a road has slight bumps or uneven terrain, suspension is required. Have you ever ridden on a road with speed bumps or light potholes? That is a clear sign that there is poor suspension.

The suspension will absorb the impacts from the road and ensure that you have a comfortable ride on your foldable scooter for adults. Electric scooters for heavy adults require a good suspension to minimize the number of bumps they can experience during their ride. Especially if the e-scooter has airless tires – the ride will be very unpleasant.

Suspension Types for Electric Scooter

All Varla Scooter models from $599 to $2099 are equipped with shock suspension. Pegasus, Wasp, and Falcon are adapted with spring suspension; the more advanced Eagle One and PRO, which are more advanced and expensive, are equipped with dual hydraulic suspension.

Spring Suspension

This is one of the most common types of suspension found on electric scooters today. It provides great performance, also cost-effective compared to hydraulic suspension. When riding on bumpy roads, the spring compresses and rebounds to reduce the impact of bumps, helping to keep the deck as stable as possible, thus assisting in maintaining your center of gravity for safety.

Hydraulic Suspension

This is the most advanced type of suspension commonly used today, offering smoother shock absorption and a longer lifespan. It is based on the spring suspension and adds a hydraulic tube, resulting in dual shock absorption settings that improve ride comfort. When encountering bumps, the liquid expands, and it will compress while your scooter's wheels make contact with the ground to absorb impact. Compared to springs, the liquid can absorb shocks more smoothly, quietly, and comfortably. Its working principle can be compared to that of hydraulic brakes.


How To Adjust the Suspension Preload

For Eagle One, Eagle One PRO, and Pegasus, you can also adjust the preload of the suspension through the following operations. You will need a special wrench.

Step 1: Place your long range electric scooter on a stand/desk, lift the wheels off the ground, and let the suspension extend completely. Use a tape measure/ruler to measure the travel of the suspension spring.

Step 2: Stand on the scooter, put as much weight as possible on the vehicle, and then have your friend measure the length of the shock absorber spring. The difference between the two measurements is the rider sag/active sag.

Step 3: If the sag is less than 15% of the travel distance, it means that the preload is too small and needs to be increased. Please loosen the locking screw and use a wrench tool to rotate clockwise to compress the spring. 

If the sag distance is greater than 20% of the travel distance, then the preload is too high and needs to be decreased. Please loosen the locking screw and use a wrench tool to rotate the preload adjuster counterclockwise.

 Eagle One & PRO Suspension

(Eagle One & PRO Suspension)

Pegasus front suspension

(Pegasus suspension - front)

Pegasus rear suspension

(Pegasus suspension - rear)

Step 4: Finally, lock the locking screw tightly.

After completing the preload adjustment, you can repeat the measurement to see if your suspension has reached the appropriate rider sag.

Suspension Maintenance

Maintaining your suspension is important for the longevity of a folding scooter for adults. Here's how:

  • 1. Check the Locking Screw Regularly:

If you notice that the suspension is stiff or loose, you should check the screws. Another sign that there is something wrong with the screws is hearing strange noises coming from them. Check the screws once a month to ensure they aren't loose and they haven't gotten tightened too tight.

Due to riding, the suspension could become loose over some time but adjusting it is easy. Check to see if the screws are too loose or too tight. Some parts can get cracked or damaged if you don't check these monthly. Make slight adjustments with a universal kit or screwdriver and go for a short ride to ensure it is smooth.

If the locking screws are too tight, you will know by how stiff the suspension feels on the bumps and if it is loose, you might lose your balance on turns or rough terrain.

If the ride is still stiff, the spring might have to get replaced. This is not a simple task, and you may need a professional to do this for you effectively. The screws and the spring get removed. Read the manufacturer's manual to ensure you have the correct dimensions for the new spring. If you use one that is even slightly off in size, it won't fit.

  • 2. Lubrication:

During a ride, the coil will move up and down multiple times. The part gets greased by the manufacturers to ensure it is well-lubricated. If you hear strange noises when you go over a bump, you will likely need to lubricate the shock absorber. When the suspension is dry, it can also damage the part.

  • 3. Cleaning:

Especially the hydraulic shock absorber, if it is not cleaned in time after an off-road ride, dirt, and debris may scratch the oil seal, resulting in oil leakage. The oil leakage is irreversible, unlike hydraulic brakes, there is no way to replenish the oil. You can only replace a new hydraulic set, or use it as just a common spring shock absorber. So, after a long-term ride, please make sure to clean the debris and mud out. Use warm water and a lint-free soft cloth, or a soft brush. Please do not use solvents, degreasing agents, detergents and other chemicals, that may damage the shock absorbers and void the warranty.

How to Lubricate the Shock Absorber

Start by folding the electric scooter so you can access the shock absorbers easily. Use a spray can to apply the grease or lubricant safely. Don't apply too much, or it might leak. Apply small amounts of grease to the shock absorbers every six months or every 30-hour ride. This applies to all moving parts of an electric scooter to ensure optimum performance. If your folding scooter for adults gets put away for the winter, the lack of use might decrease the grease quality.

Lastly, if strange sounds come from the suspension, the first thing to do is apply lubricant. If this doesn't automatically stop the sounds, there may be other problems with the suspension.

Rear Suspension vs. Front Suspension or Both – Which is Better

The average electric scooter has either a front or rear suspension. Ensure you have checked the specs of the fast electric scooter for adults. The parts of an electric scooter will get advertised on the maker's website so check those before purchase.

Full suspension is required for optimum performance.

Suspension on Varla Motor Scooters

Before purchasing a foldable scooter for adults, ensure that you have full suspension for your riding experience. Knowing how to repair your scooter will increase its longevity. Avoid experimenting with parts if you don't understand their functions and consider monthly maintenance checks on electric scooters for optimum performance.

The Varla Eagle One and Pegasus are fully equipped with a dual suspension system. This independent suspension system, your Varla scooter, will absorb the bumps on the road to ensure you have a smooth ride with stability. Now you can have off-road excursions without the worry of feeling every rock or bump.

Learn more about the different types of suspension technologies and how dual spring shock absorption and independent suspension technology can improve your riding experience!

We will produce related guidance videos for lubrication, cleaning, adjustment, and replacement later. Stay tuned!

Updated: Replace the Shock Absorber

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