Solid vs Pneumatic Tires for your Electric Scooter

Solid vs Pneumatic Tires for your Electric Scooter

I believe that many people have experienced tire blowouts, whether it is cars, bicycles, or electric scooters. So, when buying these transportation tools, I believe many people will pay more attention to the situation of tires. We are often confused about why there is a puncture. I believe this problem is definitely in many people's minds from time to time. So let us take a look at why today. This may solve your doubts.

So, let's solve one of your questions first: Why does a puncture happen? There are many reasons for a puncture: uneven road surface, uneven air pressure inside and outside the tire, too much or too little pressure on a certain area of the tire; these conditions will cause the tire to puncture.

Varla off road electric scooter tire

Two Types of Tires on Electric Scooters

Then there are two types of tires: solid tires and pneumatic tires. So which tire should we choose for adult electric scooters? Or many people want to choose off-road scooters for adults or fast electric scooters for adults on this basis. How should they choose?

Solid Tires:

The solid fetus is just like the meaning of its name: the inside is solid. Its main material is rubber, it does not need to be inflated, and there is no inner tube and inner liner. Then its advantages are high elasticity, strong heat dissipation and wear resistance. Moreover, the life of solid tires is relatively long, and the service life can exceed three years. It can adapt to many challenging weather and environments.

Varla's Pegasus uses solid tires before, which are suitable for riding in flat urban areas, whether it is rainy or snowy. Compared with pneumatic tires, solid tires are also easy to maintain and repair because the structure is relatively simple, it will not have the problem of air leakage. The most important thing is that the abrasion resistance and tear resistance are very strong.

According to the feedback of Varla buyers, they have not been damaged since the first day they bought it back. The weight of a solid tire is heavier than that of a pneumatic tire, so its load-bearing capacity is also very powerful. If a heavy person stands on it, it can drive smoothly. 

Of course, solid tires also have shortcomings. Their road adaptability will be relatively poor, and the shock resistance will be relatively weak, so there will be bumps if the road is not stable.

Solid Tires on Varla Pegasus

Therefore, Pegasus is only suitable for driving at a relative low speed on smooth ground. So if you just want to buy one that can be used for commuting to work, and the speed requirements are not very high, you can choose Pegasus with solid tires.

Pneumatic tires:

A pneumatic tire refers to a tire without an inner tube. It only uses the tire bead and the rim to seal and preserve the gas. High-pressure gas is filled into the tire, not in a vacuum state. Pneumatic tires have strong elasticity and abrasion resistance, as well as excellent adhesion and heat dissipation performance. When the off road electric scooter is driving at high speed, it can maintain better stability and less friction. This will not only increase the speed but also reduce the impact.

Varla commuter scooter tire

Pneumatic tires are generally suitable for off-road electric vehicles because off-road roads are different from ordinary ground. Their bumps and ground smoothness are not as good as ordinary roads. Therefore, if the tire is broken, it may cause the bicycle to fall from the air and cause a serious accident. Therefore, use pneumatic tires so that when the tire is punctured, the air will not leak quickly and will last for a period of time, which can ensure the safety of the rider during riding.

The weight of pneumatic tires is relatively light, and the agility to do some difficult aerial movements is stronger than that of solid tires. Varla's Eagle One uses pneumatic tires. If you are an off-road enthusiast, then you must try to use Eagle One to make you experience the feeling of flying.

Therefore, no matter whether it is a solid tire or a pneumatic tire, there are pros and cons, and no tire is absolutely excellent. The choice of tires mainly depends on the circumstances under which you want to use an electric scooter.

Pneumatic Tires on Varla Eagle Scooters:

Varla's two designs have the strong load-bearing capacity and the electric scooter uphill and downhill climbing ability. Compared with General Electric scooters, they are already superior to them in many aspects. But if you are now wondering whether to choose Eagle One or Eagle One Pro, then I believe the above has already given you much advice. If you just want an electric scooter that can commute to get off work, you can choose Pegasus; if you're going to take it to travel or off-road, in addition to commuting, you can choose Eagle One. So don't worry, take your electric scooter and set off!

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