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    Shipping Costs $1.00

  • Electric Scooter Charger 58.8V 2.0A
    Eagle One Charger $55.20

  • High Performance 10*3 inches Inner Tube Suit for Varla Eagle One
    Varla Scooter Inner Tube $44.00

  • Varla scooter Off-road tire 10x3 inches (2 pcs) | Eagle One
    OFF-ROAD TIRE 10×3 INCHES $99.00

  • Varla Electric Scooter Seat suits for Varla Eagle One
    Varla Eagle One Seat $111.20

  • Varla LCD Display
    Varla LCD Display $56.00

  • varla battery
    Li-on Battery 52V 18.2Ah $525.00

  • varla handlebar bag
    Handlebar Bag $49.00

  • varla key
    Varla Scooter Key Ignition $46.00

  • Brake Pads for Eagle One
    Brake Pads for Eagle One $49.90

  • Brake Pads for Eagle One PRO
    Brake Pads for Eagle One PRO $45.00

  • varla disc
    Eagle One Hydraulic Brakes Kit $189.00

  • Deck Hook Portable Folding Design fit for Varla Eagle One Overall Height 51.2’’ Folded Height 20.1’’
    Deck Hook $52.00

  • Deposit
    Deposit $99.00

  • Eagle One PRO Charger
    Eagle One PRO Charger $70.00

  • Front and Rear Fender Best Protection for Your Scooter and Your Clothes
    Scooter Front & Rear Fender $49.00

  • After-sales Order
    After-sales Order $0.00

  • Electric Scooter Charger 2.0A | Pegasus
    Pegasus’s Charger 2.0A $71.20

  • Eagle One Controller
    Eagle One Controller $79.00

  • varla kickstand
    Eagle One Kickstand $36.00

  • 2 Pairs of Brake Pads | Pegasus
    Brake Pads for Pegasus $40.00

  • Scooter Deck Frosted Sticker | Eagle One
    Scooter Deck Frosted Sticker $49.00

  • Chain Lock
    Chain Lock $59.00

  • 850 Lumens Multifunction USB Rechargeable Front Light
    850 Lumens Multifunction USB Rechargeable Front Light $66.00

  • Motor 1000W | Eagle One
    1000W Hub Motor $315.00

  • varla foldable lock
    Varla Scooter Foldable Lock $69.00

  • Lightweight but Solid Protect Gear Set with Knee pads Elbow pads Wrist pads
    Protect Gear Set $55.20

  • Motor Axle Nut Cover | Varla Eagle One
    Motor Axle Nut Cover $34.00

  • LCD Display (with NFC Card)
    LCD Display (with NFC Card) $108.00

  • Pegasus LCD
    M5 LCD Display $80.00

  • Fast Convenient Easy to Install Locking Clamp Fit for Varla Eagle One
    Locking Clamp $59.00

  • 1000 Lumens USB Rechargeable Front Light
    1000 Lumens USB Rechargeable Front Light $56.00

  • Pegasus Controller
    Pegasus Controller $69.00

  • Li-on Battery 60V 27AH
    Li-on Battery 60V 27AH $645.00

  • 11-inch Air Tubeless Tires
    11-inch Air Tubeless Tires $99.00

  • Kickstand | Pegasus
    Pegasus Kickstand $36.00

  • Eagle One Charging Port
    Eagle One Charging Port $19.00

  • Zoom Hydraulic Brakes Kit for Eagle One PRO
    Zoom Hydraulic Brakes Kit for Eagle One PRO $190.00

  • Eagle One PRO Motor & Tire Set
    Eagle One PRO Motor & Tire Set $315.00

  • Eagle One PRO Kickstand
    Eagle One PRO Kickstand $43.00

  • Deck Loop | Pegasus
    Deck Loop $34.00

  • Lock Clamp for Pegasus
    Lock Clamp for Pegasus $49.00

    WOW VARLA $0.00

  • Eagle One PRO Charging Port
    Eagle One PRO Charging Port $19.00

  • Pegasus Charging Port
    Pegasus Charging Port $19.00

  • Eagle One PRO Controller
    Eagle One PRO Controller $109.00

  • Motor Axle Nut Cover for Eagle One PRO
    Motor Axle Nut Cover for Eagle One PRO $32.00

  • Eagle One PRO Front & Rear Fender
    Eagle One PRO Front & Rear Fender $52.00

  • varla t shirt
    Varla Short Sleeve T-shirt $29.90

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About Us


To empower Varla riders to perceive the periphery through a unique riding experience.
Commit to product quality, customer satisfaction and fulfill social responsibility.



The founding of Varla was upon the idea of providing electric scooter enthusiasts with an extraordinary all-terrain riding experience, which gradually became the core ideology of Varla – empowering people to enjoy an exploration journey anytime, anywhere.

To reach its advanced levels of all-terrain performance, the Varla electric scooter merges its powerful dual motor with dual shock absorption efficiency; a reinterpretation of the high-performance electric scooter design DNA.


Varla Riders


Leading Press Reviews


Real Customer Reviews



Varla is developing rapidly, our branches are located in North America, Asia, and Europe. With a global brand vision, Valra will continuously make improvements for a better being.


Emerged an initial idea of the brand.


NOV. 23
Varla hired the first employee.


JUN. 3
Launch Varla Eagle One.
JUL. 26
We sold our first Varla Eagle One.
SEP. 16
We made our first 100 sales.
OCT. 3
Varla defined the Dual Motor as a new feature in its category, the term is now widely used in the industry.
DEC. 5
We made our first 1,000 sales.


APR. 16
Launch Varla Pegasus.
JUN. 1
We made our first 5,000 sales.
JUN. 18
Reached 10,000 sales mileage.


MAY. 20
Launch Varla Eagle One Pro.
JUN. 30
There are more than 20,000 Varla riders around the world.


Break the trivial routine, revive the passion with Varla.



Turn on an exploration journey anytime, anywhere, interact with this world in a different way.


We are a customer-focused and detail-oriented team with people from all around the world. Our experienced and professional engineers and 24/7 customer service team are always here to respond to your queries. We are confident that with our professional quality control and pre-shipment quality check, every high-performance electric scooter we sell would spice up our customer’s life.

As a young team, we never stop improving and innovating. Now we have already established a long-term relationship with electric scooter manufacturing partners. There will be more models launched in the near future. And we are considering opening offline stores to provide customers with better and more convenient after-sales service.

Check out our Varla Scooter Gallery. We’ve created this gallery full of photos and videos to help you get a closer look at what our scooters are like.

Be young, have fun, go far, grab life, Varla will always be there for you.


To offer a unique blend of speed, smoothness, safety and so much fun for people living with passion.


Join us and enjoy an environment-friendly transport style, starting your exploration journey !


About Us | Varla Scooter