All Terrain Electric Scooter Riding Route in Illinois

All Terrain Electric Scooter Riding Route in Illinois

Illinois is home to some of the most remarkable places in the U.S. The state has several historic rail trails, mountain bike pathways, river paths, and scenic State parks – perfect routes to explore on your long range scooter with friends. Along these paths, you discover stunning sceneries and smooth roads with lots of thrills. There is no better time to explore Illinois' extensive biking routes.

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Scooter riding is one of the most exciting ways to learn about this state. While scooter riding in Illinois, you don't need a license as long as you are above 17, except for some law limitations on commuter scooters. Here, scooter riders aren't required to wear helmets.

Varla electric scooters for adults are perfect for fun and commuting as you would get to cover more grounds around Illinois. These scooters' dual motor allows you to ride on different terrains with top speed and style.  

Here are some of the best scooter routes you would find in Illinois:

Fox River Trail in the Aurora area

You can find miles of breathtaking trails in the Aurora Area of Illinois, about 40 miles west of Chicago. Even though the height at Saw Wee Kee Park in Oswego presents a thrilling challenge for mountain bikers and trail runners, the vast riverfront bike routes along the Fox River Trail offer picturesque views between stops at beautiful, historic downtowns.

On Fox River Trail, you can go 43 miles on your Eagle One Pro Dual Motor motorized scooter for adults. This paved, occasionally uphill track is well-liked since it's along the Fox River. The route, constructed on the defunct Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin Railroad sites, is home to a wide variety of birds, trees, and other species, including bald eagles and herons. You can stop at some cafes or restaurants and buy some items from the souvenir shops and Aurora Farmers Market. Also, while scooting through this area, you would find Small parks perfect for picnics or taking a break.

Rend Lake Bike Trail (Franklin & Jefferson Counties)

This biking path is well-traveled as Rend Lake, one of southern Illinois's natural beauties, is nearby. The Rend Lake Bike Trail is at the core of Southern Illinois, with three well-paved areas where you can breeze through the scenic habitat. Either you want a long all terrain scooter trip or plan a shorter one; the scenery here is stunning. The pathway has incredible sights of the lake, bordered by trees, prairie grasslands, wetlands, waterfowl, and other wildlife. Except for the section where it descends from lake level to cross the Big Muddy River beneath the dam and spillway, the trail is primarily flat. The Rend Lake Bike Trail is a good destination for family camping, scooter riding, and biking of all ages. The path is within walkable distance of restroom facilities, recreation, and parking areas. You can stop by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Rend Lake Visitor Center to get the map and brochure of the Rend Lake Bike Trail. 

The Galena River Trail

You can take an 8.0-mile (one-way) ride along the Galena River Trail. The Eagle One Dual Motor scooter is most suited for this crushed rock trail. The Burlington Railroad's notable line railroad spur shares the same vicinity as the Galena River Trail. You would enjoy the warmth of this area as trees cover most of the route corridor, which offers you lovely shade in the summer. During the winter, the trails become a tranquil place for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. As you ride along in this area, you will pass by Wetlands, limestone cliffs, and the original stone foundation of historic houses. Also, wildlife and wildflowers are abundant. The Galena River Trail ends at the main line close to the Mississippi River.   

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The Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway

The Des Plaines River Track and Greenway, a 6.0-km circle trail next to Schiller Park, is another of Illinois' beautiful cycling trails. Most visitors consider this trail an easy route, as it takes an average of 67 mins to complete. This trail is familiar for running, hiking, electrical scooter uphill and downhill riding, and walking. The Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway safeguards more than 76% of the Des Plaines River in Lake County. There are several forest preserves to visit in this area, so you can stop for a while and ride your off road electric scooter afterward. 

Furthermore, the 31.4-mile gravel trail covers 12 forest preserves and almost entirely extends past Lake County. Other activities you can participate in include horseback riding, hiking, and snowmobiling. While riding your commuter scooter here, always keep dogs on leashes, and pick up after them. 

The Illinois and Michigan Canal State Trail 

If you love the outdoors and sightseeing, you will appreciate the sounds and sights here.

A 15-mile pathway follows the western course of the Illinois and Michigan Canals. Whether biking or hiking, there are plenty of places to see. These places include numerous historical sites, state parks, landscapes, and abundant wildlife along the canal banks.

To help you know more about the canal, on almost every mile, you see educational markers of the stories and history of the place. Various surfaces are on this trail, from grass to well-maintained crushed limestone to gravel and asphalt. It would help if you used the Eagle One Pro, which is perfect for the different terrains of this trail. You can start your journey at Huse Lake, the southern part of LaSalle. At this point, the Illinois and Michigan Canal meets the Illinois River. You can continue your ride eastward, along the I & M canal on the Fox River to Ottawa.

Old Plank Road Trail

Known as the longest trail in Chicago, the Old Plank Road Trail of 22 miles runs through Joliet east through Frankfort, New Lenox,  Matteson, Chicago Heights, and Park Forest.

Along these trails are sights of sugar maples and oak trees, wildflowers, and prairie grasses that you can see. At this path, you can get a glimpse from a platform as you watch the north-south and east-west trains on rails change their direction.

Numerous activities, including biking, hiking and snowshoeing, can be done on the Old Plank Road Trail. At the headwaters of Butterfield Creek, three miles from Dewey Helmick and Old Plank Road Prairie Nature Preserves. You can find more than 150 prairie plants home to 170 different bird species, muskrats, and beavers. After you explore the area on your adult electric scooter, to return to the Old Plank Road Trail, you would ride 8miles through a slightly downhill path before you reach the outskirts of Joliet.

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Millennium Trail and Greenway

The Millennium trail 41-mile is a trail that connects western, central, and northern Lake County. When linked with the Des Plaines River Trail, North Shore Path, Fort Hill Trail, and the McClory Trail, it becomes an ecosystem that connects residential areas to forest preserves, parks, and schools. The Millennium trail has paved, gravel surfaces and about 33 miles of the vicinity are accessible to bicyclists, cross-country skiers, and hikers. Also, you can go horseback riding on an 11-mile gravel trail, and these horses are not allowed on the paved areas of the path.


Going scooter riding in Illinois would offer you a memorable experience. There are several trails and pathways to explore while on your motorized scooter. You would see incredible trails along wetlands, lakes, rolling hills, rivers, wildlife, and other attractions. The Varla Eagle One Pro dual motor electric scooter allows you to ride fast and effortlessly on distances of up to 45miles on different terrains. If you want to explore the outdoors while you ride your electric scooter, you should visit the trails in Illinois.

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