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Very firm

It’s not generic it’s very sturdy and strong and it looks great

My Varla Eagle One V2 puts a smile on my face and a little poop in my pants.

I am 59 years old, and I work at a university hospital with terrible parking options. All the good spots are super expensive $2200/yr. So, it was an easy decision to buy a scooter to facilitate timely transport to and from the hospital to my car. After doing some research, I found some very positive Varla reviews on YouTube. I saw lots of reviews claiming more that 500 miles ridden. I scheduled a test ride but it never happened because of my crazy schedule. I looked at other scooters but they were either underpowered or super expensive. I am so glad I found the Varla Eagle One V2. I'm a big guy (290lbs) it doesn't just pull me up those hills, it accelerates. I keep up with 25 to 35 mph car traffic in the bike lanes on campus. The ride is smooth, the accelerator is responsive. It stops on a dime with the hydraulic brakes, the headlight makes the world in front of you light up very well. The taillights and brake lights could be better. But, like I said it puts a smile on my face and a little poop in my pants. I love the adrenaline rushes I get. I have ridden 150 miles so far, first electric scooter ever and I have had on heck of a time. Highly recommend Varla Scooters. A lot better than I expected for the price point!

After-sales Order
Daquan West
Good help but has issues

They were very useful and helpful. The only thing was that it was shipping from overseas, which made the process so much longer

The inner tubes fit my Varla Eagle One perfectly.

Handlebar Bag
Philip Kapsos
Nice Bag

Your handlebar bag fits much better than the store-bought one I bought a year ago

Quick nd easy

Reached out to customer service with picture of concern and instantly was reached out with solution


It's epic and drives nicely.It's can hold up to a week if you use it all the time.

Works good

After-sales Order

Great 👍🏿

Wider maple deck

Way more room for large feet, excellent upgrade for more stability, super comfortable

Mine got stolen

But I loved it so much I bought another

Love the Pegasus

This scooter is just pure fun. It does take a bit getting used to turning but after a few minutes it becomes second nature, like learning to ride a bicycle. It took my 14 year old son a few tries to get started and balanced as he starts with his back foot on the scooter first.
I started with 1st gear single motor for about 10 minutes just getting the feel before I moved up to the higher gears and eventually going with both motors. The difference is about 3 mph in 2nd gear and 5 mph in 3rd when using the single vs the dual motors.
I rode the scooter for about 2 1/2 hours on the charge that was on the battery out of the box. It was a beautiful day and a storm was coming in the next day and didn't want to wait to charge it. I rode mainly in 2nd gear dual motor to stay paced with my son on his e-scooter I got him for x-mas. His scooter does 19 mph so when he got to far ahead I would just hit 3rd gear to catch up and in a few seconds I was passing him.
Riding in 3rd gear is where the fun is at though. If starting from a stopped position and starting in 3rd gear is like the beginning of Buck Rogers OOH WEE ! I just can imagine ow it would be on the Eagle One. I would get an Eagle but I hate the cockpit. I like the display in the center and thumb throttle.
I was able to put 15 miles on the scooter with about a 2/3 charge that it came with. It handles grass extremely well and can handle some off-roading as well. On the city street the suspension creates a comfortable ride.
The light works ok but I might buy a light to attach to the handle bar.
I ordered the scooter on Sunday 1-28-2024 and it arrived Wednesday afternoon 1-31-2024. I logged on to write this review and saw the are offering the Free Phone Mount. If I had just waited a day or 2 I would've been able to get that free, bummer.
The Varla Pegasus is definitely worth the money. I suggest ordering from the Varla Website vs Amazon. Amazon offers the same price without the FREE Goodies !
I am tempted to order the Falcon for my son but for $80 more I could just get another Pegasus with all the Free Goodies. I got mine with a coupon code for $60 off.

Brake Pads for Eagle One
Ernesto Sanchez
Sparw parts worked

Took a couple weeks to get but the parts worked so im happy

Great for quick commute

I commute about 2 miles daily each trip, so 4 total, and every time I'm reminded why I bought the scooter. The ease of usage and assembly, the quality of the product and the customer service, which helped me fix an issue with a missing screw. Would recommend.

Brake pads

Took a little of work but they are doing great

V2.0 Seat & Rack Combo
Chantal Dawkins
Missing pieces

Seat and rack are great but I was missing four of the coin looking pieces to go on the rack with the screws. Otherwise, it was a straight forward process of putting it together.

Growing company with quality products that will only get better

Customer service keeps getting better

Scooter Rearview Mirrors
Chantal Dawkins
Ok, instruction problem

It took me over an hour and a half to put together because instructions weren’t clear. It would be beneficial to have the parts listed individually instead of a grainy picture showing the piece almost put together.

I didn’t notice a nut at the end and had dropped it. Spent a long time thinking they forgot that piece when in reality, it had fallen on the floor which I would have looked for sooner had I known the piece was there. Took a relative showing up at the end to say that piece isn’t here and to look for it. Otherwise, about 15 mins to put together. The mirrors look great and worked well. Just wish the instructions were better with the parts listed individually.

Eagle One & V2.0 Charger

Great scooter but careful in wet ground

I've been riding this scooter over 6 months now. I'm 6'1", 230lbs. It's great so far! Just make sure that when the ground is wet, your back of clothes get wet even though there is no raining. It's all dirty ground water on your shirt and pants. you can literally tell there is black dusty liquid on your feet to neck on the back side. Other than that, it's great lol

Balance of portability and power.

The power and speed this thing has is pretty impressive with really strong hill climbing, but it's as heavy as I would like to load in a vehicle regularly. The built in steering damper is really tight at first but loosens up quickly. I'm really impressed with the LCD display and functionality, it was easy to change between km and miles. I think it would be nice to have a few battery size choices.

Wasp Portable Electric Scooter

Shipping Costs
Love my Eagle One

Excellent Service received

Shipping Costs
Alexander Herban
Best customer experience

Love all the fine people who helped me out with my parts problem


I love you