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Eagle One Pro

An amazing scooter with great customer service! This is now my second Varla scooter and I continue to be impressed with the quality and service this company provides.

truckers scooter

I love the scooter! this is my first scooter. I had to buy one after getting one of those rentals. I drive semi trucks all around the country and thought it would be a fun activity or way to get to the store etc, when I'm off duty. I wanted to get a bigger one, but this is about as big as I wanted to get and be able to put it in the back of my truck. I've been storing it on my top bunk in the back of my truck. it goes 28 mph, and I've gotten at least 20 miles of range, driving with both motors as fast as it will go. I'm scared to test it exactly how far it goes. I am 6'1 and 220 lb it goes up hills great and has enough power to get me around. I wish all of these scooters were longer, and wider. but this one is about as long as they get. it could be a little wider but, other than that it's very comfortable. I'm really glad I went ahead and bought one! the quality of this is great it's very solid aluminum, and have had no problems with it s reliability. I highly recommend the scooter especially for people who travel!

Scooter Helmet
Daniel Pfeifer
Perfect Helmet for the Purpose

I like how light-weight and well-ventilated the helmet is.

Shipping Costs
Scott Clinton
Fast customer service and quick solution

Varla is very quick to respond back with any questions to resolve issues. My son is a scooter nut and this so far is best line we have dealt with. Customer service is 5 star

After-sales Order
Dale Martin

Contacted Varla after purchasing two scooters one of which had a issue with the kickstand. The new kickstand was immediately shipped out.

After-sales order

I am loving every aspect of my new scooter. The after service was just as prompt as the initial scooter order. I had an accident and damaged a brake lever. CS took care of my problem and fixed me right up. 5 star CS for sure!

Eagle 21

It runs strong and the battery seems to last longer than the original!!😃

Powerful Scooter

Lucky me, as one of the early buyers, I received my eagle v2 just five days after placing the order. It's a beast on the road, with a powerful performance that makes me feel like I'm riding alongside the wind. Embracing the sensation of being torn apart by the wind - I absolutely love it!

Varla Eagle One Seat
Dewese Milstead
Scooter Seat Addon

I purchased the seat addon and love it except the seat itself is too narrow. It goes into the crack of my behind and therefore I will have to purchase another one.

Varla Scooter Inner Tube

M5 LCD Display
Johnny Korfhage

Is it compatible with varla Pegusas

Yes, it's suitable for Pegasus.

1000W Hub Motor
Ken Andrews
Worked great

Easy to replace.


For people who are not familiar with these machines, I suggest you start out on eco mode just to get the hang of it. If you don't, you'll find out immediately how powerful it is especially in dual motor mode. It's a very sturdy machine, but be careful.

My Pegasus review

So I bought my Pegasus basically to avoid the bus and cut out public transportation all together somtimes here in Portland and it has done the trick I love it saves me so much time and energy of walking the scooter is great I've had to adjust the rear brakes and actually just got done having to remove the back wheel assembly to tighten the caliper mount brakes it took about a hour and a half but I haven't been easy on the back brakes either and jumping off curbs and anything I can launch my self off along my path I put blue lock tight on and dont expect the problem to reacure the Pegasus well it's super fast sometimes I get places faster then if I had a car due to traffic I have adjusted the p settings for acceleration and recycled the top speed so I have gotten over 30 mph but it's not needed the only thing I wish is that I had a lil more battery reserves but it's good enough long as u don't drive it like u stole it every where so if ur on the fence about it I say buy it u wont regret it I've put 300 miles on mine in about 3 weeks definitely love it

Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter

Shipping Costs
RAfael Alduey Mercedes
Fast shipping and excellent customer service

Fast shipping and excellent customer service. I love the excellent customer service they have because they know how to manage any problems resolution, the best way to make you feel confortable and happy.

Où vous trouver?

Je suis de sherbrooke je cherche un depositaire ou concessionnaire près de chez moi pour un essai routier est ce possible et ou ?

Here are our test ride and dealers, you can choose one close by to contact.

Varla Pegasus thoughts

Overall very pleased with the scooter performance and pricing have over 100miles on it and has held up well wish I knew if I could purchase another battery for it which haven’t seen on the site so far. My ride experiences have been very fun so far with it kinda wish I could go little faster and further yet in the city commute very nice ride jumping curbs and back onto asphalt to dirt is exhilarating I’m glad they decided to go with the 9” tubeless tires though very smooth controlled ride. I recommend this scooter as it fits the happy medium of speed and portability. I’m pleased with my purchase

Hi James, thanks for your feedback, we'll do better! Enjoy your ride! For the battery, you can purchase the battery at the following link:

Trigger happy

Has lots of power and very fun to ride

Proof is I'm the pudding

I purchased varla one and me living in Boston, the travel from Cali is a long trip and with that being said, it did come damaged with the front disc being warped. I contacted them and with no problem the will send me a new disc and compensate me for the trouble. I read a few reviews and seen a few YouTube videos with complaints but with me, they're taking care of me with no bullshitting around. I've had other conversations with quick response. So far so good. I know ill probably reach out again in the future but i know i will feel good about it and they'll make it work of possible.Thank you...

Great Scooter

Plenty of power for the hills in my Mtn town. Enjoy riding it all the time.

Wasn't sure about it at first. After being on it and using it to check my game cameras in the mountains it has been great. Thinking about getting V2.

Deck Hook
Rusty Coleman
Great for a big guy!

I love this scooter. I'm a big guy(280 lbs) and it has no problem moving me around...on or off road. Very happy with my purchase so far. Thanks

Eagle one 20 day review

I purchased two Eagle one scooters for me and my wife. First the good, shipping was fast, packaging was good both went together fairly easy. The suspension works great and the power is amazing.
Now the bad. The steering is a bit jerky. My fender had to be removed because it kept slapping the tire, a little more clearance would fix that. The handle bar pole on mine is loose so I purchased two new heavy duty clamps as per the online varla group suggested. Installing these I could see my wife's scooter which the pole felt strong on was much tighter on the hinge. Totally different than mine. I also already have a broken kickstand on mine. It folds forward too much and makes my scooter lean over too far. These scooters have been out for awhile and these types of issues should have been delt with long ago as we are not the only ones having these problems. All in all a fun scooter.

Shipping Costs
Martin Burton
Instructions on how to install.

I did get it I put it on but I don't want to turn the scooter on because I don't know if it's factory reset. Or I have to go into the pea settings and change stuff but otherwise it was great.