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Great helmet

Runs good. Okay scooter

Came defective. Scooters runs without being turned on and all lights are non functioning

Wish there was a way to adjust the electric braking so it wasn’t so strong. No big deal. I ordered two of those. One in red and one in blue. About a month now ad both of them already have over 70 miles on them. I’m looking at getting a dual motor for myself. My kids love this. I love it. What a great decision.

NFT key

Good price for two keys

May be the scooter is good, but instead of the claimed “unused and new” I received a scratched and obviously used item, so I didn’t even have a chance to test it.
Contacted the company and after a week or so received RMA and prepaid label. It took almost three weeks to get a refund from which they deducted $30 for who knows what

Really love this scooter! Don’t know what to say.

Varla LCD Display
Joshua Merritt-Jenkins
LCP display

Came in New condition with no issues, except the scooter itself. Otherwise good solid display.

Love the fast powerful scooter, customer service is perfect as well.

This thing is scary. Speed wobbles are real but if you know what you’re doing it can go 45 mph which feels incredible. Climbs hills like nothing BARELY slowing down going up a 22% grade hill. Corners great. Accelerates gradually for the first 5-10’ of takeoff then it jumps like no other. Seriously sweet ride, just wish it came with mirrors/blinkers for my own safety and ease of mind knowing that my movements are safe.

Pure joy

I just recently got the eagle one v2 and I love every second I’m on it, and my kids love going for rides on it with me.. it has a lot of power can go up any hill, I’m a heavier rider (268lbs) and I was able to go 67 km on it which is insane lol… I got the wide deck and the children’s handlebars it’s a blast 👍😎🛴

Works great, sturdy and lasts long.

Thanks so much I already received that product God bless us peace

Extremely happy with the quality and shipping time of this item, however I feel it should be a stock feature on the scooter that I had purchased it for. That being said this item meets all expectations.

Replacement part

Awesome everyone. Scooter is going strong for 3 .5 years. According to my reality atheist. Woah.

A good get around scooter

Very nice scooter it helps you get ti point a ti point be it goes a nice speed and it's just perfect.

Eagle one V2 Scooter

This scooter is not for those that want to go slow. With its dual motors it takes off quick. After a few minutes of riding I was completely enthralled with it.
My only issue with it was the loop that the hook would clip down to when stem is folded didn’t allow the clip to fasten. I sent an email to customer support, provided photos of the loop and the serial number and received a replacement loop within a week. Easy swap and it works as it should.
Totally satisfied with this scooter, after putting 20 miles on it I am looking forward to many more.

Great product and customer support

Great Scooter as advertised

The Eagle one pro is an incredible piece of machinery. It's everything I wanted in a scooter. The quality components and sturdy construction makes it the best out there..

Very nice and worth the price

55 years old and loving my Pegasus CIty Commuter Electric Scooter!!

I love my Pegasus and I take it to Hilton Head Island where I own a condo. It has been an amazing scooter!!!
One questions is it normal to push the throttle upward? It seems like pushing the throttle down would be easier.

Works Great.

I am happy to have received my battery a few weeks ago. After some test rides, then really digging into with the speed, I can honestly say that the scooter (Varla Eagle One) is back to working perfectly. I am 6'5", 245 pounds, and it rides me just fine for a pretty good while, even if I'm riding at full power the whole time.

Li-on Battery 52V 18.2Ah