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Handlebar Bag
Brian Simons

Very large 5L compared to those on Amazon

Quality Build with some minor design flaws

First note. This is my second Varla scooter. The scooters are quality built and well designed. The Falcon is almost perfect with one exception. The motor is mounted to the front wheel. There is far too much torque on the front wheel to make this a good option. You want the weight on the rear wheel. Otherwise, it will torque steer on you a lot. The Pegasus the bigger brother has 2 motors, and you don't have this issue as much. I would have given 5 stars had this been rear wheel drive. I did have a minor cosmetic issue with the foot pad coming up. Varla remediated it and i feel it was acceptable.

Eagle one pro

Bad a$$ scooter, I love it, super fast, customer service AAA+++!!! Love it!!!!

Pegasus gets me outdoors

I LOVE my Pegasus!! I've traveled over 500 mi on it already, and love every mile on it.
I purchased my Pegasus due to a bad back. I wanted to get out again. This machine is not only helping me save gas, and get along, but also helps with my bi polar disorder by calming me every time I get on my Pegasus. I'm hoping to upgrade to the all terrain one as I want to go trail riding too. Maybe one day. Goals!!!

Best all-around e-scooter

It took me more than 6 months to decide on which scooter to buy for my commute around the island (I just moved to florida). Sand, rocks, road to sidewalk quick hops are all gobbled up by the Varla Eagle one. I'm so glad it comes in 3 speeds or else I'd run into a wall. I do use the 3rd gear if I need to haul ass to keep up with traffic but I love the smoothness of the ride. Shocks are shockingly good. I'm beyond impressed and I'm so happy with my purchase. First escooter purchase and, no joke, probably my last. I can't wait for the next ride.

“The Beast “

I’m a 60 + rider and have totally enjoyed every ride
The performance is amazing
Ride is smooth and Speedy!
On vacation I toured every inch of Key West
Attached pic is parked at the Green Parrot- Key West
Thanks for all the fun!

Graduate to a Varla Pegasus

I started with a basic scooter. Upgraded to a Pegasus. Get the 9 inch wheels. The styling is unique. It moves, the cornering and handing is amazing.

Well worth it

I use it to commute to work up and down big hills. It has no problems with the hills and still gets amazing battery life. Would definitely recommend.

urban living

This wasp is perfect for urban living. It's compact, lightweight, and easy to store.


I'm so glad I bought this electric scooter. It's made my life so much easier and more enjoyable.

Great for my size

I love that the scooter is able to handle my size. I am 6'5", 236lbs and it rides me smoothie.

One of the best ever, Varla Eagle One Scooter!

The Varla Eagle One Scooter is one of the best ever built scooter! The turbo dual power system has enough power to throw an adult with 200lbs back at the take off and still have enough power to keep moving up the MPH speed; my maximum riding speed was 38 mph, and I had an amazing fun experience! I had gone to many locations/places and the most fun and free is travelling around the State/Metro Parks. This well-built electric scooter can handle on its own, passing all bicycles and other electric bikes/scooters. Don't wait, purchase a Varla Electric Scooter today, an enjoy!!


Love it. This thing destroys the hills in my area. I have no complaints.

Eagle One- Have no's the right choice!

Let's face it, there's a lot of scooters and scooter companies out there. I decided to do some research, and after doing my due diligence, I picked the Varla Eagle one. I can honestly say I am extremely pleased with my decision.
Before my purchase, I did some emailing back-and-forth with Varla's customer service department. I was impressed! They are second to none. My emails with them and their responses (which were timely) were instrumental in my decision to purchase a Varla scooter. Make no mistake about the relevance and importance of a good customer service department. It shows that Varla values its customers.
Now for the Eagle One itself. I think one would be hard-pressed to find a single negative review on YouTube, etc. about the Varla Eagle One.... there are nothing but positives! I am 6'3" 220 pounds and I particularly like the suspension. It seems that there isn't a bump that the Eagle One can't handle smoothly. I have the privilege of living next to a 400 acre preserve. There is a paved bike path, and there is also a dirt mountain bike path. I have taken the Varla on and off road and it performs flawlessly. Of course there is plenty of power also. Battery life is great. Since my purchase, I have "tricked it out" a little bit. I have added off-road tires, (which Varla had on sale), and I put a set of handlebars which are a little wider because I am a big guy and it provides me with a little more stability. Just about everywhere I take it I get compliments and inquiries as to where I purchased it.
Every time I open the garage to take it out for a ride, I feel like a kid again. I cosistently puts a smile on my face! I have taken it to the gym in lieu of using my car, and lately I have even begun to exercise my pooch by having him run with me while I ride through the woods! As you can see by the attached picture, he is as happy as I am! If you are contemplating buying a scooter, I highly recommend the Varla Eagle One.

500 miles, still having fun!

Living next to the Sierras, having a scooter that thrives on elevation change…is a deal breaker. Over 500 miles, numerous flats from off roading (my recklessness, and yes, I did replace tires with off road version)…more enjoyable than my e-bike…

This thing kicks buns!!!!

Hi I got a Varla Eagle one in March and it zips everywhere. I live in San Francisco and was worried it wouldn’t make it up hills. I laugh now, as I zoom up to Twin Peaks to take in the views. It doesn’t slow down and I even get the feeling it would go faster. It’s a beast and I love it. Thanks you!!!,

2 Varla Scooters

I bought the eagle one about a year ago and I just bought the eagle one pro scooter. I use the eagle one for off-road use, which has the off-road tires and I find it’s easy to handle with these tires in an off-road environment better than the Eagle one pro. I added a seat to the pro and find it is excellent for road. Use comfort and power.


With the ever growing popularity of e-scooters & the amount of choices to choose from countless brands, the Varla Eagle One sets itself ahead the competition. The Varla Eagle One offers a reasonable price point, a comfortable riding experience in style & customer service that you can surely rely on. Whether it’s for pleasure or to resolve a mechanical issue, you also have a multitude of options to watch & research on YouTube when it comes to the Varla Eagle One. I love having options & choosing Varla doesn’t fall short when it comes to a plethora of choices. From city riding to the less intense suburbs, to off-roading in the open country, the Varle Eagle One gets the job done. Varla, a brand you can trust & count on.

Varla Pegasus Scooter

I am so pleased with my Varla Pegasus. I bought it to commute to work everyday and needed something a little bit faster than a normal scooter would go. I generally ride it 10miles a day and have put ~800 miles on so far with zero issues. The Pegasus is the perfect match for a commuter who wants flexibility with speed for those moments when your late for work and need a little boost. Customer service was also very responsive when I got a flat tire and needed a new tire shipped to me! This is a very reliable, adequately priced scooter compared to other alternatives.

Love this scooter

I have 154 miles on it had it for 8 months and still riding great. Best investment I’ve made.

Awesome fast scooter

The thing rides like it's a street bike, fast, handles bumps and corners really well. I love the eagle one..

Amazing Commuter Scooter!

Have put just over 300 miles on the Eagle One this past month and it has been a game changer to my daily commute in Chicago. What used to take 40 minutes in the car and traffic now takes 20 minutes and it’s eco friendly and fun to ride! Definitely worth getting as your first scooter, just keep it in mode 2 for a while ;)

Love my Eagle One

I love riding my Eagle One Scooter at the campground and the racetrack. It is the envy of many other riders.

Love it

I'm a big guy, 6' 290 lbs and this scooter haul ass with me on it. I'm very impress with it. I love it so much that I purchased a second kne so I won't ride alone all the time. No problems with any one of them.