Are Electric Scooters Street Legal?
In the United States, electric scooters are allowed on public streets in 38 states. However, there are ten states where they are prohibited. These states include Wisconsin, New Jersey, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Florida, Kentucky, and Washington. Electric scooters are allowed...
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2021 Comprehensive Guide to Electric Scooter Law
The electric scooter is a more eco-friendly and cost-friendly way to travel in urban and residential areas as you move from place to place, contributing to a cleaner planet. However, as more and more people join the micro-mobility form of...
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Guide to Electric Scooter Laws and Regulations
 With the shared electric scooters appear, electric scooters have greatly begun to enter people's lives. People can move from point A to point B quickly. Not only it's fun to ride, but also it can improve people's travel efficiency and...
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