Why We Choose Wide Solid Tire For Pegasus City Commuter

Why We Choose Wide Solid Tire For Pegasus City Commuter

Think about the best way you can commute to work or school each day. Are you cruising on a smooth electric scooter and zipping through traffic? There is no better way to commuting around the city or running errands in your neighborhood than on your Varla Pegasus electric scooter.
Solid Tire electric scooter for commuting
The last thing you need is getting a flat tire on your morning commute – after all, you're taking the exceptional Pegasus to save time and never be late for appointments. Why do we choose solid tires for the Pegasus? Let's explore the benefits of solid tires for commuting and why you need them.

What are solid tires?

Wide solid tires are just that – solid. They are made from solid materials, usually rubber or polyurethane foam, and there is no air inside them. These materials not only provide structural integrity and durability, but they won't get a flat, the main selling point. Having wide tires will allow you to ride over bumps and potholes without worrying about losing control of the electric scooter. The two most commonly used solid tires for electric scooters are honeycomb and fully solid.
  • Honeycomb: Honeycomb tires are solid tires with a ribbed construction and are more lightweight than traditional solid tires. In addition, the 'air pockets' give the ride a cushion feel and supports the suspension well.
  • Filled solid tires: These are tires filled with foam, rubber, or a polymer filling. They might be stiff and slightly heavier but highly durable and well-constructed.

 Who will need a wide solid tire electric scooter?

If you have purchased the Varla Pegasus, then you know by now that it is the best commuting electric scooter for heavy adults on the market. Wide solid tires are the best for commuting for the following reasons:
  • They are best suited for concrete and pavement to provide excellent on-road performance and durability.
  • Wide solid tires will ensure the tires don't ride in cracks in the cement or tar roads to offer stability.
Wide solid tire for varla pegasus city commuter scooter
Ask yourself where you plan on riding your electric scooter. If you are riding in urban communities and on city streets, solid tires are the best solution. Even if you ride on dirt roads 10% of the time, solid tires are best for commuters. That's why the Pegasus is equipped with them – solely for your comfort and safety.

Advantage of solid tires for a commuting electric scooter 

The number one benefit of solid tires is you will never have to worry about a flat tire again! But are there other advantages of solid tires? Yes, there are! 1. Affordable Solid tires are more affordable, with no upkeep breaking the bank. With a once-off purchase of the Pegasus, you will only need to replace the tires when they have word down. 2. Low-maintenance Are you worried about the tire pressure? Never. Since solid tires have no tube, you don't ever have to deal with the inner tube. Pneumatic tires require upkeep and maintenance to ensure they are working effectively. Solid tires require no maintenance apart from replacing them when they get worn. 3. Durability Wide solid tires are highly durable. If you are riding on city roads that are in poor conditions, the Pegasus and its solid tires are for you. You will never have to bother about changing a flat, and you still get a smooth ride on city streets, bike lanes, and sidewalks. 4. 3.5 Inch wide solid tires The 3.5 inch solid tires on the Pegasus offer stability, control, and better balance. If there are bumps or cracks in the concrete or cement, you can ride over them easily without losing your balance. The Pegasus comes with dual suspension to support the solid tires and absorbs shocks from the road to offer you maximum performance and stability. The Pegasus has a wide 3.5-inch solid tire for safety and comfort. Wide tires are essential for riding over obstacles and ensuring that the tire remains firm on the pavement. As a result, never feel the jolt of bumps in the road or getting caught in a pothole.

 Solid Tires on the Varla Pegasus

The Pegasus is the best foldable commuting electric scooter for adults and is fully equipped with wide solid tires. We chose wide solid tires for the Pegasus because it will get our riders where they need to go without getting a flat. They are stable, durable, and the perfect commuting electric scooter tires. Wide solid tires will ensure you are safe on the road, the ride is comfortable, and you feel in total control of your Pegasus during your commute.   Save money on tires and the inner tube with wide solid tires. The Varla Pegasus is an excellent commuting electric scooter with wide solid tires. With 2 x 500-watt motors, you can expect a 28-mile range and maximum payload capacity of 280 lbs. With dual spring suspension and dual disc brakes, safety was the number one consideration when the Pegasus got designed.
FAQs of Solid Tires on the Varla Pegasus

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I replace solid tires?
Yes, you can replace solid tires on the Pegasus, but it can be difficult if you haven't done it before. Read the user manual before attempting to change the tires, or contact after-sale team, or consult someone who has more experience.  
  • Can I swap out solid tires for pneumatic tires?
You cannot swap solid tires for pneumatic tires without performing major modifications to the electric scooter. It is not recommended to do so.
  • Do solid tires on electric scooters require maintenance?
Solid tires on electric scooters only require less maintenance. They will only need to get replaced when they are worn out or if it gets damaged.

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