E-Scooter Accessories for Adults

Must-Have E-Scooter Accessories for Adults

Are you planning to buy a new electric scooter, or do you already own one? Well, here are some vital accessories that will take your riding experience to the next level. And while investing in your scooter gear, it’s crucial that you get good quality products. Sometimes, your gear could be the difference between a slight tumble and potentially injuries that would get you benched from riding all your life. Besides that, good gear can improve your riding experience by protecting you from harsh external elements. Something as small as being too hot or cold when riding can often break your riding experience. And since this mode of transportation exposes you to many risks in our everyday traffic, your safety should always come first. Many experienced Electric Scooters For Adults riders always assume that gear is more critical for novice riders. But in the real sense, every e-scooter rider needs the right gear at every given point. That said, in this article, we will discuss the must-have E Scooter For Adults accessories that will improve your safety and, as a plus, make your experience on the road more enjoyable.

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1. Electric Scooter Helmet

First on our list is the electric scooter helmet. Anyone who has been into electric scooters will tell you that having a helmet is a must. It almost doesn’t count as an accessory but somewhat necessary equipment both by law and common sense. If you want to buy just one extra item for your electric scooter, let that be the helmet. I can’t stress enough how vital the helmet is; literally, it can be the difference between life and death. But this is not to mean that choosing an electric scooter helmet has to be all loom and gloom. There is a wide range of pretty cool scooter helmets in the market that will make you and your scooter look pretty awesome. It’s all about finding the best helmet with the best premium quality, comfort and offers you maximum protection.

2. Deck Hook

The deck hook on the stem of your electric scooter can be a pretty valuable customization. It will come in handy when you need to hang bags, your backpack, or even shopping bags. Most of the popular scooters come with a deck hook on the stem. It’s not uncommon for the deck hook to be part of the scooter’s folding mechanism. You can also use it to connect to the rear fender to lock the scooter when not in use. However, if your scooter doesn’t come with the deck hook, this is a significant investment that will make it easier for you to carry things when riding. All in all, as you install the deck hook, make sure that your scooter can still fold properly with the hook on.

3. A Lock

If your bike or scooter has ever been stolen, then you know the importance of having a solid and secure lock. Many city commuters take their e-scooters to work or to run errands. And since most businesses won’t let you in with your e-scooter, you will have to leave it outside at some point. There are three main types of locks that you can choose from. That includes;

The D-locks are the most secure locks of the three. Essentially, it’s a big padlock that you need to wrap around the scooter’s wheel then secure it to a heavy solid object like a pole. They offer ultimate security, and even better, they are cheaper than chain locks. As long as you have a place to lock your e-scooter, you will be good to go.

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4. Electric Scooter Seat

If your electric scooter is compatible with a seat, this is a much-needed upgrade that you will appreciate. An electric scooter seat gives the rider additional comfort, especially when riding for longer distances. All in all, before you get that scooter seat, ensure you check with local laws and see if any restrictions apply to scooters with seats. If the law allows it, you can get an optionally seated e-scooter. Sometimes, it will be nice to sit down during those long rides.

5. Gloves

Gloves are another must-have gear. They will come in handy during the chilly morning rides in Autumn and Winter. What’s more, they offer you extra protection in case of a crash. Ideally, you can even get wrist guards, but those will definitely look awkward on a scooter rider. The fact that gloves are lightweight and flexible makes them a better choice for e-scooter riders. If your e-scooter is pretty fast, you want to look for thicker gloves. The fit of your gloves is also rather crucial. You want to get gloves that give you proper snugness so that you can flexibly move your fingers. Although leather can be a bit on the expensive side, it’s the best material for your e-scooter gloves. It is durable and works in all weather conditions.

6. Phone Holder

As you ride on your scooter, you definitely need a hands-free way to check your GPS. For that reason, it’s crucial to have a phone holder. As you look for a phone holder, get one that attaches to the scooter’s handlebar. That will allow you to glance at the GPS directions while still keeping your eyes on the road. When choosing the phone holder, you should also consider the sizing. You need to know that not every holder will work with your phone. For that reason, it’s crucial that you get the right phone holder size. You can also consider getting waterproof phone holders that keep your phone protected and usable even in the rain.

In Summary

There is a wide range of e-scooter gear and accessories that you need; we’ve barely scratched the surface. But the equipment we have discussed in this article makes your riding experience safer, enjoyable, and more convenient. While some basically make life easier for you, others are here to provide you with top-notch safety. You don’t necessarily have to get all these items at once, but they are worthwhile upgrades if you get some excellent deals.

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