Top 7 Important Accessories

Top 7 Important Accessories

If you have bought yourself a new Varla Scooter recently or have a plan for purchasing, you are making a good decision towards a more convenient, fun, and eco-friendly transportation choice. This article mainly provides guidelines for the riders who are confused about what electric scooter accessories should they buy. Such equipments will ensure that you are safe and give you a lot of confidence if you are a beginner.We have a previous blog that lists the top 3 accessories "Top 3 Accessories You Need", this blog list ​7 accessories and if you think some others are important as well, you can leave your comment here. electric scooter accessories

Top 7 electric scooter accessories to keep yourself safe during a ride

1. Helmet

An electric scooter helmet is the most vital safety gear that every rider is obligated to wear. Helmets safeguard the most vital part of your body, the brain. In unfortunate cases where your electric scooter falls, the helmet will protect your head against a concussion. They help you avoid head injuries that can often prove to be fatal. While electric scooters are much safer compared to other vehicles, accidents do happen. According to statistics collected by a study published in 2019, 40% of the injuries suffered in electric scooter accidents were, in fact, head injuries. The study also found that merely 4.4% of the riders were wearing a helmet. The study further finds that these incidents were caused by a lack of adherence to general safety rules. So, keep in mind to follow safety regulations. When you choose a helmet for yourself, always look for helmets from a reputable brand. Never buy suboptimal quality helmets as they can compromise your safety on the roads. Here are some tips for wearing a helmet:
  • Make sure that your helmet fits perfectly, which means that it's neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Make sure that your helmet is not too heavy as it might make you uncomfortable.
  • Make sure the helmet has chin straps.
  • Consider safety over the style of helmet.

2. Knee and elbow pads

Knee and elbow pads are also handy safety accessories that you need to wear when riding your electric scooter. Just like helmets, knee pads and elbow pads also protect a very vital part of your body. Knees and elbows often take the brunt of a fall when you are met with an unfortunate accident. This makes them prone to injury. An injury suffered on your elbows and kneecaps can be life-altering. Think of how much you use your legs and hands every day; now imagine that you can no longer use them anymore. A scary thought indeed! Well, to protect them, you should start wearing your knee and elbow pads asap.

3. Reflective gear

This is very important when you are riding at night, and your travel route is rather dark. An electric scooter is relatively small in size, and the chances are that it won't be visible on a dark route, and thus, you will meet an accident. Varla electric scooters have built-in lights as a standard which makes you visible at night. You can find protect gear set in our official website. However, you should also wear reflective clothing such as jackets, trainers, and detachable to be safe under bad weather conditions. This will maximize your visibility, and you won't run into a careless driver.

4. Gloves

Gloves are often worn by riders to look cool. But that’s not their only purpose. Even though electric scooter handles have a comfortable grip, it helps to wear a glove just in case you start slipping under bad weather conditions or on rough roads. Maintaining a tight grip will allow you to keep your balance when you are riding. Gloves also protect against the cold. When you fall, you instinctively place your hands on the ground; this can damage your hand. Wearing gloves will help lessen the impact and will prevent a fracture from happening.

5. Wrist Guards

Wrist guards pretty much serve the same purpose as a glove. They are meant to absorb the impact when you fall on the ground, thus keeping your wrists safe. Whether you fall on concrete, grass, or mud, these wristbands will prove to be quite helpful. Top-notch quality wristbands will come with plastic caps and buds to save your hands and wrists from abrasions.

6. Extra lights

Wear reflective clothing fails; extra lights will be your best bet. Sometimes, the reflective clothing won't be enough on its own to maintain visibility; that's why you need to invest in some good LED lights for your travel. They will come in handy if, for some reason, your built-in scooter lights stop working. They have a lot of power and are visible from a long distance. They last longer as well. You can get LED lights for your helmet, for your vest, and your armband. You can also get a signal widget for your electric scooter. It can be controlled by a wireless and will prove very helpful when traveling on a darker route.

7. Armored hoodies

Armored hoodies are exactly what they sound like. They are like the clothes you wear, except that they come with Kevlar padding to protect you from all kinds of damage. When you are riding, the chances of a fall is persistent. So if you do end up falling, this hoodie will protect your torso. These hoodies are designed to be comfortable. They don’t hinder you when you are moving. They also come with waterproof sections where you can keep your wallet, keys, phone, and money. They have an efficient airflow system for temperature regulation. These were a bit expensive, but if you think there's a chance of falling, you should buy them.

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