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Varla’s Pegasus Scooter: A Gentle Stallion with Wings Written by Bryson Sewell

Varla did a good thing naming its second production scooter the Pegasus. Like its mythical antecedent, this scooter has the grace, power, and style of a stallion - with the addition of wings! Riding the Varla city commuter electric scooter is perhaps the closest someone can come to riding its ancient namesake. Well, maybe not the closest, but pretty close!

Smooth and Powerful Riding Experience

When riding the Pegasus, the word that comes to mind is smooooth. And not just literally smooth (though this is also true). This is a stallion with a gentle spirit. The riding experience reminded me of snowboarding down a mountain after a fresh snowfall. There is speed and focus and exhilaration but also something more, something that seems to transcend a physical experience and elevates you into...something else. You cannot put a word to it.

Gentle Yet Restrained Power, Like Gandalf’s Horse Shadowfax

The Pegasus almost invites you into this state. It has power, but it is a restrained power. Unlike its big brother, the Varla Eagle One, the Pegasus ascends without attempting to rip your arms off. Where the Eagle One might be compared to a raging bull (and is, indeed, an insanely fun ride), the Pegasus might be compared to Gandalf’s horse, Shadowfax, from Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings. Shadowfax was untamable, the fastest horse of his time; yet he allowed Gandalf to ride him, and would not let him fall. The Varla Pegasus is sort of like that.

Effective Dual Suspension for Stable and Confident Ride

But let us return to the literal. The dual suspension on the Pegasus provides a stable, comfortable, confident ride. It is not extremely plush. But it is effective. I rode over bumpy roads and sidewalks and curb cut-outs without a problem. Others have criticized the suspension as being too stiff; I have not found that to be true. It is not built for off-roading; it is built for the streets. And on the streets, it gets me smoothly over potholes and cracks and buckled asphalt and speed bumps and humps and small debris (though this is best avoided!) and unexpected gravel and sand and glass (thank you solid tires!) and more. Luckily I haven’t had to face any surprise road-kill, but I imagine the Pegasus would do fine on the smaller sort of creatures (yes, this is a joke! try to avoid this scenario, too).

Swift and Secure Performance on Hills and Roads

On the open road, Varla’s Pegasus spreads its wings admirably. I am able to reach its stated top speed of 28mph, and honestly, it feels quite comfortable for me. As others have also noted, the steering damper plays a big role in this. But where they have called the steering “stiff,” I would call Purposeful? That is, the steering will not get away from you. I own a slower, lower-powered scooter (which I also love), but its steering sometimes feels a little squirrely, like it can’t decide which direction to dart while a bicycle barrels toward it. Not so with the Pegasus. It calmly and resolutely responds to my instruction. At slower speeds I find it sufficiently agile for tighter turns and navigating pedestrian traffic; at higher speeds, it just feels good.

Similarity to Luke’s Landspeeder- Agile, Fun, and Smooth

Smooth and good. The combination proves addicting. Not infrequently, I experience regret that my destination is not farther away! The Pegasus is that fun to ride. It is also swift. I live in a hilly area where a 10-degree slope (roughly 17% grade) is common, and 15-degree slopes scooter climbing(roughly 26% grade) exist; the Pegasus does perfectly fine. The dual 500-watt motors produce enough torque to get this 180-pound person up every paved hill I have put it to yet without struggling. It isn’t as quick as the Varla Eagle One - which has twice the power - but it does a very good job. Another comparison comes to mind for the Pegasus. When I ride my Pegasus, I can’t help but think of Luke Skywalker flying his hovercraft (technically it is an X-34 Landspeeder) in the deserts of Tatooine. His landspeeder is swift and agile and a load of fun and energetic while always remaining smoooooth. I think this aptly describes the Pegasus. It is a blast to ride and very capable and, to repeat myself yet again, smooth. If you ever wanted to fly in Luke’s Landspeeder, you should give Varla’s Pegasus a try.


Varla made a very good 28 mph electric scooter with the Pegasus. It does what it is meant to do very well. I feel confident riding it on the roads in town, where I can keep up with traffic just fine (speed limit is 25mph in town), and its weight (around 66 pounds) and double suspension make it feel very secure and comfortable. You always want to be paying close attention to the state of the road you are riding on and try to avoid any major obstacle, but if you come across an unexpected crack or pothole or sewer grate, etc, the Pegasus does a good job of getting through and over it, in my experience. Some have criticized the choice Varla made to put solid wheels on the Pegasus, but frankly, I am grateful for them in town, where one comes across broken glass not uncommonly, and I don't feel the urge to swerve to avoid it, as I do with pneumatic scooter tires. In all of these respects, the Pegasus is a great scooter for getting around town and city-commuting. If you are looking for an excellent scooter for these purposes, Varla's Pegasus may be exactly what you are looking for. Happy riding!

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