4 Benefits of Riding Electric Scooter

4 Benefits of Riding Electric Scooter


Commuting across distances is a big thing for everyone. As simple or easy as it sounds, everyone loves being on the move in the most efficient and stress-free way. What more? Scooters could be said to make this possible, and even more efficient are the electric scooters which are becoming more popular as the day goes by. Have you ever wondered what makes electric scooters so valuable for commuting? Here you go!


Save some extra cash.

A market survey of how much electric scooters cost makes it known that buying an electric scooter saves a lot of money. According to Citi’s “ThankYou Premier Commuter Index,” the US commuters spend $2600 annually, and that’s on average. On the flip side, however, you will only spend about $1599 on a good electric scooter, the Varla scooter brand, for instance. What makes the Varla scooter a prized possession for every commuter is the fact that you get to save at least $1000 in the first year. This means that you save more when you ride.


Shorten time for commuting

Again, Citi’s “ThankYou Premier Commuter Index” reveals how consumers in the US spend about 200 hours on a daily basis, simply traveling by other means of transportation, within 45 minutes. This includes the time each person spends waiting for the bus, waiting to catch a train, or stuck in traffic. Compare this to owning an electric scooter or an electric scooter with a seat. It feels so good being in control of your time and movement when you can manoeuver your way through traffic with an easy smile. It is worth it!


Keep social distance

In line with the many safety guidelines and protocols that the covid-19 pandemic has brought, we find the need to still be cautious in maintaining social distance to the best of our ability. What then can be more wonderful than owning an electric scooter to buzz you away and on your way, distant from crowds and large gatherings? This scooter keeps infection away while you can practice safe transportation.

If you are still looking for some conviction on why you really should have an electric scooter in your possession, then look at this.


As you Like It!

It is just natural to have a great feeling with something you can call your own. This is because you may use it as you like, in the most beneficial way possible.

 electric scooter


Scooters come in different features and brands. Depending on your taste and pocket, you can find different brands on the market that are perfect for your needs. For instance, there are electric scooters with seats suitable for children and adults alike. There are also some foldable electric scooters on the market, ready to be picked up by you.

The good news about the foldable electric scooters is that they do not take so much space in the house. So, if you have a small house space, having a foldable electric scooter helps you reduce the clutter.

If you’re also wondering about how to get an electric scooter sturdy enough to support your weight, have no worries at all. Gone are the days when there were no heavy-duty scooters. A heavy-duty scooter is also the right choice for people who are advanced in age or have a chronic illness, limiting their ability to move around freely.

The new age and improvements in technology have made new designs possible. In fact, there are so many brands to choose from these days. Therefore, heavy-duty scooters are available for heavy adults. As expected, they come in different styles and features.

No doubt, everyone has a reason for choosing a product. However, some of the things you should consider before making a final decision are the cost, product weight, speed, charging capacity engine, lighting, and braking system. Let’s check some of the features out.


Foldable Electric Scooter Features


Foldable electric scooters, just as the name implies, are admirable for their flexible and compact feature. Within a matter of seconds, this scooter can be folded and stored away. This makes it very useful and travel-friendly. More information please click here.


LCD LED Lighting

For the ease of commuting, foldable electric scooters are fitted with powerful LED lighting for driving safety. It also has an LCD display screen to track your speed and battery level.


Good Traction

The tires of a foldable electric scooter are designed to have an aluminum frame and amazing traction, which can go over all terrains.


Double Braking System

With the front and rear braking system, the foldable electric scooter provides maximum safety from crashes, skids, and slides.


Heavy-Duty Electric Scooter Features

Also known as the bariatric scooter, heavy-duty electric scooters have a large frame to bear a heavyweight. Usually, these frames are reinforced and have the capacity to bear a minimum of 400lbs.

When you desire one of these for mobility, one brand readily comes to mind- the Varla Scooter brand. They are a high-performance machine specially reinforced to be rugged and durable, with the latest tech designs.

Recently, Varla Scooters launched the Varla Pegasus, the most long-range and heavy-duty city commuter electric scooter. This very creative design affords users an interesting mix of functionality, sleekness, comfort, and style.

Varla Pegasus boasts of a mileage of 28-mile range at 30 MPH. After the launch of Varla Eagle One, which was warmly welcomed by commuters in search of the great features it affords, Varla Pegasus no doubt has gathered a momentum of Fame. Other interesting features that come with it are:

300 lbs capacity.

48V 15.6Ah battery capacity.

LCD lights display

Integrated deck hook.

Lock clamp is easy to use

Has a dual disc brake.

1600W maximum power output, and so much more.

So, why not join the moving train of happy users with this model of heavy-duty electric scooters? Think about speed, think about comfort, think about style, think about Varla Electric Scooters.

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