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4 Benefits of Using Electric Scooters for Commuting

Commuting across distances is a big thing for everyone. As simple or easy as it sounds, everyone loves being on the move in the most efficient and stress-free way. What more? Scooters could be said to make this possible, and even more efficient are the electric scooters which are becoming more popular as the day goes by. Have you ever wondered what makes electric scooters so valuable for commuting? Here you go!

1. Save Some Extra Cash

One of the biggest benefits of using an electric scooter is the cost savings. Compared to other modes of transportation like cars or public transit, electric scooters are much more affordable. They require minimal maintenance and their repair costs are lower compared to other motorized vehicles. The cost of charging an electric scooter is also much lower compared to the cost of gas for a car. In addition, riders can avoid parking fees and other transportation costs, such as tolls or train or bus fare, when they use electric scooters.

After conducting a market survey on the cost of electric scooters, it has become evident that purchasing one can result in significant savings. According to Citi's "ThankYou Premier Commuter Index," the average US commuter spends $2600 annually. Conversely, investing in a good electric scooter, such as the Varla brand, will cost you only about $1599. The Varla scooter is particularly sought after by commuters because it allows you to save at least $1000 in the first year alone. This means that you can enjoy even greater savings while riding.

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2. Shorten Time for Commuting

Another benefit of using an electric scooter is the time savings that it offers during commutes. The traffic congestion in cities can add significant time to a person's daily commute. By using an electric scooter, riders can take more direct routes which saves time and energy. Electric scooters also allow riders to avoid crowded and congested public transportation options, where delays are common.

For example, imagine a rider working downtown. If they live within a few miles of their job, they could ride an electric scooter to work in the same amount of time it would take to drive. They would not have to worry about finding parking and can cruise right past the morning traffic.

Again, Citi's "ThankYou Premier Commuter Index" reveals how consumers in the US spend about 200 hours on a daily basis, simply traveling by other means of transportation, within 45 minutes. This includes the time each person spends waiting for the bus, waiting to catch a train, or stuck in traffic. Compare this to owning an electric scooter or an electric scooter with a seat. It feels so good being in control of your time and movement when you can manoeuver your way through traffic with an easy smile. It is worth it!

3. Keep Social Distance

In today's pandemic world, maintaining social distance is more important than ever before. Electric scooters provide riders with a way to travel long distances while avoiding crowded public transportation. They are particularly helpful for essential workers who need to make regular trips while avoiding crowded trains or buses.

Electric scooters are also convenient for those who need to run errands or get around town while avoiding close contact with others. They provide riders with the freedom to stay outside and navigate their surroundings without having to worry about being in close contact with others.

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 4. Additional Benefits

In addition to the cost and time savings and social distancing benefits mentioned above, there are also other benefits of using an electric scooter. First, using an electric scooter is an excellent form of exercise. Riding a scooter requires some effort, and many riders report feeling invigorated after a ride. It is also an excellent way to switch up one's typical exercise routine.

Second, electric scooters are eco-friendly, reducing the carbon footprint of those who use them. They produce significantly fewer emissions compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, helping keep the environment cleaner.

Finally, electric scooters are a fun way to get around town. They offer riders a new perspective and a chance to take in their surroundings at their own pace. Whether running errands or commuting to work, an electric scooter can make the journey more enjoyable.


Electric scooters offer a variety of benefits to riders. They can help save money, save time during commutes, and provide a way to maintain social distancing while traveling. In addition, they offer exercise, environmental and enjoyment benefits. As a result, electric scooters have become a popular transportation alternative for people worldwide. If you are looking to incorporate more eco-friendly and efficient transportation methods, an electric scooter may be an excellent option for you.


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