Which scooter is best for me?

Which scooter is best for me?

Are you looking to purchase a scooter, but feeling unsure about which one to pick? Look no further than Varla Scooters! Our product line includes the Varla Eagle One dual 1000W motor scooter, perfect for off-road adventurers who want to ride up to 40 mph and can handle up to 330 lbs. This scooter is designed to conquer all terrains, from bumpy roads to hilly areas, and is especially suited for bigger riders looking for a comfortable long-distance ride.

If you're more of a city commuter, the Varla Pegasus dual 500W motor scooter might be the perfect fit for you. This scooter can reach speeds of up to 28 mph and can handle up to 280 lbs. It's designed for gravel, bike paths, and city roads and is ideal for riders who mainly travel on flat roads and want to save time on their daily commutes to the office, gym, grocery store, and more.

There are also Varla Eagle One Pro, Varla Wasp, and Varla Falcon electric scooters. Not sure which scooter is right for you? Check out our product comparison page to see all of our products' key features and find the perfect fit for your needs. Click here to compare now!


 ---Stella, Varla Support Team

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