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How to Prevent Commuter Electric Scooter Battery Fires?

Most devices we use in our everyday life run on batteries. It’s easy to find them everywhere, powering almost everything around us. From phones to laptops to remote controls and even electric scooters, batteries are a necessity. Today, the most common battery type is lithium type, usually coming in small compact forms but carrying high energy density. This battery is an advantage because they are handy for portable gadgets, helping to power them for a long time. 

Are commuter escooters good for the environment? You can count on these lithium-based batteries to be helpful. You can even charge these batteries multiple times, even when it gets drained, and it is easy to dispose of them as they are safe for household gadgets, electronics, and electric long range electric scooters. 

As with every other modern invention, these batteries can cause a fire outbreak without proper handling. This situation poses a safety hazard to its users and others, but there are essential tips that can help prevent such an occurrence.

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What Causes an Electric Scooter Battery to Catch Fire?

Electric scooters consist of batteries that are mostly lithium based. These batteries form a significant part of the all terrain electric scooters because they are powerful dual motors and aid the electronic scooter in moving. When the battery is low, you can recharge it several times throughout its lifespan. There have been reported cases of a fire outbreak on a 40 mph electric scooter from the battery pack. What causes these fire outbreaks?

Apart from mishandling your best electric scooter and the battery packs, parking your motorized scooter for adults for a long time can also cause a fire. Remember that storing a large amount of energy in a restrained space can cause a sudden release of this potential energy in a violent manner- fire. Also, lithium is a very reactive alkaline metal that is highly flammable. The cathode consists of an oxide of lithium, which means the probable release of oxygen as a byproduct is relatively high. This phenomenon in itself poses a significant fire risk. However, all terrain electric scooter fires only occur sometimes, so do not think you are exposed to a fire outbreak each time you ride your scooter.

The following factors can also cause electric scooter fires:

Battery Malfunctioning

Amidst all reports of motorized scooter for adults fires, the battery is the primary cause. It’s the powerhouse of your long range electric scooter, so mishandling the battery exposes you and your scooter to a fire. Therefore, any jeopardize on the battery's electrical, thermal or mechanical function can risk your all terrain electric scooter not functioning correctly. And the worst-case scenario is a fire outbreak. This outbreak can be controlled by careful handling, especially while lifting and dropping your 40 mph electric scooter.

Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

Lithium-ion cells do not do well in high temperatures. When the external temperature exceeds the battery/cell's temperature, the battery begins to heat up. An exothermic reaction then occurs, leading to a fire outbreak. This phenomenon is also called thermal instability or thermal runaway. Ideally, the surrounding temperature of your off road electric scooter should be low so that the battery does not swell and self-ignite. Self-ignition generally leads to a fire and occurs in the cell adjusting to the extreme external temperature. Therefore, learn the dos and don’t about adult scooters in summer.

Charging Etiquettes

Overcharging your batteries makes them last only a short time; this is some people's thought process, so it needs emphasizing. Once you fully charge your commuter scooter, it’s better to unplug it from the power source. There is no such thing as an extra or a backup charge. Several ways to maximize your electric scooter’s battery life, but overcharging reduce your battery's life span and makes it drain even quicker. There is a predetermined minimum and maximum charge level for your long range electric scooter battery, and exceeding it may lead to an overcharge or a discharge. Discharging is also detrimental to the lifespan of your battery, and using the wrong adapter charger to charge will cause the battery to drain while charging. When you continue these poor charging techniques for a long time, the battery will damage, and a fire is likely to occur.

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Tips to Prevent Electric Scooter Battery Fire

Everything is in perspective now that we have identified the possible cause of an electric scooter fire. There are habits that, if you imbibe, will prevent your all terrain electric scooter from a fire outbreak.

Avoid Overcharging Your Scooters

Varla scooters come with high-quality batteries that have internal control. This feature ensures the battery maintains an optimum level maintained at all times. There is always the tendency to leave your electronic scooter charging for several hours. It could be that you forgot it was charging or need to know when the battery is full. Whatever the case, it is wrong to overcharge your escooter battery. When you do, the potential energy contained in the cells is excited and becomes unstable. This instability would cause the battery to swell and self-ignite in extreme cases.

Do Not Put Your Scooter Under Undue Stress

Most off road electric scooter's designs are sturdy, but this doesn't give you the liberty to constantly ride them on rough paths. Ensure your commuter scooter has no exposure to extreme pressure and tension, which can damage delicate internal parts and eventually cause a fire.

Examine Your Battery and Electrical System Regularly

It would be best if you were intentional about the maintenance of your scooter. No one knows it better than you do; hence, check the battery and wiring of your system as regularly as possible to spot the components that need a change. Ideally, it would be best if you replaced your battery periodically and when you do this, ensure the new battery is in a good condition. Externally a battery might seem perfect but do due diligence on it to see the state of the internal component because a short circuit can lead to a fire. Also, when you replace old batteries, ensure you purchase a new one from an accredited electric scooter store. This move will reduce the risk of buying a battery incompatible with your long range electric scooter.

Avoid High Temperatures

As much as you can, do not leave your commuter scooter in a scorching environment. For one, it should never be lost in the kitchen when the stove is on. You might not be able to avoid riding on a sunny day, but you can reduce the length of your stay under the sun.

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How Do You Stop an Electric Scooter Battery Fire?

You can take some active measures to stop fires from occurring in your off road electric scooter battery before it causes significant harm to life or property. If you notice your scooter is about to get caught up in flames, it’s better to take preventive measures and keep yourself and everyone around away from it. 

There is no telling how fast or wide the fire will go, so it is best to protect life first and if you get the chance to save some valued asset, do so. Call the fire station immediately if you suspect a fire and take shelter outside the building or away from the location.

If the fire is not aggressive and you have some experience with a fire extinguisher, quickly grab a BC dry chemical fire extinguisher. Please do not attempt to use water in any form, as it can lead to an electric shock. Check out how to fix your electric scooter battery when it’s not charging. 


Fire outbreaks are never a pleasant experience, so if you can prevent them from starting, please do. Varla electric scooters are a safe electric mode of transportation for their users and the fire cases recorded are minimal. However, with what you have learned from this article, ensure you are preventive in your fight against fire triggers with your commuter scooter.

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