Electric Scooter Calls For Going Green On World Car Free Day

Electric Scooter Calls For Going Green On World Car Free Day

Every day, the rate of traffic and pollution caused by cars on the streets is pretty alarming. Cars produce fuel emissions that adversely affect our environment and are one of the major contributors to air pollution. According to research, riding an electric scooter is one way to reduce environmental hazards.

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With climate change, more people are becoming more aware of how fuel emissions will affect future generations. Thus, the environmental benefits of electric scooters have made them increasingly popular. The pollutants released daily into the atmosphere will reduce if commuters switch to electric scooters for adults.

E-scooters have become a green alternative for commuting by offering an affordable and eco-electric mode of transport. Moreover, owning a car is relatively more expensive than purchasing a scooter. You can go green with Varla; its motorized scooters are user-friendly and offer riders a unique riding experience. Varla e-scooters are powered using lithium-ion batteries, which have non-toxic components.  

What's World Car Free Day

The world car free day takes place on September 22nd every year. This initiative aims to get drivers to take a break from driving their cars and consider other options. It's a day to give up your vehicle and spend more time biking, walking, or taking public transit.

You can participate in World Car-Free Day if you want to be more environmentally friendly. Giving up your automobile may not be the most convenient method to go car-free, but it's the easiest way to reduce gas consumption for even a day.

Why Going Car-Free

When you go car-free, it benefits not only the environment but you also. One advantage of this is that it reduces air pollution and promotes walking and cycling, which is safer for us. The following are reasons  you should go car-free on September 22nd and any other day:

Low maintenance cost

Since cars require lots of costs from purchase, maintenance, fueling, and registration, going car-free would help reduce your expenses. An average car needs regular care due to its many moving parts. In general, owning a car comes with many costs, and their maintenance becomes more expensive as they depreciate. Also, using a motor scooter is more cost-effective in the long run.

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Traffic reduction

In any large city, traffic is a constant issue, and the government constantly looks for ways to improve it. Going micro-mobile is one efficient method. Using an electrical scooter reduces the number of vehicles on the road and carbon emissions in the air. Also, traffic reduces the quality of our roads and bridges, whereas walking and biking will lessen the pressure of high traffic that motor vehicles cause on our streets.

Cleaner environment

Since the electrical scooter for adults doesn't emit toxins as you ride, they are a greener commuting means. Also, they don't require fuel or gas, just charging their batteries to be powered. However, with your car, as you drive around, emissions are released. Hence, choosing the e-scooter and going car-free is suitable for the environment.

Zero fuel

Going car-free is a good choice with the constant fuel and gas increase. Moreover, when you substitute your fossil-fuel-powered car for electric scooters for adults, you reduce carbon footprints in the atmosphere. Using these scooters, you can spend on something else other than fuel or gas.

Better Health

Going car-free helps the environment and impacts your health. Instead of driving your motor vehicles and emitting carbon footprints, riding an adult scooter is a form of exercise. Furthermore, exposure to traffic for an extended period can increase the risk of developing some chronic diseases.

Noise pollution

Traffic is one primary cause of noise pollution caused by vehicles that are neither road-worthy nor maintained regularly driven on the streets. Also, heavy-duty cars contribute to noise production due to their engines and load. Electric scooters are zero noise making them the best option.

The Environmental Impact of Electric Scooters

The usage of motor scooters can improve the quality of air around us. The Varla Pagsus City Commuter Electric Scooter is one of the most eco-friendly forms of commuting and reducing carbon footprints. With batteries powering them, the innovation has minimal effect on the environment. The following are some ways  electric scooters for adults can impact our environment:

Good replacement

One of the benefits of electric scooters is how it reduces environmental emissions. For the transportation sector, motor scooters would consistently lower transportation emissions if they replace car journeys. Making use of personal scooters and increase in ride-sharing services reduce pollution. Thus, fewer emissions from driving would occur with trips substituted for walking, bicycling, taking public transit, or motorized scooter. Also, when you go car-free, it will effectively assist cities' congestion issues.

Zero Pollution

Compared to cars, motor scooters are way better as they don't cause harm to the environment. Moreover, vehicles emit some uncommon greenhouse gases. Although these may not be much in quantity, their effects on the atmosphere are worse. Electric scooters don't run on fuel but on batteries hence zero emissions. Many states are beginning to embrace the idea of going car-free as they celebrate car-free days and set up sensitization programs to show its impact on the environment.

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Rechargeable batteries

Motor scooters can't emit greenhouse gases as rechargeable batteries power them. If you go car-free, you help the environment. Since motorized scooter batteries are reusable, this would reduce the number of batteries produced and manufactured daily. Rechargeable batteries consume lesser non-renewable energy. Also, cities that use more electric scooters for adults have lower carbon emissions.

Longer life span

Electric scooters are durable and have a longer life span. Moreover, the longer you use an adult scooter over every other combustion engine vehicle, the more you help reduce your environmental carbon footprint. Although some motor scooters typically have a lifespan of three to five years, regular maintenance of your battery would increase its lifespan. More prominent brands have a longer lifespan.

Global warming issues

The earth can become gas trapped and cause a rise in the earth's temperature due to carbon emissions from vehicles. This increase can lead to extreme weather changes, such as droughts. Most individuals need to learn the impact of single-use batteries on the environment. Car batteries have corrosive materials and other harmful chemicals and can pollute the environment when not disposed of properly. According to research,  rechargeable batteries have less impact on global warming, air pollution, and water pollution.

Freeride on Your Electric Scooter

There are lots of initiatives to promote car-free day in cities. Some organizations that provide mobility services to the public have various programs for the world car-free day. These companies offer riders free rides on their scooters for adults using promo codes from their platforms to encourage first-time riders to go car-free.

These features by mobility providers aim to promote sustainable and clean alternatives to the use of cars. Car-free days give communities a great chance to show how pollution impacts our lives and other ways to be used. The project emphasizes the need for city dwellers to walk and bike more to reduce pollution and carbon emissions in their surroundings. Besides free rides, mobility companies organize events to enlighten individuals on the need to go car-free.


Electric scooters impact the environment in many ways, such as reducing carbon footprints and improving physical and mental health. Initiatives such as the world car-free day and freeride encourage individuals to walk and bike instead of driving their cars. People are becoming more aware of the environmental hazards of car usage. From motorized scooter production to their charging process, scooters for adults have various effects on our environment can be felt. Choosing e-scooter brands such as Varla offers an eco-friendly commute option to reduce the carbon footprints in our environment.

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