Electric Scooter Motor Guide 2022 

Electric Scooter Motor Guide 2022 

Electric scooters are becoming incredibly popular over the years. They come with plenty of fun features, all of which contribute to the overall performance of a motorized scooter. And while the suspension, deck, tires, battery, and handlebars are all significant components of a scooter, the electric motor scooter is the most important one. Read this electric scooter motor guide to get something you need to know!

Without understanding an electric scooter motors, you can’t take care take care of them, and therefore the electric scooter for adults won't last as long as you hope it would. You might have some common concerns and questions about electric scooter motors. And lucky for you, this guide looks to answer all of the questions that you might have.

What is An Electric Scooter Motor?

All electric scooters have at least one motor. However, the more high-performance ones, such as Eagle One Pro, use two motors that allow them to climb hills and provide excellent acceleration power. These motors come in two types, they have a few key differences despite both being Direct Current Motors.

Brushless DC Motor

These brushless motors emerged in the early 1970s. They are also known as electronically commutated or BLDC motors. They are advanced motors that have better performance than brushed motors. Since they have better power-to-weight proportions, are more efficient, and have better durability, they can outperform brushed motors.

Brushless motors are also less prone to making noises and overheating, which makes the riding experience much smoother and better. If a motor electric scooter for adults is advertised as a high-powered one, it is likely to have a brushless DC motor.

Brushed DC Motor

Brushed motors are the older motor technology that goes back to the early 1800s. These motors have mechanical brushes that drag along the interior of a motor to generate other coil phases. Few manufacturers use these now, especially since brushless electric scooter motors are a clear upgrade in every way, and have become cheaper to manufacture. This is because, after some time, the brushes wear down and generate irregular voltage, which is hazardous to the physical well-being and the environment.

In BLDC motors, you can replace this specific mechanical component by digitally switching the circuitry so that it alternatively generates other coils in the electric scooter motors.

dual motor for electric scooter

How Does an Electric Scooter Motor Work?

The best way to learn more about how an electric motor works are to start with the basics.

  • Batteries power the electric motor.
  • This device receives its energy from the batteries through a generator.
  • The generator also helps recharge the battery.
  • The scooter rotates at a speed regulated by some sensor on the handlebar.

Now when a rider accelerates, the motor starts to rotate, and the speed controller only triggers the motor only when the rider accelerates the throttle.

The throttle, electric brakes, and battery send signals to the motor controller. The controller then determines how much power is necessary to propel the adult scooter forward. The controller also helps apply brakes immediately. As you know, there are two main brakes of electric scooters: disc brakes and drum brakes. 

The battery in the motor electric scooter stores the charge and provides a maximum range. And if an electric scooter is properly maintained, then it may likely range from 10 and 40 miles.

There are many benefits to riding an electric scooter, and the maximum range and incredible motor power are just a few of them.

How to Test an Electric scooter for Issues

It isn’t unusual for an electric scooter to fail when you start it, and it is rarely anything serious. Some of the reasons why your electric scooter motors is not starting can be because of a simple wire disconnection or possibly major internal motor damage. These are some of the ways you can troubleshoot your scooter engine for issues.

Check for Burned Wires

These scooters for adults can hold more load than it can handle. Because of their many qualities, they are often used to their maximum extent. This overloading can make wires burn. If you smell something off from your electric scooters, it means the coils have overheated. And if the plastic insulation has melted the magnet winding, which will cause a short circuit. A short circuit can leave the scooter engine won't be in working condition.

To avoid replacing the motor, inspect your electrical scooter regularly. You can find burned wires by checking the motor, controller, and other components. This regular inspection may reduce the chances of overloaded and overheated wires going unnoticed.

Look at the Cables

It’s essential that you check loose cables for they are one of the most common causes of e scooter failure. An electric scooter connects to various components through wiring.  And when it doesn’t get enough current or gets cut, then the adult scooter will be unable to function.

If you carefully examine the wiring and fix any loose or cut wires, the risk of e scooter malfunction will reduce significantly.  

Check its Battery Charger

The next vital component that you should check up on is the battery. A damaged or inefficient battery can seriously affect the performance of the motor whenever any of these components are damaged.

To check if your charger is faulty, you can plug it into a socket with a warning light. If it doesn't blink or flickers in and out, the charger could be faulty, and you should immediately change it.

Inspect the Motor

While your motor isn’t likely to malfunction, it isn't impossible either. So if the e scooter with dual motors has a faulty one, it won't function at all. One of the major reasons for a motor isn’t working properly is humidity. Sure, a good quality engine housing can help an electric scooter motor stay safe, but moisture will seep in regardless. So you should be careful when thoroughly cleaning your electric scooter.  

tips to keep your motor running for a long time:

How to Maintain the Electric Scooter's Motor

You can maintain your motor scooters to avoid a trip to the mechanic and spending a lot on repairs. Regular appointments are mandatory for the health of your electric scooter; however, when you take care of your motor scooters, you won't have to worry about any significant repairs.

How to maintaining a motorized scooter doesn’t require extensive knowledge about the topic, and with the proper tools, anyone can do it.

These are some quick tips to keep your motor running for a long time:

  • Charge it regularly
  • Clean it thoroughly
  • Don’t ride in the rain
  • Always make sure you inspect its parts 
  • Make sure you check the bolts


Talking about electric scooter motors can be very technical. However, this article is to explain things in simple terms to help you understand them better. Essentially, without a motor, there is no electric scooter, and without them, there is no cost-effective commute. There are many adult scooters on the market with high-performing motors, but Varla has the best ones.

Varla adult scooters are made of dual hub motors with 1000W X2 power. They are available at discounted prices and have excellent deals for you to check out. Take advantage of these superb deals and get yourself a motorized scooter right away.

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