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Dual Motor Electric Scooter Using Guide: What Is The Cruise control Mode?

There are settings on electric scooters that make your ride enjoyable and stress-free. One of these features is cruise control. With this feature, you can maintain a constant speed as you ride.

The cruise control selection on your escooter is a great feature, especially on straight long-distance rides. It can help significantly advance your riding performance and prevent hand exhaustion. Besides, you can always skip clicking on the acceleration button with cruise control mode.

Furthermore, most electronic scooters have sensors that turn off the cruise control mechanically if the motorized scooter stops. Also, some scooters have a feature that limits the maximum speed while riders engage their cruise control. 

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What Is Dual Motor Electric Scooter Cruise Control?

An escooter with two motors, one in the front wheel and the other in the back, is a dual motor electric scooter. Compared to a single-motor electric scooter for heavy adults, this setup has many benefits. Since you can operate each motor separately, it offers additional power, which is excellent for tackling hills or hauling riders on escooter. It also makes for a smoother ride.

The dual motor electric scooter cruise control has a self-contained module consisting of a collection of electronic parts and wiring, a processor, and memory with software for the processor to process. The processor connects to the electric scooter for heavy adults controller, power source, and throttle control to perform specific tasks. Manufacturers advise against using cruise control at speeds greater than 12 mph.

Benefits of Cruise Control on an Electric Scooter

Overall, cruise control has a variety of benefits for both drivers of electric scooters and other road vehicles. Below are some of them:

Conserve Battery Power

The main advantage of cruise control is that it preserves electric scooter battery life. Because it uses less electricity than before, the motor doesn't need as much of it. As a result, electric scooter for heavy adults users can increase their scooters range by using cruise control. It may be a fantastic technique to save power and battery life. You only need to steer and enjoy the trip since cruise control instructs your motor to maintain a constant speed.

More Comfortable Ride

Since riders no longer need to use the throttle continuously, cruise control can improve your riding comfort. On long journeys on all terrain electric scooter, this can be extremely helpful. You may find it easier to keep a safe following distance from vehicles in front of you. Also, you can avoid abrupt braking and contribute to accident avoidance by maintaining a constant speed.

Perfect For Uphill Climbing

The cruise control will increase the electric engine's output to keep a consistent pace when traveling uphill. When descending a hill, your all terrain electric scooter controller will regulate the motor to use lesser power. While using a dual motor electric scooter, the cruise control feature allows you to set the appropriate speed and let go of the throttle. Despite bumps or hills, the dual motor electric scooter will automatically maintain that pace. While riding the Varla Eagle Pro All Terrain Electric Scooter, you have a smooth ride as it has dual shock absorption that makes your riding more comfortable and safer, especially on rough terrains.

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Disadvantages Of Cruise Control On Electric Scooters

Below are some reasons why you may consider reducing your fast electric scooter cruise control time:

Delayed Stopping Time

Maintaining control of the dual motor electric scooter is one of the most crucial elements of electric scooter safety. Cruise control has the potential to be very useful, yet it can also be detrimental. According to research, when riders are in cruise control mode for a more extended period, it can lead to delays in applying brakes. Hence, the rider might need help to respond quickly enough to avoid falling if the dual motor electric scooter runs into a bump or other obstruction. Moreover, with the Eagle's Pro dual hydraulic brake and ABS, you would have a smooth and safe braking process.

Causes Collision When the Battery Is Low

If your batteries run out of power while your dual motor electric scooter is in cruise control, it may not be able to stop. Therefore, this would increase the chances of crashing. Thus, it's best to use your cruise control mode while all your all terrain electric scooter parts are in perfect condition. The Varla Eagle Pro is a fast electric scooter with a lithium-ion battery of 60V/27Ah, which can take up to 45 miles.

Lead To Riding Distraction

Whereas using cruise control might make a long drive more enjoyable, you might get distracted by your surroundings. According to research, cruise control has helped increase accidents due to distracted riding.

How To Activate A Cruise Control On Varla Eagle One Pro?

Most electric scooters for adults can activate their cruise control option with their handlebars. For the Varla Eagle One Pro, you can access the cruise control mode by pressing and holding your thumb throttle to maintain a fixed level of speed. You would automatically enter the cruise mode in about 8 seconds or more. When on cruise mode, the cruise control indicator (on/off) on your dashboard would show it's in operation.

Safety Tips For Electric Scooter Cruise Control

As you ride on cruise control, you should take some scooter safety precautions. Although it's safe to use this feature on your escooter, you must be aware of your environs, especially other road users. The following are some safety tips to know when on cruise control:

  • 1. Avoid Cruise Mode In Crowded Areas

While riding in a congested area, even the most efficient cruise control can fail to adjust immediately. Cruising in crowded places can be dangerous. With Varla Eagle Pro, you can easily adjust your speed to suit your driving condition.

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  • 2. Don't Use It When Taking A Turn

Driving in cruise mode may only be suitable for some road situations, and relying only on it can lead to dangerous conditions. Knowing when and at what time not to use cruise control will help you prevent accidents. Using cruise control may result in rear-ending another car when the road circumstances call for you to start and stop, such as when making turns. To create a safe turn, you must slow down and alter your driving speed. On twisting roads, cruise control makes it dangerous to change your pace quickly.

  • 3. Keep Our Eyes On The Road

Being on cruise control makes your journey very comfortable, and you may not stay alert while riding. Hence, it’s best always to be aware of your environment as you ride. There may be times you would have to make unexpected stops while you depend on cruise control. Also, it isn't safe to use cruise control when you are tired and at night.

  • 4. Don't Use It On Wet Terrains

You should avoid using your cruise control during heavy rainfall or on wet or icy roads. Nevertheless, you can cruise your long range electric scooter in light rain and shallow puddles.


Most electric scooters have the cruise control feature, but it depends on the brand. The dual motor electric scooter cruise control enables you to cover long distances effortlessly with stress. Using a all terrain electric scooter cruise control has several benefits. However, there are some situations when you should avoid using cruise control. These include when your battery is low, on wet grounds, in heavy traffic, and crowded areas. You can activate the Varla Eagle One Pro's cruise control by pressing and clicking its thumb throttle. Also, apart from the cruise control, this dual motor electric scooter has other top-quality features that ensure an effortless ride on different terrains.

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