Why Scooters Are Great for Neighborhoods

Why Scooters Are Great for Neighborhoods

You see clearly – electric scooters are everywhere! On city streets, in your neighborhood, and you might even catch some off-road riders doing their thing on trials. They have a long-range, speed, and enjoyable for the whole family. With their popularity increasing, the competition has never been so fierce. Ford has even announced its desire to get on board the electric scooter train.

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Due to their convenience and reliability, folding electric scooters for adults are the urban commuters of the future. Now, they are infiltrating neighborhoods around the world, and we couldn't accept this change more! Electric scooters are great for neighborhoods and people of all ages! Let's discover why scooters are great for neighborhoods!



1. Adult Electric Scooters are Fun



Even if you want kick scooters for heavy adults for the commute, a big part of you loves it because it is fun to ride. Why just commute with it when you can spend your weekends riding around the neighborhood with it? A big part of your purchase is for the fun experience you expect to have on your electric scooter.



Not only do they make grown-ups feel like a kid again, but kids will get to feel like they are trendy with the latest Varla scooter. That's a win-win for us. You know that the people you ride by in your neighborhood have some jealousy of your new ride.



2. No Fuss



Why worry about car maintenance, oil changes, and insurance costs when you can ride a foldable electric scooter for adults. Your only concern would be if you remembered to put it on charge the night before. It is cost-effective and convenient for older kids and adults.



Electric scooters are here to stay! Not only because it is practical and entertaining, but they are durable and have a long-range.




3. Electric Scooters are Convenient



It doesn't matter where you live; everyone needs to run errands. Zip around your neighborhood and get those annoying errands done with a fun run to the stores. Varla scooters have long ranges from 25 miles to 40+ miles. You can easily ride around and get everything done that you need to with a single charge!



Take a ride to the local coffee shop, bank, and grocery store while reducing your carbon footprint. Don't worry about filling your backpack and handlebar bag with goods – the load capacity is from 250 lbs to 300 lbs.



4. Eco-Friendly



Varla has the best dual-motor electric scooter that is eco-friendly. Don't worry about emitting carbon emissions. Your electric scooter is battery-powered. With neighborhoods constantly finding ways to become more eco-friendly, opt for a folding scooter for adults and start the trend if it hasn't already.


Riding an electric scooter in your neighborhood will also help cancel out the noise pollution. Remember all the times you lay in bed listening to cars zooming by your house or horns honking – let's change the narrative with adult electric scooters!



5. Commute



Do you dread your morning commute? The stop and go in the mornings are frustrating for anyone, and it is even worse when there are obstructions in the road ahead. You can travel at speeds of 25+ mph and skip the traffic on your foldable scooter for adults.  


Long commutes have various negative repercussions in one's life. It can contribute to negative moods, depression, and lack of focus. If you decide to use your foldable scooter for your commute, you can charge it under your desk or store it in a closet. Unfold and go!



6. Safety Features



Even if you live in a neighborhood with uneven roads and bumps, you can still use your electric scooter to get around on the grass, gravel, cement, and even dirt roads. With dual hydraulic brakes and ABS, you can enjoy your ride through your neighborhood and stop quickly and safely when you need to.



The Varla Eagle One consists of an independent suspension system to absorb the bumps for a more stable and smooth ride. Don't forget about the safety gear! Grab scooter accessories from the Varla electric scooter store for optimum safety. There are knee and elbow pads and an electric scooter seat if you get tired during long commutes.



7. Reliability



Have you waited on the sidewalk for a late bus or walked miles and miles to get to the train station? These might seem like everyday inconveniences, but it doesn't have to be. With a foldable scooter for adults, you can choose when to leave, the time you want to arrive, and what route you will take.



Areas like San Fransisco, New York City, Detroit, and many more have transit deserts where you might have to walk miles just to get to a bus stop or train station. While this is part of people's lives, you can ride an electric scooter and avoid these inconveniences with a reliable electric scooter that will go for miles without the battery dying.



Scooters are Great for Neighborhoods



Electric scooters are great for neighborhoods because it is eco-friendly, there is no noise pollution, and it is safe for the rider. Whether you are a business traveler and can't be late for a meeting or a weekend explorer – Varla electric scooters have all the features for the perfect ride every time you step on the board.



The Varla Eagle One and Pegasus are the perfect scooters to ride around the neighborhood and commute with. They are heavy-duty and are long-range so that you can go further with a heavy load. Start a new trend in your neighborhood with Varla scooters! See our buy now and pay later options for your convenience!

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