What Are the Benefits of Independent Suspension?

What Are the Benefits of Independent Suspension?

With the advent of new technology, scooters are getting more powerful and faster. Gone are the days when people used to buy a scooter to just commute from fixed location A to B. Now, people look for more exploration of the outdoor by riding a scooter. Meanwhile, people demand the upgrade of scooter performance, especially for absorption.


To fully understand the advantage of independent suspension, let’s look at the below picture first:

how does independent suspension look like

From this picture, we can clearly see the difference between non-independent suspension and  independent suspension.   


For non-independent suspension, if one wheel hits a bump, the jarring is felt across the entire car. It’ll face the risk of rolling down. But for the independent suspension, since when the same situation, the other wheels are basically not affected, it can across easily as on that road! A more smooth driving experience you can feel.


How does that?

For the non-independent suspension, two wheels are mounted on both ends of an axle, but the independent suspension not, the axle is divided into two sections, they can move without interfering with each other. See the below picture:

independent and non-independent suspension


To be specific, the independent suspension system can keep the center of gravity of the vehicle stable, keep the tires in contact with the road, so it can absorb bumps and smooth out the ride. The following gif can help you understand well.

Independent Suspension:

Non-independent Suspension:

With so fantastic performance, though the cost is higher, Varla team still decided to adopt independent suspension, which will bring riders a more stable and comfortable riding experience.

Not too many scooters use the design in the market, some use spring damping system, the others don’t even equip the damping system.


All in all, choosing Varla scooter to be your travel partner is definitely a brilliant choice and now PayPal Credit enables you to enjoy now, pay later!  

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