The History of Scooter(ii)

The History of Scooter(ii)

Previous of last article (click to read the last article): In 1817, scooters came out. The first motorized scooter was invented in 1915, it began to enter in people's daily life. How did the scooter become one of the most popular transportation tools in people's life? Let’s read it! In the 1930s, scooters were widely welcomed in the United States. At the same time, many scooter competitions were held in Paris and Berlin. Then scooters were widely spread in Europe and entered people's life. Soon, the wave of scooters also arrived in Australia and other parts of the world.
A Kid’s Scooter Race at the Paddy’s Markets

A Kid’s Scooter Race at the Paddy’s Markets” by Frank Burke. Sydney, Australia Sydney, 1956

The second milestone development

In the following decades, the technology of motorized equipment continued to develop. In 1974, Honda created the Kick'n Go scooter.
Kick'n Go scooter
Then almost 10 years late, Go-Ped was invented by Steve Patmont, it launched the second small scooter revolution, which is a low-cost, fast, gasoline-powered scooter.

The scooter craze began

In 1996, we don't know whether Swissman Wim Ouboter invented the first folding aluminum scooter out of laziness or the invention. But it's said that he thinks he lives too far from his favorite sausage stop by foot, but too close by bike. Most of the time, laziness promotes technological progress.
folding aluminum scooter
Anyway, his invention is indeed a key point, lead to the real craze for scooters in the early 2000s.


Nowadays, scooters have been greatly improved. The scooter only needs electricity without gasoline, so it'll not produce pollutants, and more Eco-friendly. Not only it can run more than 40 miles (65 km) per full charge, but also the riding speed can reach 40 mph (65 km/h). The speed of scooter can catch up with the car's, but the price is lower to 1/4 of the used car!

In the future

As you know, we are living in exciting 21 century. You must realized that the scooters are developing at an incredible speed. With the development of technology over 100 years, we're looking forward to crossing all terrain as we like. Scooters can be faster, lighter, more stable, and longer-distance in the future. In order to conform to the historical trend of scooter development and the increasing actual demand of people, Varla electric scooter came into being. So far we've seen tons of great feedback from Varla's customers. Soon, we will not only have this one model, but also more and more remarkable scooters. We hope that our users will continue to communicate with us your ideas and needs to make us have more progress! Do you have any expectations for future scooters? Welcome to discuss! 

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