Electric Scooter Suspension- Everything You Need to Know

Electric Scooter Suspension- Everything You Need to Know

Long range electric scooter and off road electric scooter are becoming popular. Now, people are not only satisfied with the function of electric scooters moving from A to B, but they also hope that even the fastest electric scooter can take into account efficiency, comfort, and fun, especially for the shock absorption effect.

Today’s article will take you to understand all the knowledge of electric scooter suspension so that you can choose a suitable scooter for you. 


What is suspension on electric scooters?

You may have heard the term used a lot, especially in the automotive field. The suspension is a system that can find an appropriate balance between road-handling and riding quality.

In short, the purpose of the suspension is to enable the vehicle to withstand the bumpy between the road and the wheels, thereby providing a smooth riding experience so that the driver feels stable without losing control of the vehicle.

Like motorcycles or bicycles, electric scooters' suspension helps improve the ride quality and reduce road bumps.

electric scooter suspension everything you need to know

What types of suspension are used on electric scooters?

Manufacturers have different designs for electric scooters, and the suspension systems they are equipped with are also different. Due to urban roads are relatively flat, most entry-level scooters for commute are not equipped with suspension. But for most scooters above the middle level, will be equipped with great suspension.

There are usually three main types of suspension systems on the market: spring, hydraulic, and rubber suspension.


  • Spring suspension

An electric scooter with a spring suspension means that you will feel more comfortable when riding, because the spring will move up and down during riding, and the purpose of the spring is to reduce the impact after going through a bumpy. As a result, the rider's center of gravity is maintained as stable as possible.


  • Hydraulic suspension

The hydraulic actuator used can be quickly filled with liquid. When the wheel crosses the bumps on the road, the actuator will expand by the liquid. This will cause the actuator to push against the surrounding components, causing them to bounce away. This keeps the wheel close to the ground, avoiding the impact when the wheel is suspended and falling, and the rider's center of gravity changes drastically.


  • Rubber suspension

Rubber suspension is effective because rubber has natural support, ,flexibility and softness, ideal for absorbing shocks. It can also reduce the road bumpys. Another advantage of rubber is that compared with other spring materials, rubber can store more energy per unit mass,  so it can reduce the weight of an electric scooter to some extents.


It should be noted that if someone tells you that the electric scooter without suspension, the pneumatic tires could absorb the bumpys greatly, please don't be fooled. If you want to get the smoothest possible ride, good rubber tires and a good suspension system should work together.


Off road electric scooters can have a combination of different suspensions. For example, a model may have a spring suspension at the front and a hydraulic suspension at the rear. In addition, it can also be combined with independent suspension technology, such as Varla Eagle one, using dual spring shock absorption and independent suspension technology, so that when the scooter passes on a bumpy road, it can keep all the tires in contact with the ground as much as possible to reduce impact. Provide riders with a more comfortable riding experience.


If you are a scooter outdoor off-road enthusiast and often need to go through bumpy roads, it is very important to have a scooter with a high-end suspension system.

 independent suspension of electric scooter


What are the benefits of suspension for electric scooters?

Suspension Improves Comfort

Urban roads are generally relatively flat, while typical town roads are rarely smooth and usually covered by bumps and small potholes, making riders on electric scooters shake. And if you are riding a scooter with suspension, it will eliminate bumps when you quickly drive across the sidewalk.


Give You More Control While Riding

The suspension also allows you to control your scooter better. On an ordinary scooter with weak or almost no suspension, it may affect the entire ride if you hit a big bump with one wheel. This may cause you to turn in undesired directions. If you end up falling, it will be scary and possibly dangerous. Equipped with suspension, the wheel will absorb the impact without affecting other wheels. Let you continue your journey with minimal disturbance. Riding can also be safer.

If you often travel on bumpy roads, or your arm strength or flexibility is not good, choosing a scooter with excellent suspension will help your riding.


Make Your Scooter Last Longer

As electric scooters are ridden more often than before, which means that they will inevitably produce wear. If the scooter without suspension, which is mainly caused by frequent impact on the body structure. Under the same circumstance, use the scooter with an excellent suspension system; the suspension will withstand a large part of the impact caused by bumps, which can significantly reduce worn on the rest of the scooter. It can also mean that the scooter is more durable and can last longer.



What is the best electric scooter with independent suspension?

Independent suspension is an additional suspension technology that can maximize the effects of the above three suspensions. Equipped with an independent suspension scooter, both tires can maintain contact with the ground when passing bumps, thereby reducing the scooter's body's impact. But if it is a non-independently suspended vehicle, the entire vehicle will feel the tremor under the same circumstances.

electric scooter suspension of varla eagle one

In addition to air-filled tires, Varla Eagle One electric scooter is equipped with dual suspension and applies independent suspension technology, which means that when you pass the bumpy, the wheel will maintain its grip on the street, thus making your riding safer and more stable.


Whether you are getting off the scooter for a short trip to the store, gym, or exploring the grass or muds trail outdoors, you can enjoy the whole journey to the fullest with Varla Scooter.


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