Introducing: Dual Motors - the most powerful electric scooters

Introducing: Dual Motors - the most powerful electric scooters

Humans, we’re suckers for more power and speed, and in many cases, one doesn’t have to look far to find a way to add that extra pep to our step. The innovations in electric scooters provide an easy and enjoyable way to experience new and exciting ways to navigate city streets or traverse nature trails. As you probably know, electric scooters come with a wide variety of options, and it’s essential to choose the one that best suits you. However, and when considering your options, sometimes it’s important to go with one that will provide you the most bang for your buck--and at least double the power. Suffice to say, dual-motor e-scooters are advantageous over their single motor competition in a variety of ways. Dual motor e-scooters are some of the best electric scooters around. They have several perks over their single-motor competitors, making them an obvious choice when considering what type of e-scooter to purchase. Namely, dual-motors electric scooters provide the power needed to catch that rush of speed and excitement that feels so good in the open air. For instance, Varla’s Eagle One adult electric scooter can offer adrenaline seekers that much-needed fix with its high-performance dual motors for those that have outgrown their comfortable single-engine e-scooters. And the Pegasus model can provide riders a comfortable experience on the road as a commuter e-scooter with dual motor power advantages. But what’s the advantage of dual motors in Varla scooters? Especially when you put them on the best dual motor scooter models available.

Dual Motors and the Advantage They Provide

When an electric scooter possesses dual motors, it simply means that the scooter has propulsion mechanics on both the front and rear tire assembly. varla-dual-motor-powerful Concerning the inner mechanics of the dual motor e-scooter, it operates using the direct current or DC motor as the workhorse. It powers the movement and momentum of the electric scooter, giving it’s get up and go. The DC motor regulates acceleration, overall speed, power, and performance. Whereas most electric scooters have a singular motor Varla can offer two models. The Eagle One is a dual motor high-performance scooter made to go off the city streets and onto the trails. The Eagle One possesses a 1000W motor. High-wattage motors consume more energy in a short amount of time, so a high wattage in an engine typically means that that the motor can accelerate quickly, carry more weight, and climb steep hills. Varla is also has a city commuter e-scooter available. The Pegasus can provide riders a peak power output of 1600W that allows the top speed up to 35 MPH. Not to mention, the Pegasus is the best dual motor scooter for the casual commuter while still packing a little bit of power in the engine and a smooth ride on bumpy roads. Therein, two is always better than one (let’s be honest); the dual motors in the Eagle One and the Pegasus provide an extra boost of power and speed to each scooter. That added power functions to carry heavier loads (think rider and full backpack or bag or anything that one can carry on a scooter--or just this writer and a ridiculous quarantine weight). The dual motor also adds speed to the scooter and more torque on steep slopes and sloppy terrain. It is the best electric scooter for off road purposes.

The Engine--I Mean Engines--Because There’s Two

Varla’s dual engines are powered by a 52V/18.2Ah capacity lithium-ion battery. In less complicated terms, without all the number mumbo jumbo, it means the battery can provide more than 40 miles of long-distance riding on Eco Mode. More specifically, in terms of power, the dual motors on the Eagle One allow it to reach an impressive top speed of 40 miles per hour. That’s fast on an electric scooter. Like, real fast. The two engines consist of a 1000W hub motor on the wheels that can provide a peak power output of 3200W. 2 x 25A speed controllers power the e-scooter to maintain optimal power performance. The rider decides how much umpf to feed the motors, whether it’s to save power or go pedal to the metal. Control of the power distribution helps the rider better manage the amount of time, speed, and wattage consumed by the engines. This type of control, along with the Pegasus’ and Eagle one’s LCD heads-up display, will help regulate battery charge and the distance the e-scooter can travel. Finally, overall stability while operating the scooter is improved by the design of the dual motors because power is distributed evenly through the deck, chassis, and wheel assembly. In turn, they are providing more control to all that sweet and satisfying torque--rather than just spinning loose ground on one axle. As if I didn’t have to argue this point for you any further, but I did the math, and I can safely say that two>one.

Two is Good, and I Need These Dual Motors

Of course, you need one. An electric scooter with dual motors has perks. Varla can boast that their scooters are well-reviewed, easy to assemble, reasonably priced, and powerful. Not to mention, Varla has options for payment plans and unique accessories for all your personalized needs. varla-dual-motor-powerful Testimonials from Varla enthusiasts are a testament to the product's performance. One customer states, “This was my first electric scooter...I use it to get to work every day now, and it's a smooth ride, especially when you get a suspension seat. The assembly was easy, thanks to the instructional video. The scooter is easy to operate and is a pleasure to ride. I recommend this scooter!” Another customer goes on to say, “Love it. Solid, well-designed, it allows me to get off-trail and travel further than I normally would! When I pull the trigger throttle, I feel like a beast rushing out! More power, more distance, and more fun.” Now go and get your fix in a  dual motor electric scooter off road.

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