Choosing the Right Electric Scooter Throttle: Thumb vs Trigger

Choosing the Right Electric Scooter Throttle: Thumb vs Trigger

Electric scooters typically come with two different methods of acceleration — thumb throttles and trigger throttles. Each of these throttles has different benefits depending on the rider or terrain where the electric scooter is being operated. At Varla, our scooters come equipped with both types of throttles based on the model you select. The Varla Eagle One uses a trigger throttle and the Varga Pegasus is equipped with a thumb throttle.


So, which throttle is the best? In this article, we’ll cover the pros and cons of each to help you decide which Varla scooter model is right for you.


What’s the Difference between a Thumb and Trigger Throttle?

On electric scooters, the throttle is an electric scooter accessory that is mounted directly to the handlebars to give riders the ability to easily control the speed of their ride. Both trigger and thumb throttles are mounted this way. Both throttles also offer variable acceleration meaning the more pressure that is applied to the throttle, the faster the scooter will go.


Trigger throttles are the most commonly used type of throttle and are mounted on the front of the handlebars. To accelerate, the rider can simply squeeze the trigger with their index finger.


Thumb throttles are mounted on the backside of the handlebar. Riders can increase the speed of their scooter by using their thumb to press down on the thumb-size paddle.

Smooth Acceleration

When it comes to controlling the speed of your scooter, you want to be able to accelerate smoothly. Choppy acceleration can make the scooter more difficult to control especially when you are on terrain that requires precise maneuvering.  


Thumb throttles typically move in a vertical direction. This means that every bump you hit could cause your thumb to also bump the acceleration. This is especially problematic for offroad applications or routes with a lot of potholes. A trigger throttle allows the rider to maintain a smoother acceleration over rough terrain.


For this reason, the Eagle One (Varla’s offroad model) comes equipped with a trigger throttle to handle the bumpy terrain.


Scooter operators want to make sure that they are comfortable throughout their ride, especially if they are traveling a long distance. One common complaint about thumb throttles is that some rider’s thumb or hand may feel fatigued or cramp when using a thumb throttle for extended periods of accelerating. This is especially true for riders who suffer from arthritis or joint pain.


The trigger throttle requires less motion and pressure on the hands and wrist by allowing the fingers to bend more naturally and freely. This reduces stress on the muscles and tendons of the hand to give the operator the ability to ride longer distances without feeling soreness or discomfort.


One downside to trigger throttles is that they are often mounted at an incorrect angle to improve the visibility of the display screen. A properly mounted trigger throttle should allow the rider to reach the trigger without bending their wrist at an awkward angle. Fortunately, throttles are an electric scooter accessory that can be adjusted to the optimal angle for any rider.


One of the downsides of a trigger throttle is that it’s mounted forward similar to the brake lever. Riders will need to shift between the two controls if they need to stop quickly. The trigger throttle could potentially get in the way of the brake lever.


Another challenge is that the hand and finger motion to accelerate and brake with a trigger throttle is similar. This could cause confusion when the rider needs to take quick action to avoid a collision. They could inadvertently accelerate when they intend to stop. A thumb throttle, on the other hand, relies on a completely different set of motions which reduces the chance of making this mistake.

Better Grip

Depending on the throttle type you select, you will need to change the way you grip the handlebars. A thumb throttle will allow you to wrap all your fingers around the handlebar for increased control. With a trigger throttle, you have less control with your fingers, but your thumb is free to help grip the handlebar. The type of grip that you choose will boil down to personal preference.  


Since a trigger throttle is mounted on the front of the handlebars, it is more likely to get damaged in the event of a collision. This is not the case with thumb throttles since they are mounted on the backside of the handlebars.


Some riders also report that trigger throttles can become sticky over time and lose their springiness. Fortunately, Varla scooter owners don’t have to worry about any mechanical issues since our scooters are covered by a 2-year warranty on all models.


Let the Varla Team Help You Pick the Perfect Electric Scooter

Whatever type of throttle you choose will come down to personal preference, physical restrictions, or whether you typically ride offroad or in urban environments. Our scooters are designed to handle many applications including rough terrain, heavy adult riders, and long commutes.


The experts at Varla are here to help. Contact our customer service team or visit our website to learn more about our direct-to-consumer pricing, industry-leading warranty, and free shipping.  

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