Why Choose Varla Scooter?

Why Choose Varla Scooter?

Are you still worrying about that you can't find a shared scooter when you go to work?

Does it annoy you when failed to climb up a slope?

Are you still afraid of the battery will be run out on the halfway?


If you do worry about these problems, why don’t you have your own electric scooter? And Varla scooter is definitely an awesome choice to you!

We have several reasons as below.



The cost of shared electric scooter is $0.15/min, if you use 1 hour per day, it will cost you $2340 a year!! Such a crazy cost, since you can’t have anything after you paid.

What if you buy an electric scooter? For example, you purchase our Varla Scooter, the cost is $1599, but what you’ll get a package values USD2194!

Best off road electric scooter Varla Eagle One

Really a FAIR deal!!


Better Experience

Believe you have the experience in how shared scooter performs. When climbing up on a long slope, normally the scooters are unable to make it because of the weak power and single motor.

But if you own Varla dual-motor scooter, this is not a problem anymore! Varla scooter can climb up to 30% inclines easily. 2x1000w motors do help a lot! And there’s no need to worry about the endurance, Varla scooter can reach 40+miles per fully charge.



Varla Dual Motor, 1000W Each

Max Safe Speed

25 MPH


Dual Disc Brake + EABS

Max. Range

40+ Miles


Front & Rear Absorption

Total Capacity

265 Ibs


Free to Use

Have you ever experienced the situation that when you need a scooter but can’t find it anywhere? You definitely have. But if you own an electric scooter, it would not be a problem anymore!


Varla Scooter your best off road partner


Varla scooter has dual independent suspension and one-piece forging. The excellent performance in shock absorption will bring you a better riding experience.

And there are more benefits of riding an electric scooter. 

All in all, choosing Varla scooter to be your transportation tool is absolutely a smart choice!  

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