E-Bike or Electric Scooter, Which is Right for You?

Differences and Pros & Cons of E-bike and E-scooter

I have always been in awe of that technology has been slowly overtaking traditional means of transportation. With an increase in air pollution levels and the rise in gridlocked streets, we have all been searching for ideal solutions to take our commuting woes away.

With cities built with the intention of making them car-centric, there are many cities and towns that have setup bike lanes for those who do not wish to partake in polluting the environment. This is a good initiative as those who wish to partake in staying healthy can utilize these lanes to commute via an e-bike or electric scooter.

Micro Mobility is on the rise with extremely light, high powered personal electric bikes and electric scooters.

The question here is which of these two modes of transport is best suited for you?

Though both options are great choices to pick from, each has their own list of advantages and disadvantages which make them best suited for your everyday use.

Read on to find out which of the two, e-bikes or electric scooters are ideal and make your decision based on the facts listed below.

riding an electric bike

What are the differences between e-bikes and electric scooters?

E-bikes are electric bicycles fitted with components that drive power to the wheels with the help of a motor and controller. With e-bikes you can pick from three modes to ride; the standalone pedal mode, pedal assist mode and full blown throttle mode.

Upon activating each mode the rider gets to experience different ways to commute or simply have fun.

Electric scooters are smart scooters that resemble a skateboard with a handlebar and have become quite the sought after product over the last few years. In comparison to the traditional scooter, electric scooters are packed with powerful hub motors that eliminate the need to start off by pushing the scooter using your legs.

Some models of electric scooters come fitted with a seat to make the long rides more enjoyable.

Tire Size

E-bikes typically run on larger tires than electric scooters. An increased size in the tires can result in a comfortable ride while being stable on different terrains. This allows you to carry more weight with you wherever you go.

Electric scooters on the other hand are small and are a means of easier portability. The advantage of smaller tires is that the electric scooter can be taken on a bus or subway car.

At the end of the day we tend to look for something that’s extremely comfortable and stable.


Considering the smaller size and lesser components than an e-bike, an electric scooter usually weighs between 25-40 lbs as compared to the average weight of an e-bike that is roughly 50-55 lbs.

The lightweight of the electric scooter and the fact that it can be folded making it portable are the reasons that make the electric scooter an optimal choice if you’re using alternate modes of transportation to cover long distances while carrying your electric scooter along with you for local commute.

Riding Coverage

With e-bikes you have the choice of relaxing on your seat while riding, the ability to switch between pedal mode and throttle mode give you the upper hand especially if you plan on covering long distances.

An electric scooter on the other hand is only usable as long as the batteries last. No one wants to awkwardly push an electric scooter along the road to get to their destination. With an upgrade in the batteries, an electric scooter can let you cover a distance of up to 60 miles on a single charge.


E-bikes are the most popular electronic mode of commuting. In countries like USA where a majority of the population resort to using an e-bike each day, e-bikes have become quite popular in other countries over the years.

electric scooters on the other hand are slowly gaining popularity but are still not anywhere close to that of e-bikes. With an increase in electric scooter sharing services in various cities, only time can tell if electric scooters will surpass e-bikes in terms of popularity.


The cost of a good quality run-of-the-mill bike is high as it is, an e-bike is much more expensive thanks to the additional electrical components that have been added. The price range for a good e-bike at times depends on the brand and features the e-bikes come with.

Prices of electric scooters would vary based on the configurations they are sold with or the features that have been added to them making them affordable to everyone.


E-bikes churn out a top speed of 40 miles an hour, this is a result of the powerful 1000watts battery and motor that come fitted on it.

On the other hand, an electric scooter can top a maximum of 40 miles per hour as they are much smaller and compact with a lower battery and motor capacity. For example, the Varla scooter has 2 x 1000w dual motors, and the maximum speed can reach 40 mph. While the recommended maximum safe speed is 25 mph.

Varla Eagle One the best long range electric scooter

Which to choose, e-bikes or electric scooters?

Now that we have listed out all the major differences between both, it’s time to go over the reason or benefits of owning an e-bike or an electric scooter and draw a conclusion on which is a better choice.


There are a number of benefits to own an e-bike and these range from being able to build one yourself to not having a valid license to ride one.

  • E-bikes are good to travel on everyday, wherever you go. The fact that it’s a traditional bicycle with a motor attached you can still utilize the bike lane while traveling minimizing accidents if you were on the main road.
  • You would choose an e-bike when your priorities revolve around the ultimate mileage delivered and the overall distance you can cover, the ability to switch between riding modes, the large tires for a more stable ride and overall popularity of e-bikes knowing that being able to service the e-bike when you need to is only an appointment away.

Electric scooters

Electric scooters are an affordable and excellent means of transportation for those learning to ride and are not used to traveling much on an e-bike or bicycle.

  • Electric scooters have lower maintenance costs thanks to their compact size and lesser components placed within. Electric scooters can be folded, take Varla scooter as a sample, its folding dimensions are 50.4 x 25.2 x 20.1 inches. Electric scooters can be carried around with ease and taken to other places with little to worry about.
  • An electric scooter is ideal for those traveling to offices or the coffee shop that’s nearby or within 5 miles. The compact size makes it easy to carry around and makes it ideal while traveling on a bus or train.
  • Electric scooters are the best way to get used to the electric mobility lifestyle.
  • Electric scooters or electric scooters are portable, being rivaled by none other than foldable bikes. They are lightweight, can easily be stored or folded and carried with you wherever you go.
  • At a time when pollution levels are at their highest, owning an electric scooter helps keep the pollution in check. An eco-friendly option, electric scooters are known to be that mode of transportation that requires electricity to function but leaves no carbon footprint or emits any kind of harmful emissions.
  • Electric scooters are designed for adventure enthusiasts, off-roading becomes fun with an electric scooter. Brands like Varla have focused on delivering off-road ready electric scooters. These can be taken on uneven terrain making your outdoor experience better.

Some countries have permitted electric scooters to be used by regulating the power output and reducing the maximum speed they can go. Some even request you to get a license to ride one around town.

Varla Eagle One the best off road electric scooter


This article covers the positive and negatives of owning electric scooters and e-bikes. Though both are great modes of transport especially while commuting daily, it’s evident that there are certain limitations associated with each, making it difficult to pick the appropriate one.

It’s best to understand what you’re looking to achieve and how far you’re willing to travel. If you’re in for comfort or mobility, price or power, go with e-bike.

However, if you’re in for something fun to use and compact so it does not take up much space, one that does not pollute the environment and a license is not required then look no more. Hands down, electric scooters are the right choice for you. Know more about how to choose an off-road electric scooter, check out our previous blog post.  

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