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Dual Motor or Single Motor Electric Scooters: Which is Right for You?

Seeing someone taking a leisurely evening stroll on a battery scooter along different city routes is no longer unusual. It is gradually becoming a norm even for parents to choose an e-scooter above a car as a traditional coming-of-age gift for their children.

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The electric scooter receives high praise daily as a greener way of transversing the urban jungle. But with so many e-scooter models, it might be challenging to decide on the perfect model that would tickle your fancy yet meet your everyday need. 

This article highlights the distinctions between dual motor and single motor electric scooters and assists you in selecting the most suitable one for your specific needs. We'll also show some of Varla's best products, such as the Eagle One variant and the swift Eagle Falcon.

Dual Motor or Single Motor Electric Scooters Comparison 

Considering aspects like performance, price, and user experience is crucial when deciding between a dual-motor and a single-motor electric scooter. We'll examine these two foldable electric scooter types more closely within each category.

  • 1. Performance: 

Dual-motor scooters reign supreme over their single-motor counterparts when conquering rugged terrain. These mighty machines boast greater power and torque, enabling them to zoom off and achieve breakneck speeds in the blink of an eye. Their twin motors allow them to easily navigate rugged landscapes and steep inclines, effortlessly distributing the weight between both wheels. Meanwhile, single-motor scooters may struggle to keep pace due to their more gentle acceleration and limited top speed. This leaves them lagging on hills and other challenging terrains.

  • 2. Cost: 

Dual-motor versions are best for an electric scooter with a beast mode. Of course, such aggressiveness has a price, and dual-motor scooters sometimes have a higher price tag since they need a second motor and other high-end parts. This implies that consumers on a tight budget could be wary. However, single-motor scooters can be to your taste if you place a premium on price and simplicity. These basic foldable electric scooters are lightweight and easy on the pocketbook. They are, therefore, the best option for anyone looking for a dependable and functional e-scooter without spending a fortune.

  • 3. Customer Service: 

The engine type of an e-scooter makes a lot of difference. For thrill-seekers and speed demons, dual motor scooters deliver an electrifying experience that's hard to beat. However, single motor scooters offer a more user-friendly option for riders who prefer a more laid-back approach to their daily commute. These nimble machines are a breeze to control, thanks to their lighter weight and superior maneuverability.

Dual Motor or Single Motor Electric Scooters?

Electric scooters can have a single or dual motor as their primary type. Regardless, let’s examine it more closely to know how single and dual motors are differ. As the name implies, single-motor electric scooters only have one motor driving the wheels. This means that it is not a killer weight and would better serve those still needing to take the subway or a bus to reach their destination. Also, purchasing a single motor won't dent your pocket, unlike the dual-motor electric scooter, which is usually heavy-weight and pricey.

On the other hand, two motors propel the wheels of dual motor electric scooters, which means the two motors can transfer the load more equally. Therefore, you can get more horsepower and torque from the beast to tackle steep inclines and uneven terrain better. Suppose you're one of those guys that likes it fast and furious or would love a jaunt at a rough trail down the jungle road for weekend camping or a romantic night out in the wildlife on motor scooters. In that case, try out the dual-motor e-scooter.

Of course, there are let-downs to using a dual motor scooter which may put off those on a tight budget because they are typically more pricey than single-motor scooters. Also, their two motors usually drain their battery faster, meaning they have shorter battery life. By following the appropriate charging instructions, you can ensure the health and longevity of your electric scooter battery.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Between Dual-Motor and Single-Motor Scooters

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You might need to brood on several things while deciding between a dual-motor and a single-motor electric scooter. Let us consider some of those things you should consider while deciding which foldable electric scooter to buy.

  • 1. Budgetary Factors: 

Your budget should be one of your top priorities when choosing an electric scooter. You want to be sure you're getting the most value for your money in the end! Although dual-motor models might be pricey, they also provide amazing power and performance that will leave you thrilled. A single-motor scooter will be better if you're on a tight budget. While they might not have dual motors' raw power and speed, they are affordable and efficient. They also provide riders looking to save a few dollars without compromising quality with a sensible and reasonable option.

  • 2. Riding Terrain: 

The type of terrain you'll be navigating should be a consideration when selecting the best electric scooter. The single-motor scooter can do the job if you travel only on smooth, flat surfaces. However, dual-motor scooters are the ultimate off-road fighters for people looking for adventure and thrill. These beasts have the strength and agility to overcome even the most challenging terrain, including rocky slopes, steep inclines, and everything in between.

  • 3. Commuting Needs: 

The ideal electric scooter for your everyday commute will depend greatly on your needs and tastes. Do you commute long distances every day, or do you prefer a more leisurely ride around the streets of the city? A dual-motor scooter would be ideal if you fit into the first group. With its strong engine and great range, this vehicle’s design is to tackle even the most taxing commutes readily. A single-motor scooter will work if you need something more lightweight and compact. These clever compact scooters provide a more streamlined and maneuverable ride ideal for navigating congested city streets and squeezing through small areas.

  • 4. Skill Level: 

Electric scooters with two motors are often quicker and more powerful, demanding more expertise. A single-motor electric scooter can be a better choice if you're new to riding electric scooters because they are often easier to control.

  • 5. Comfort and Safety: 

When deciding between a dual-motor and a single-motor electric scooter, consider your comfort and scooter riding safety checks. Due to the increased weight and size, dual-motor electric scooters may be less pleasant to ride. However, at high speeds, they are also more secure and safe. Electric scooters with only one engine tend to be lighter and easier to manage, but they may provide a different amount of stability at high speeds.

Best Dual Motor and Single Motor Electric Scooters for Adults

The Varla Eagle One and Varla Eagle One Pro All Terrains Electric Scooter are two excellent choices from Varla for anybody looking for a high-performance electric scooter. These electric scooters have two motors with a maximum power output of 1000W X 2 and a maximum load capacity of up to 330 lbs. The Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter also features a top speed of 40+ Mph and a battery capacity of 18.2 Ah, from a 52V Lithium-ion Battery. The Eagle One Pro features a top speed of 45+ Mph and a battery capacity of 27Ah from a 60V Lithium-ion Battery. To top it all, they both have big, air-filled tires for comfortable riding across varied terrains.

The Varla Eagle Falcon Electric Scooter, on the other hand, is an excellent option if you're searching for a single motor electric scooter that is more reasonably priced. It is also a reliable choice for everyday commuting or leisure riding due to its decent peak speed of 22 mph and range of up to 25 miles. It features a 500W motor and 10.4Ah from a 48V Lithium-ion Battery. The Eagle Falcon's lightweight construction makes it simpler to handle and move when necessary.

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Comparison Table:

The following table provides a side-by-side comparison to help you better understand the differences between dual-motor and single-motor electric scooters:

Dual Motor Electric Scooter
Single Motor Electric Scooter
Better acceleration, top speed, and torque
Slower acceleration and lower top speed
Tend to be more expensive
Tend to be more affordable
User Experience
More power, more control
Easier to handle, simpler design
Better suited for rough terrain and steep inclines
Better suited for flat, smooth surfaces

Commuting Needs

Longer range, ideal for longer commutes

More compact, ideal for shorter commutes

Skill Level

Requires more skill to operate

Easier to handle and operate

Comfort and Safety

More stable and safer at high speeds

More lightweight and easier to maneuver


The decision between a dual-motor and a single-motor electric scooter ultimately comes down to your choices for comfort and safety, as well as your budget, riding terrain, commuting requirements, skill level, and riding budget. With Varla's high-performance and reasonably priced alternatives, you can easily choose the perfect electric scooter to suit your specific needs and way of life.

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