How to Replace an Electric Scooter Tire or Inner Tube?

How to Replace an Electric Scooter Tire or Inner Tube?

Hi there! Have you ever encountered a puncture or worn out tire that needs to be replaced? How did you solve it? Most riders will spend money to replace it in a repair shop because they don't know how to do it. If you're interested in doing it yourself, you're in the right place!

Today, we will share with you how to replace a tire or inner tube! After reading, you will find out it's easy!

Not only can you save a fee, but also make you calmer next time you encounter a flat tire.

If you're interested, let's read on!



What tools do you need?

  • A 18 mm end wrench or adjustable torque wrench
  • A assembly tool
  • A pump
  • A stool about 30 cm high

How to replace it?

1. Remove the wheel

Before you start, put the scooter on a stool, then we can replace the tire more easily.
In the first step, use the assembly tool to remove the fender.
Then use an 18 mm end wrench to loosen the axle nuts and the screw on the left swing arm. Then take off the axle nuts on each side, then slide the whole wheel straight back. Remove the left swing arm and place them on the ground. (You don't need to remove the motor wire.)

Take off the wheel on the Varla scooter
*Please pay attention to the locking washers, don’t let them miss out.

2. Remove the brake rotor

Go ahead and take the brake rotor off.
Use the assembly tool to remove the screws one by one, then pull the brake rotor off.

remove the brake rotor

3. Take off the rim

Before we take the tire off, we need to split the right rim. Loosen the screw and remove the rim.

*There are many small screws, please save them carefully!

take off the rim

4. Take off the tire and inner tube

Now you’ve removed the rim, you can take the tire off easily.
Let’s firmly pull up on the tire, then gently wiggle the tube out from the hole inside the motor. Please make sure that we don’t rip the valve stem.
If the inner tube is full of air before you take the tire off, just let a little bit of air go. So you can slide it out more easily.

replace the inner tube

5. Replace the inner tube

First of all, pay more attention to the direction of the tire. Look at the arrow on the tire, it’s going to rotate this way. Make sure we don’t put it on backward.
Then put the inner tube into the tire. Please note the valve's direction and do not put it on the side without the valve hole.
Afterward, add a little bit of air into the inner tube to make sure it is sealed.
Finally, gently line up our valve stem with the hole on the motor, slide it right on there.

Install tire back on the Varla scooter


6. Install them back on the scooter

Then follow the removal steps and install it back on the motor. Go ahead and install our outer ring and brake rotor.
As with installing a tire, look at the brake rotor's arrow direction, let it rotate correctly.

When fastening screws, the better way is to install them in pairs. After installing the first screw at will, the second one is the other side screw.

Go ahead and put 1 inside washer on each side. Now we are ready to install the wheel back on the scooter. And make sure that the rotor slides into the brake caliper.

Install them back on the Varla scooter

Then tighten the axle nuts and swing arm screw by an 18 mm end wrench!

At this step, the tire replacement process is basically completed. Finally, you can adjust the brake tightness to keep the same distance between the brake pad and the brake rotor.


Final words

Got more skills!
This is the complete instruction for replacing the inner tube or tire! After reading, do you find out it's straightforward?
If you usually meet puncture or a flat tire, it may be a good time to try off-road tires, which are drainage, load resistance, and strong off-road ability!
If you're interested, you can replace them at any time you want! And you can check out our previous post to learn more about some signals to replace scooter accessories.


How to replace an electric scooter tire or inner tube?

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