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Electric Scooter Troubleshooting and Repair Guide
Have you ever encountered issues with your off-road electric scooter? While it can be a thrilling ride, it's normal to experience minor problems from time to time. However, if you're not familiar with electric scooter repair, you might feel uncertain...
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Electric Scooter Battery Not Charging? How to Fix?
Generally, electric scooters are very durable and require little maintenance. But if you have an electric scooter and rely on it for daily commuting, it's necessary to maintain the scooter, especially the battery and charger regularly. If the battery of...
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How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Varla Scooter
Just like bicycles and cars, electric scooters require maintenance and regular cleaning to ensure that they maintain optimum performance on or off-road. Setting a regular cleaning schedule for your Varla scooter is essential to its longevity. While this may sound...
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