Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tire Guide

Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tire Guide


Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tire Guide | Everything you need to know

Hi, there! As you know, there are two types of tire which mainly used on electric scooters: solid tire and pneumatic tire. Solid tire won’t get a flat tire and have less maintenance, but electric scooter riders prefer pneumatic tire due to it’s better performance and high-efficiency. And it could bring you more comfortable riding experience.

For keeping the excellent performance, it’s necessary to take care of it by daily use. And know what should you do when get a flat tire.

Don’t know? No worry! You’re in the right place! After reading this article, you’ll know!

If you are an experienced rider, you are welcome to share your tire maintenance experience.

1.Matters needing attention when riding
Keep the tire pressure between 40-50 psi.

You need to check the tire pressure regularly, and when you find that the tire pressure is insufficient, inflate it in time and keep the tire pressures of the front and rear tires consistent.

If the tire pressure is too low, more rubber touches the ground, aggravating wear, increasing the resistance of riding, and also affecting the control of the scooter, even causing sideslip when turning.

If the tire pressure is too high, the area where the tire contacts the ground will decrease, which will reduce the tire’s grip and affect riding safety.

But remember, low tire pressure is always more dangerous than high tire pressure. As long as the tire pressure stays well below the “maximum inflation pressure”, slightly higher pressures are usually not dangerous. You can see the maximum inflation pressure on the sidewall of each tire.

The air pressure of tire

Try to ride at a constant speed

Tire wear usually comes from pressure and a series of other external forces. If you ride at a vary speed, and brake often, the tire wear will be more severe. Therefore, try to ride at a constant speed, so that reduce the tire wear.

Choose a flat road

It is important to choose a flat road when riding as much as possible. Don’t take the rugged road. Gravel roads or uneven potholes are harmful for pneumatic tires, it will cause greater wear. The more important thing is that it is unsafe to ride on bad road conditions.

Avoid the water area when a hot day

When it is hot, the ground temperature is very high under the sun. If you ride a scooter at a high speed, the temperature of the tire will rise. When you pass through the water area at this time, the temperature of the tire will drop rapidly, which will easily lead to tire deformation and wear. Therefore, when riding electric scooters in hot weather, you need to pay extra attention to avoiding water accumulation areas. Or don’t wash it under the sun!

2.Daily maintenance
Clean up debris in tire tread in time after riding

After a ride, there will inevitably be some debris on the surface of the tire. If you find that there are small stones, glass and other objects in the tire pattern, you must take it out in time to avoid damage to the rubber layer of the tire.

Tires with oil stains should be cleaned ASAP

Since tires are rubber products, we should try our best to avoid contact between tires and lubricating oils containing hydrocarbons (motor oil, kerosene, gasoline) during our daily riding and parking, because they will accelerate tire aging.

In addition, the tire should not be in contact with alcohol, refrigerant, or electrolyte. If you accidentally touch the tires with these liquids, it is recommended to use soapy water to clean, because soapy water is weakly alkaline and can neutralize these stains.

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Regularly check the tire valve

Check the tire valve, cover the cap to prevent air leakage, and keep the tire pressure within the suggestion range. If it is found that the valve is leaking, replace or make up it right now!

Pay attention to the 3 things for long-term store

If you don’t use your electric scooter for a long time, please take note these 3 things to store it well.

First of all, ensure that the scooter and tire in a dry environment, and avoid damp and direct sunlight to accelerate tire aging.

Secondly, you should regularly check whether the tires are inflated. If the tires are parked for a long time without air, it will cause the tires to crack and deform, which will greatly reduce the life of the tires.

Finally, if electric scooter is not used for a long time, try to wrap the tires with plastic bags.

3.How to deal with tire flat

Following the riding points and do daily maintenance can greatly reduce the chance of a scooter puncture. However, puncture or tire flat could not be predicted, so know how to respond is also extremely important.

Get A Flat Tire

If the tire of the scooter flat suddenly, and the direction of the handlebar suddenly deviates in a certain direction, under this situation, keep calm, don’t panic. What the rider needs to do at this time is to hold the handlebars tightly and keep riding in a straight line. Regardless of whether it is a puncture on the front and rear wheels, let go throttle, gently brake the rear wheel, or use inertia to slow down the scooter, and finally stop slowly.


When riding in the wild or near a factory, a common problem is that the tire is pierced by sharp nails or branches, causing air leakage. If you find that the tire is punctured, stop slowly, check the condition of the tire, and come back. If you bring tire repair patch or plug, pump and other tools with you, you can try to repair them. It will be your unforgotten memory of off-road riding.


4.Repair and replacement


Routine maintenance and timely replacement of old tires should be done in normal use. Generally, the service life of tires is between 2000-3000 miles. If this mileage is exceeded, the tires should be replaced even if they are still usable. Especially when you find that the tires have the following three problems, you need to replace them in time!

(1) When the tread is flat and the side wear is severely

(2) When there are too many “scars” on the tire or the inner tube can be seen from the outside.

(3) When there are many surface cracks.

If you are not sure what’s the size of your tire, we strongly recommend that you buy directly the corresponding type of tire from the brand website of your scooter, which is more convenient.

But if you had to buy from other places, please pay attention to the size of the tire, which is usually written on the side of the tire.

The size of tire

Inner tube

If the inner tube leaks or is punctured, you can use a tire patch to repair the tire. Use a special tire removal tool instead of a sharp stick to carefully remove, fill it with air, and then place it in the water to find the air leak, and then use the tire repair patch to repair it. However, we recommend that the number of inner tube repairs is at most 3 times. More than? Replace it ASAP!

Learn more about how to replace an electric scooter tire or inner tube.

Final words

The above is the precautions for daily use and maintenance of pneumatic tires. Before each ride, riders should check whether the tires are in good condition, test the inflation, and carefully observe whether there are cracks or debris on the tire surface. Every inspection is to let yourself play and ride safely!

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