4 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your Electric Scooter

4 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your Electric Scooter

Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your Electric Scooter
In recently years, a riding boom of electric scooters has been under way across the US. It makes people travel more convenient in cities and saves people a lot of money and time after long-period use. For keep excellent performance and longer service life, it is necessary to regularly maintain the electric scooter. Especially lithium-ion battery, which one of the key component that provides power. If you do not pay attention to maintain it in daily use, the battery service life will be reduced. Don’t know how to maintain battery? Don’t worry! Read on and learn more!

Charging in time

The battery of an electric scooter will have an obvious vulcanization reaction after 12 hours of use. If you charge it in time, the vulcanization phenomenon will be removed. Otherwise, vulcanized crystals will accumulate and gradually produce coarse crystals, which will affect the battery life of the electric scooter. Forget to charge in time will not only accelerate the vulcanization reaction, but also cause a decrease in battery capacity, which will affect the range of the electric scooter. Therefore, in addition to daily charging, it is also important to charge as soon as possible after use. But one thing to note is that for lithium batteries, the most ideal charging mode is when the electric scooter has about 25% power left, it can be charged to about 80-90% full. It is best to buy a charging socket with a set time to remind yourself not to overcharge. If you have not used the electric scooter for 2-3 months, and have not been charged, it may cause the battery to no longer to be charged! So please remember, even if it is not used, please charge the electric scooter for about 1-2 weeks!


Deep-cycle regularly

Regularly deeply discharge is also beneficial to the maintenance of the electric scooter battery and keeps the battery capacity in a stable state. The common method is to drain the battery of the electric scooter regularly. That is, ride the scooter under normal load on a flat road until the battery runs out. After completing the discharge, then charge the battery to 80-90% full. Generally speaking, the battery capacity will be lower after a period of use, if you could regularly deeply discharge, it will increase the battery capacity to some extent.
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Use the matching charger

Each electric scooter in the market generally has individual requirements for the charger. If you don't know the charger model, don't replace the charger at will. Please contact the seller and confirm the model in advance, you'll greatly avoid the situation that does harm to your electric scooter by the unsuitable charger. In addition, it should be noted that, try not to cancel the speed limit design of the controller. Although it can go faster, it will reduce the service life of the battery and the safety of riding the electric scooter.

Maintain the charger

Many electric scooter riders only pay attention to maintaining the battery, but ignore the charger. Actually, electronic products generally age after several years of use, and chargers are no exception. If your charger is mismatched or there is a minor problem, it may cause the electric scooter battery unable to be full, or the battery to swell. These situations will extremely affect battery life and even increase the risk of riding danger. Once you find these, replace the charger in time!
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In a word

The battery is a key component of the electric scooter design. Proper use and daily maintenance will extend battery life to a great extend. Even if our electric scooters have excellent performance and guaranteed quality, they need to be taken care of, to give full play to their power. The above are the maintenance methods for electric scooter batteries, hope it could be helpful to you! How do you maintain your electric scooter battery? Any useful tips? Welcome to share! Check out more helpful tips from Varla Scooter:

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