Why Do Electric Scooters Sell For 1000+ USD? Is It Worth It?

Why Do Electric Scooters Sell For 1000+ USD? Is It Worth It?

We know that 1000+ USD is really not small bucks. If you've never known about off-road electric scooters before, you may think $1599 for an electric scooter is too much. Is the scooter really worth it? Our customer David thought so before. Until he couldn't stand the rental electric scooter and bought the Varla scooter, his opinion completely changed. "Electric scooter is not a toy, but a real transportation tool", David. As you know, e-bikes have become very common as personal electric vehicles, most people already accept e-bike could be sold at this price, even higher. Now, let's see the comparison between Varla Eagle One and a model of top sales e-bike, you'll find out our price is reasonable. the comparison between Varla Eagle One and a model of top sales e-bike You will see whether speed or motor, many performances of the electric scooter are better than the e-bike. In terms of performance, it can reach 40 mph, which can catch up with the average driving speed of a car. And the longest cruising range reaches more than 40 miles for per fully charge. It means you can ride on Varla scooter from Manhattan Beach in the south of New York, north through Times Square, across the entire New York, to the northernmost point, Van Cortlandt Park, and then back to Times Square. Long trip? Yes, Varla scooter can make it! Varla scooter route in New York The special thing about electric scooters is that unlike e-bikes which is common, it can remind people of the joyful scooting time of childhood! It is possible that after 10 years old, most people never ride a scooter again! But now, as electric scooters become a new way to commute, more people ride it again! Especially, as off-road electric scooters come, younger guys will try to ride it go outside. And naturally, they met many like-minded friends. They like scooting, off-road riding, and sharing their happy experience ride. Shared joy is a double joy! We believe that more guys will join electric scooter team in the near further! Please note, not all electric scooters can do these. You know, those $?00 electric scooters have a short cruising range and relatively slow speed. They are only suitable for people to commute for short distances. But for 1000+ USD electric scooters like Varla Eagle One, it can not only greatly meet people's commuting needs, but also be faster and more comfortable. It's able to enter the mountains, conquer all terrains! Go for an off-road ride with Varla Scooter If you want to go anywhere you want, such as having an outdoor adventure that far away from the city, why not own an off-road electric scooter? Facing these 1000+ USD electric scooters on the market, how to choose one which is fast, sturdy, comfortable, and has the best price? Let's see the comparison among Varla Eagle One and the 2 similar types of off-road electric scooters. the comparison among Varla Eagle One and the 2 similar types of off-road electric scooters In this configuration, you’ll find out there are not other scooters with high-end performance, best price, and service like Varla. Of course, there will definitely be cheaper prices than ours, but they certainly cannot provide the same quality guaranteed or service as ours. 1000+ USD not small bucks, why not spend it on a trusted brand? (See more reasons why choose Varla Scooter) Varla team always insists on offering your guys the best price high power sturdy scooter. On Black Friday in 2020, we consider that everyone is going through a very special period this year. We decided to offer the most favorable discounts ever. We hope that every guy who want to go for a crazy ride and get a free lifestyle can own Varla off-road electric scooter at the best price!
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