Comprehensive Guide to Electric Scooter Laws In U.S. 2022

Comprehensive Guide to Electric Scooter Laws In U.S. 2022

Is electric scooter legal in all US states? Can I ride an e scooter anywhere in the US? What laws govern electric scooters in each state?

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It is difficult to answer the question of whether riding an adult scooter in your area is legal. It can be difficult to find the right information online. In some cases, conflicting information may exist.

This post we will cover all aspects of electrical scooter laws. We want you to have a safe ride on your commuter electrical scooter.


Alabama has made electric scooters for adults legal in the year 2019, however, the state lets cities make their own regulations for adult scooter users. In both cases, Tuscaloosa and Auburn have not yet made electric scooters legal on public roads however other cities like Birmingham have.

You must possess a Class M or a B-restricted motorcycle license in order to operate an adult scooter in Alabama. You must be 14 years old for you to be eligible for this permit.

Everyone under the age of 16 is required to wear a helmet. However, adults over 16 don't have to wear one.


You must be a minimum of fourteen years old and possess an M2 class motorcycle license. Up to 16 years old, you will require either an M1 or M3 license.

Anyone who is younger than 18 must wear an appropriate helmet.

Electric scooters are subject to the same rules like mopeds and electric bikes in Alaska. The most basic rules stipulate that no one should operate an electrical scooter over 750 Watts. Those who are those aged 14-15 require an M2 Permit. People older than that require an M1 or an M3 permit.


Arizona allows people to use an electric scooters for adults at low speeds on sidewalks as well as public roads. Also, you don't have to sign up for registration of your adult scooter. However, every model has to weigh less than 75lbs with the max speed of 20 mph.

There is no requirement for helmets across the state, other than Tucscon, Sierra Vista, Yuma and Pima counties in which riders who are less than 18 years old are required to wear a helmet.


Arkansas the definition of an electrical scooter refers to one that

Weight less than 100 pounds

It has two or three wheels. It has a handlebar and the floorboard to stand on while riding

Electricity is powered by an electric motor

Maximum top speed of 20 miles per hour

Operators must be at least sixteen years of age and even though the maximum speed for vehicles is set at 20 miles per hour but you can't ride faster than 15 mph.


Electric scooters aren't allowed to go faster than 15 mph in any bicycle lanes or public roads in California. The scooters are also restricted to streets that have a speed limit of 25 miles per hour or less. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to use a safety helmet while riding.

The user must have an official driver's license that is valid. However, they're not required to the registration of an adult scooter.

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E-scooters are permitted on roads that are restricted to 30 mph and less. The same rules and laws are applicable to bikes.

Colorado permits electric scooters for adults on sidewalks so long as the speed is 6mph.


A few e-scooter laws were implemented in the year 2019 in Connecticut. They're like current bike laws, making it fairly simple to operate your adult scooter.

In Connecticut there is no permit to use electric scooters on the sidewalk however, they are able to use public roads with speeds less than 20 mph. Additionally, anyone less than 16 must wear the helmet.


Delaware is among the most strict states. it prohibits the use of electric scooters on the public roads. In spite of the law, some cities adopt a flexible attitude to law, however, it is best to check with the local authorities.

The state does not permit electric scooters for adults, but it does have a statute that all persons older than 16 must wear helmets.

Washington D.C

The law in Washington D.C., scooters aren't considered vehicles, therefore they're classified as personal mobility devices. However, while people aren't required to register their scooters, or obtain a license, the state will limit access to riding to individuals older than 16.

Also, you won't be able to ride your electric scooter on the sidewalks of the business district, however electrical scooters of low speed are permitted on the majority of sidewalks if the speed does not exceed 10 mph.

Also, you are not allowed to wear headphones when riding on electric scooters for adults. In the case of sharing scooters those under 18 are required to wear a helmet. Scooters must be secured to poles or racks when they are not in use.


Florida has legalized electric scooters as of 2019, however, the rider must be at minimum 15 years old. Scooter riders must utilize designated bike lanes and travel at speeds of up to 30 mph. A license is not necessary to use a electrical scooter.

Local authorities can't limit personal scooters, but they are able to set their own rules for shared electric scooters.


In Georgia electric scooters for adults are permitted on lanes and bike paths and users are allowed to ride on public roads when there's no lanes available. They must maintain the maximum speed of 20 mph and the maximum weight limit is 100lbs.

There is no minimum age limit, however, all riders less than 16 must wear an appropriate helmet.

Texting while riding isn't allowed. E-scooters must respect traffic regulations.


New legislation, in effect from July 2021 stipulates that riders must be at least 15 years old to be able to ride on public land. Anyone under the age of 16 should wear a helmet fitted with a chin strap.

You have to wear safety glasses or use a face shield on the adult scooter.

It's still not legal to ride on sidewalks.

Each county will have rules regarding the manner and location you are allowed to ride.


In Idaho, the state of Idaho has no specific laws pertaining to escooters. In the city of Boise motor scooters are permitted to be used on the streets and sidewalks. There are no helmets required for scooters, similar to bicycles.


While it isn't yet officially approved, Illinois has introduced legislation to categorize electric scooters and to establish rules so that they must follow the same rules like bicycles. If you're under the age of 17 years, you need an official driver's license that is valid to be able to ride. Scooters must be equipped with both rear and front lights when ride at night.


Indiana makes use of its laws governing bikes to regulate motor scooters, which includes riders being able to ride them on public trails and roadways. In addition to these rules, motor scooters should weigh no more than 100lbs and operate at the maximum speed of 20mph.

Indiana defines scooters, mopeds and motorcycles within the same category, referred to as motor-driven vehicles. There are various categories of these types of bikes and various rules and regulations apply.

Classes A and B both require the requirement for registration and a license.

You must wear a helmet if you are younger than 18 years of age.


Iowa also eliminates any confusion by classifying e-scooters like bikes that are subject to the same laws as Indiana. It is possible to use your adult scooter on bicycle paths, sidewalks and roads that are public as you can ride it as long as it weighs less than 100 pounds and has a maximum speed of 20mph.


In Kansas the public is able to use electric scooters on public roads however, they are not permitted on sidewalks or highways. Every rider must have an active driver's license and helmets are highly recommended however, it is not a legal requirement.


Kentucky permits those aged 16 or older to ride motor scooters. You do not need to register or have a license. However, Kentucky does require all electric scooters to include red rear light and a headlight to be used at night.


In the state of Louisiana, scooters were made legal in the year 2019. The scooters can be used on roads and sidewalks as well as on any street that has a speed limit. The adult scooter can't exceed 25mph.

Electric scooters are available to everyone however, anyone who is under the age of 17 legally must wear a helmet.


Maine's laws concentrate more on safety. While motor scooters are permitted for use, however, they must ensure they have rear and front lights as well as reflectors. The scooters are also restricted to 10-inch tires and a maximum power of 750W. Additionally, all riders must have a license.


In Maryland scooters maximum speed limit is 20mph. Lower speed scooters are categorized as bicycles, and therefore fall under the same rules.

Helmets are mandatory for riders younger than 16 years of age.


In Massachusetts electric scooters are considered to be other vehicle owners and are required to protect themselves and others on the roadway. Any person who uses an electric scooter must adhere to the laws of road safety and always wear a helmet.

All drivers must possess valid driving licenses, and the speed set at 20 mph.


In the State of Michigan, motor scooters are classified under the "electric skateboard" category. They aren't allowed to have motors that exceeds 2500W, and the maximum speed allowed is 25 miles per hour. Electric scooters should be used on roads that have the speed limit of 25 miles per hour or less. The e scooter must be outfitted with a front light visible at 500 feet, and rear light that can be seen from 600 feet away.

keep safe when riding escooter


Minnesota only permits electric foot escooters. They can be driven at the maximum speed being 15 mph. The wheel's diameter should not exceed 12 inches. Also, all users under the age of 18 must wear helmets.

Anyone over 12 is able to use an adult scooter However, they must have at minimum one year of prior experience.


Electric scooters share the same rights and laws as cyclists. The sidewalks, bike paths, and other places which allow bicycles are acceptable for motor scooters.

The maximum speed permitted is 15 miles per hour and you have to be of the same age as driving a car.

The law in no state calls for helmets or a driver's license.


Electric scooters are classified as similar to e-bikes and are able to be used on roads as well as bike lanes. A driver's license is required. Operators must be minimum 16 years old, and they must be wearing helmets. If an electronic scooter exceeds 30 mph, it will be considered a motorcycle.


Montana is the only state that regulates motor scooters under the term "motorized bicycles". The use of sidewalks is not permitted. A rider on an e-scooter must issue a warning verbally prior to crossing pedestrians and must follow all the other traffic rules.


There is not much legislation in Nebraska regarding the legality of e-scooters. The Nebraska DMV states they do not need to register. It is illegal to ride on sidewalks. All other laws must be observed. There is no age or helmet restriction at the state level.


Nevada allows electric scooters.

They must not weigh more than 100 lbs and must not exceed a maximum speed of 20 mph. The rider must also be at least 16 years old.

In areas where electric scooters cannot exceed 15 mph, they can be used on bike lanes and paths. At a state level, helmets are not required.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire considers electric scooters as e-bikes. Therefore, the same rules that apply to bicycles apply to e-scooters.

By law, a braking device is required.

To operate an adult scooter, you must be at least 16 years old

New Hampshire does not have a law governing motor scooters. Some cities, such as Nashua or Portsmouth, have adopted regulations that specifically address shared fleet scooters.

New Jersey

The vehicle must not exceed 20 mph to be eligible for the New Jersey state classification of "low speed electric scooters". Bicycle laws generally apply to motor scooters.

It is up to each city and municipality whether they are permitted on sidewalks or trails. You don't need a valid driver's license, insurance, or vehicle registration.

Anyone under 17 years old must wear a helmet

New Mexico

Although electronic scooter sharing is very popular in Albuquerque and other states, New Mexico does not have any state laws. Cities can set their own rules, but personal e-scooters in New Mexico aren't as common as in other states.

New York

New York is the largest e-scooter state. This is due in large part to the huge popularity of electric scooters in NYC. Private motor scooters are now regulated by the state. Riders must be at least 16 years of age and all riders must wear helmets.

Riders must not exceed 20 mph and avoid roads that have a speed limit exceeding 30 mph. Sidewalks are not allowed.

North Carolina

North Carolina has stricter laws regarding electric scooters than any other vehicle. All e-scooters need to be registered with the DMV and riders cannot ride on roads at speeds exceeding 25 miles an hour.

North Dakota

North Dakota considers electronic scooters to be mopeds and mandates that they follow the same rules. You must make sure your adult scooter has the right brakes and lights.

Everyone under 18 years old must wear helmets. Bicycling paths and sidewalks are strictly prohibited.


E-scooters were legalized in Ohio in 2021. The state does not require scooter riders to register or obtain a license. You can't ride a scooter over 100lbs or travel more than 20 miles an hour. The scooter is not allowed for anyone under 16 years of age.


Oklahoma is not a state that has laws regarding electric scooter riding. However, each city can make its own laws. Oklahoma City allows motor scooters to travel on roads at speeds exceeding 35 mph, which is a lot more liberal than other states.

Oklahoma cities take the minimum age of riders very seriously. To use them, you must be 18 years old.


Oregon follows other states' lead and regulates the electronic scooter under clear guidelines.

It is against the law to ride on sidewalks or crosswalks. Operators must have 16-year-old children. All riders require helmets, regardless of their age.

Highways are prohibited, but roads are permitted. Turn or hand signals are mandatory.

Portland is the largest city in Oregon and prohibits scooters from sidewalks. Riders must not travel faster than 15 mph.


Pennsylvania is the only state where electric scooters are not allowed on public roads. Although scooters are classified similarly to bikes by the DMV, the state government has conflicting information so motor scooters can't legally be used on the streets.

Rhode Island

RI does not have a state law regarding electric scooters. Instead, the local municipalities have their own rules. You can only find out what the law is by contacting your local municipality.

The City of Providence f.e. You will need a valid driver's licence or municipal ID.

It is strongly recommended that riders wear helmets and ride slowly. As long as traffic rules are observed, riding on streets and sidewalks is permitted.

South Carolina

Columbia and Charleston have banned e-scooter sharing programs, but South Carolina cities allow them. Privately owned electronic scooters are not covered by the rules, but each city has its own laws.

South Dakota

There are no statewide laws that apply to motor scooters, but they fall under the moped laws. E-scooters must comply with requirements like mirrors, lights, and insurance.

Riders must have a valid driver’s license. A helmet is mandatory for anyone under 18.

All other traffic rules apply.


Electric scooters are similar to e-bikes in that they must weigh less than 100 pounds. They cannot exceed 20 mph. Unless otherwise stated by local authorities, they cannot ride on sidewalks. You should include reflectors or front lights, as well as brakes.


Texas has speed limits of 35 mph for e-scooters, but electric transportation is common throughout Texas, especially in colleges.

Insurance is not required for riders, and electronic scooters can be used without registration.


Utah has laws that treat e-scooters like bicycles.

There is no need to register or license for motor scooters. Scooters can be used anywhere bikes are permitted, provided the speed limit for each road is not exceeded at 25 mph. However, the e-scooter must not exceed 15 mph.

Riders under 15 years old must be supervised by a parent, guardian or another adult.


Vermont has no state-wide regulation, but there are local rules and guidelines. Burlington f.e. speed limit is 15 mph, which was set with the intention of share-scooters.

E-bikes and electric scooters must be driven on roads and not on sidewalks.

The current law provides that motor-assisted bikes are treated the same as regular bicycles, and that operators must follow the same rules. For now, it is assumed that the same applies to e-scooters.

varla all terrrain electric scooter


Virginia allows cities to mandate electronic scooters. However, the state laws stipulate that electric scooter must not exceed 100lbs and can travel at a maximum speed limit of 20 mph. Electric scooters cannot be used on the roads by anyone under 14 years of age.


Washington permits electric scooters to travel at a speed of 15 mph on roads and bicycle paths. Every city has its own laws about sidewalk riding, the minimum age and other regulations. However, you must wear reflectors at night.

West Virginia

In 2020, a bill was passed regarding e-bikes. However, there is no legislation yet about e-scooters. According to West Virginia, e-scooters should be included in the same category as e-bikes.

E-bikes are not required to be registered, insured or have a driver's license under the new law. E-bikes must be driven according to the same rules as bicycles. All riders under 15 years old must wear helmets.


Wisconsin law states that a adult scooter shouldn't exceed 20 mph, but each municipality has the right set its own rules. The sidewalk should not be used by riders unless it is necessary.


Wyoming doesn't require an e-scooter license or registration. Local authorities consider them e-bikes or electric skateboards. Each city has its own speed limits.


There are no set electric scooter laws in the USA. Your obligations will depend on where you live and in what state you reside. The convenience and environmentally friendly benefits of electric scooters make them a popular choice for people who want to travel.

You'll get the most out of your riding experience if you comply with all applicable laws.

Even if your state doesn't require it, we recommend wearing a helmet and using visible lighting for night rides. We also recommend taking all safety precautions necessary to ensure that others and yourself are safe while riding an electronic scooter.

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