How to Extend Your Electric Scooter Battery Range While Riding

How to Extend Your Electric Scooter Battery Range While Riding

Many have ditched their cars and embraced electric scooters to move about within their neighborhood. Motor scooters advantages over cars are a handful, so this switch is understandable and advisable. However, some are concerned about the longevity of their ride with a dual motor electric scooter. They need to know the possibility of their e scooter taking them to their destination and back home without running out of battery. While cars run on fuel, motor scooters need a fully charged battery. 

electric scooter advantages over cars

Many ask the question, is the electric scooter range extendable? The latest designs of motor scooters allow for some modification, and most of us are yet to learn how. The escooters can have their battery range extended for more hours of the ride. One of the best parts of this witty invention is that you do not have to get off the commuter scooter to extend its battery range. So while others go to the gas station to fill their tanks, you can adopt the tips below and conveniently extend your off road electric scooter's battery range. Let's show you how.

How Long Can Your Electric scooter Go?

Generally, electric scooters can go as far as 30 miles on average after a full charge. These scooters come in varying models depending on the goal of the maker. Since the commuter scooter model may vary, the distance they can cover per charge differs too. Some cheaper electric scooters can travel 20 miles, while the Varla Electric One Dual Motor Electric Scooter can go as far as 40 miles after a full charge. Every manufacturer has an idea of what they want their dual motor commuter scooters to look like and how they want it to function. This picture will either directly or indirectly affect the battery range of the escooter at the end of the day. Some long-range scooters exist, but they are less popular than the standard scooters.

What influences the range?

Several factors affect the distance your off road electric scooter travels after a full charge. Most times, your riding habit can make a significant difference in the battery life of your scooter. These habits could be everything that makes or mars the battery range.

Load on the scooter: 

If you commute with a heavily loaded motorized scooter, you need more energy to move it. This extra effort comes at a cost to the dual motor electric scooter because it would not cover as much distance as it would if it were light. Avoid loading up your commuter scooter heavily if you want to cover enough ground.

High speed: 

The speed limit for electric dual motor electric scooter differs from state to state; hence it is a good idea to always be abreast of the current speed limit in the location you are riding. Regardless, it would be best if you didn't ride at top speed to preserve the battery range of your electric scooter.

What influences the range on electric scooter?

Steep roads: 

Some riders are explorers, adventurers, and brave, so they ride through unusual pathways. If you are this kind of rider, you should lay low on how often you ply steep roads or engage in off-roading. These activities tend to tell on the battery's range as time passes.


Increasing speed as you ride is always fun, especially when the road is clear and safe, but you must do so only sometimes. Accelerating is detrimental commuter safe escooter battery life as it affects the battery range of your best electric scooter. Instead of accelerating, you can try cruising at a constant speed. It would not mount so much pressure on your off road electric scooter, prolonging the battery's range.


You need to have a brake that functions optimally. This is important for safety reasons and possibly negatively impacts your best electric scooter's battery range. If you need to apply your brakes and they are not responding effectively, it would cause you to hold them with more energy. This will begin to tell on the battery range of your fastest electric scooter. If you have broken brakes, ensure you fix them 

promptly for your safety and that of other road users.

How to increase the range of an electric scooter

Recently, the discovery is that electric scooters' battery range is adjustable. Gone are the days when battery range was a problem for dual motor electric scooter riders. Now, there are specific measures you can intentionally adopt to extend the battery range of your best electric scooter while riding.  

Switch off your electric scooter when you are not riding: 

Like any other electrical gadget, you must ensure your off road electric scooter is turned off immediately after each ride. It should not have power when you are not riding, even though it is left stationary. 

Don't ride your electric scooter up an inclination:

As easy as this sounds, we know that it is sometimes unavoidable to ride your fastest electric scooter on smooth roads throughout your ride, especially if you live in a rocky or mountainous area. However, as much as you can, avoid off-roading and ride up a hill when you ride your electric scooter. This is important because the more inclined terrain you climb, the energy your off road electric scooter would need, and the more your e-scooter battery range reduces.

Don't ride your electric scooter up an inclination

There are specific PSI levels that are factory recommended for each e-scooter. Whenever you have a flat, and you have the opportunity to pump it up, ensure you gauge the air pressure properly so that it is within the recommended pressure level. Seek professional help if you need clarification on your scooter's recommended PSI.

Turn on Power-Saving mode: 

This is a pro tip when you ride, and only a few know the value of this feature. Most electric scooters, especially the latest ones, come with the option of power-saving. It helps you conserve energy and maximize your powered scooter's battery life as you ride, even in terrains requiring more acceleration. There is the speed mode option, but this feature drains the e-scooter battery faster than usual; you need to avoid using it as much as possible.

Upgrade your battery: 

From time to time, you should upgrade your battery to one with a higher voltage. This would give you a boost in range and give you more charge cycles. Unfortunately, some scooters do not support a battery upgrade; hence you need to check out Varla scooters and select an dual motor electric scooter that supports this upgrade.

Inculcate good riding habits: 

Certain riding habits, if adopted, can be detrimental to your off road electric scooter's battery range and life. One such practice is accelerating too often. Accelerate only when necessary, and please, as much as you can, avoid the hilly roads. These roads will make you use the accelerator now and then, and you would run out of battery only after a few miles. The weight you carry on your scooter is also a vital habit to consider. The heavier the weight on your scooter, the more energy your battery would need to move the scooter. To extend your battery life, you must learn to commute light. If an item is not very important for your trip, don't go with it; your weight is already enough for your dual motor electric scooter.


It is always a bummer to begin your ride at a high-speed level, watch it drop with each mile covered, and then your fastest electric scooter finally stops. Searching for a mobile socket to get a quick charge is frustrating and time-consuming. To avoid this situation, we hope that the escooter modifications highlighted above will come in helpful when next you go for a ride.

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