Can I Charge My Electric Scooter With a Fast Charger?

Yes! You still need to pay attention to these things below.

For example, Eagle One and PRO fast electric scooters have two charging ports, you can stack two original Varla Eagle One chargers for a single charge, saving half the charging time, or use a 3amp or 4amp charger alone. We recommend that you use the original charger from the Varla store.

Please note that the maximum safe current is 4A. That is, you can use two 2.0A chargers, or one 4A charger alone, but you cannot use one 2A and one 4A together. This will cause the current to be too large, causing the battery to heat up and burn.

Please use a charger with a compatible voltage, chargers of different Varla models cannot be used with each other! For example, for the Varla Eagle One, the voltage of the charger is 58.8V. You cannot use a charger higher than this voltage, which will cause damage to the battery; if you use a 54.6V charger lower than 58.8V, the battery will not be fully charged.

If the product is damaged due to the use of non-compliant chargers, the consequences shall be borne by the user.

If you need any help selecting a charger, feel free to contact us here.

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