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Blasting Off: How to Rev Up the Speed of Your All-Terrain Electric Scooter

Many riders struggle to increase the speed of their all terrain electric scooter. A few straightforward improvements and hacks can unleash the additional speed you require in your electric scooters. However, it depends on the brand and type of your electric moped scooter. 

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Let's look at a few simple techniques to improve your all-terrain electric scooter's performance and speed. We will include suggestions for enhancing the various components of your electric moped scooter, keeping them at peak performance so that you get the best out of them.

How Fast Can an All-Terrain Electric Scooter Reach?

All-terrain electric scooters are designed for exploration and have a strong punch in speed. These scooters are ideal for off-road adventures and exhilarating rides on rough terrain because of their dual motors speed, big tires, and ability to achieve 25-45 mph speeds quickly. You may anticipate reaching some significant speed when riding an all-terrain electric scooter. However, the speed depends on the scooter's motor type and specs. So be ready to accelerate your all-terrain electric scooter and feel the wind in your hair as you enjoy the journey!

Factors Affecting Speed on Your All-Terrain Electric Scooter

Speed is essential when it comes to all-terrain electric scooters. Having a scooter that can keep up with you is crucial whether you're riding through urban streets or racing down a dirt road. But what aspects of your all-terrain electric scooter truly determine its speed? Let's examine the main elements that might affect the peak speed of your scooter in more detail:

  • 1. Motor Power: 

The motor's output power greatly influences your electric moped scooter's speed. More torque will be produced by a more potent motor, resulting in quicker acceleration and a greater peak speed. Consider choosing a dual motor system scooter if you want your journey to be better and faster. This improvement doubles your speed and power, enabling you to conquer even the most challenging terrain.

  • 2. Battery Capacity: 

Your electric scooter battery capacity significantly determines how fast it travels. A bigger battery will give you more power and let you ride longer. Additionally, it will enable your scooter to go at faster speeds for longer periods. You should consider purchasing a high-capacity battery for your all-terrain electric scooter if you intend to go on lengthy excursions to maintain the pace.

  • 3. Weight: 

The weight of your scooter might have a significant impact on how swiftly it moves. Since a heavier scooter will need more energy to get to greater speeds, sustaining its present momentum may be difficult for an extended amount of time. Consider acquiring a lighter model of your scooter or removing any unnecessary accessories to boost its speed.

  • 4. Terrain Type:

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The terrain you travel over might affect your all-terrain electric scooter's speed. Compared to smooth, level ground, rough or uneven terrain would likely slow you down. Look for plain, flat terrain to maximize your electric moped scooter's speed.

Other things could draw back the speed of your e-scooter. For example, your riding position, the speed and direction of the wind, and even the state of your motor scooter fat tires can all affect its performance. However, putting the suggestion listed above to work will greatly increase its speed.

You are now more aware of the important elements that might influence your all-terrain electric scooter's speed. So you can set it up for optimal speed and efficiency. Although, we must particularly emphasize that it is always safer to entrust these modifications to experts. 

You can make various improvements and changes to assist you in getting the perfect ride, whether purchasing a more powerful engine or increasing your battery capacity. Prepare to increase the speed of your all-terrain electric scooter and improve your riding abilities.

How to Make Your All-Terrain Electric Scooter Go Faster

It could help to engage certain upgrades to get the most out of your all-terrain electric scooter. Let us now point out some simple things you can do to unleash the beast in your scooter, including hacks that call for little more than elbow grease and some simple equipment.

  • 1. Put the Vehicle in the Fastest Gear:

A speed limitation on your electric scooter should be the first thing you examine. If that's the case, taking it out would significantly increase the speed it can reach. Find the speed restriction and remove it following the directions in the manufacturer's manual. You'll notice a noticeable speed improvement if you put your scooter on the fastest mode. For example, Varla Eagle One Pro All-Terrain Electric Scooter's top speed can reach up to 45 mph, so you're missing out on something if you are not seeing up to that speed.

  • 2. Upgrade the Speed Controllers on Your Scooter: 

Upgrades to the speed controller are a fantastic additional technique to boost the speed of your electric scooter. Even though it's a little complex, doing this can improve your riding. The battery's power is directed toward the motor by the speed controller. It may be improved to achieve faster top speeds and quicker acceleration.

  • 3. Increasing Battery Capacity: 

Larger batteries result in longer riding periods and more power. Increase the battery size in your electric scooter to obtain better speed, range, and overall performance. You can upgrade to a battery with a greater voltage or more capacity. 

  • 4. Adjust the Brakes Properly: 

Properly setting your brakes is vital for safety and can also impact how quickly your electric scooter travels. Friction might slow you down if your brakes are out of alignment or if you have worn-out brake pads. The brakes may be adjusted to work at their best, allowing you to travel at higher speeds without risking your safety.

  • 5. Use racing tires instead: 

Slick tires, commonly referred to as racing tires, have less tread and offer more grip on smooth terrain. Your all-terrain electric scooter's speed will increase if you switch to race tires since they lower rolling resistance. With thick tires like those on the Varla Eagle One Pro, you'll experience better stability and performance on all surfaces.

  • 6. Reducing Weight:

Reducing the weight of your electric moped scooter can significantly impact its speed and overall performance. Consider removing any unnecessary accessories or swapping out heavy components for lighter ones.

Safety Considerations

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When using an all-terrain high speed electric scooter, safety should always come first. Keep in mind: "Safety first, speed second!" Additionally, wearing the proper safety gear is essential to minimizing accidents, particularly if riding in beast mode. Wear a helmet and knee, elbow, and wrist protection.

There are a few things to remember besides donning safety gear when operating an all-terrain electric scooter at greater speeds. Always use caution while passing other bicycles and pedestrians, especially in crowded locations or on sidewalks. Use hand signals to ensure that all drivers are on the lookout while electric scooter adults are turning or changing lanes.

Be vigilant and conscious of your surroundings at all times. Be alert for obstructions like potholes, rocks, or other debris, and be prepared to slow down or stop if required. Of course, you should never drive while intoxicated because this might affect your judgment and response time.

Safety is paramount when using an all-terrain electric scooter, especially at high speeds. Always ride responsibly and with caution. Knowing you've done the required safety steps, enjoy the journey.


You can turn your Varla all-terrain electric scooters into an adrenaline-pumping beast with the proper modifications and safety gear. From removing speed limiters to upgrading speed controllers and adjusting the brakes, the sky's the limit. But always remember safety first! So, get out there and embrace the rush!

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