Commuter Electric Scooter Lights: Safe Riding At Night

Commuter Electric Scooter Lights: Safe Riding At Night

Electric scooters come with features that offer you an excellent riding experience on any terrain. There are some essential moped scooter accessories that every escooter should have, especially when riding in the dark. One of which is front and tail lights. 

Upgrades to your electrical scooter's performance or spare parts are not the only factors contributing to a smooth ride. Before taking a ride, safety should be your top priority.

During night rides, having proper lights would help improve visibility and keep you safe. Electric scooters need more lighting for nighttime visibility. You will improve your vision and increase your visibility to other motorists by fitting one.

Let's take a detailed look at dual motor electric scooter lights and the lumen factor.

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Can You Ride Your Electric Scooter At Night?

Even at night, long range electric scooters are a convenient, eco-friendly, safe, and dependable way to get around the city. Moreover, if you plan to take a motor scooter for night riding, you must install electric scooter lights. Ensure your electrical scooter already has lights installed so other drivers can see you. 

With a 10W front light, the Varla Eagle One Pro All Terrains dual motor electric scooter illuminates your riding path 500 meters before you, making it easier to ride at night. When you make a stop, the rear light comes on to make you visible to those behind. For a scooter night rider, you must be mindful of other riders and wear some essential safety gear.

Types Of Electric Scooter Lights

Before heading out into the dark, you should have essential lights below.

  • 1. Front Lights

It's essential to have a functional headlight. The three most common locations for the front main light are the pole's middle, top, and bottom. Front lights are the most crucial light on the escooter, and some local laws require that they have one. There are two purposes for the front light. Ensure that you can see and that other traffic users can see you.

  • 2. Turn Signals

Turn signal lights are rare on long range electric scooters, but more and more new models are starting to have them. When you need to turn them, you can control them with a switch, typically orange. Although the turn signals on an electrical scooter may appear out of reach, premium or more powerful models usually have them. Some will only have them in the rear, while others will have them in both the front and back.

  • 3. Rear Lights

Because of the electric scooter for heavy adults's design, the rear light is at the lower parts of the long range electric scooter, making it difficult to see. Rear lights are on the front of the deck, at the top or bottom of the stem. Also, you can have a backlight clip-on on a belt or attach it to your backpack so you can be visible from the rear.

  • 4. Brake Lights

Brake lights are like turn signals; most e-scooters don't have them. However, if they do, it's a good thing, and some states and countries mandate them. It's usually on the rear fender, which makes it harder to see, but there are no other options. The brake lights, also called the rear lights, are always red, but some models have yellow brake lights. It is typically mounted on the fender or at the deck's rear. It flashes or glows continuously whenever you brake. 

  • 5. LED Strips

LED strips can give your electrical scooter some sparkle. You can improve visibility by mounting them on the dual motor electric scooter's stem, bottom, and deck sides. Most LED strips come in various color options, some of which flash on and off. Typically, they are at the deck's side, bottom, or along the stem. 

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Why Do Most Electric Scooters Have Poor Lighting?

Several cheap models of electric scooter for heavy adultss on the market are not entirely designed for night rides, which is one of the main reasons they need proper lighting. The power for your scooter's built-in lights comes from the battery. Also, the added load reduces the total distance you can ride between battery charges.

Your fast electric scooter having the right lights is essential because it ensures safety. Also, you getting the correct lumen factor is necessary. Lumen refers to the efficiency with which the received power, or watts, is converted into visible light. 

When your light is bright, it means you have a high lumen. The term "LLMF" refers to the amount of light coming from the light source at a specific point in the future. Also, this refers to the maintenance factor for lamp lumens.

If unsure, you can choose the lumen brightness you need based on where and when you use your electrical scooter.

Below 100 Lumens: 

Ideally suited for your off road electric scooter's use on busy streets and in well-lit areas.

100 to 300 Lumens: 

If you live in a busy town, it's always a good idea to ensure everyone can see you. Although electric scooter for heavy adultss typically come equipped with built-in lights, it is always preferable to use them in areas with a lot of traffic to boost their lumen output.

300 to 1000 Lumens: 

Anything above 300 lumens is bright enough to ensure that other drivers can see the electrical scooter and the road ahead.

1000 Lumens: 

If you want a complete lighting system, the 1000 lumens will not disappoint. Even though any light with this rating gives you a lot of visibility, it costs more.

In general, the light you select should meet your requirements, and it's advisable to go with the brightest model because, as you get used to using your e-scooter, you may want to explore other areas.

Urban Commuter E-Scooter With Light

With the Varla Pegasus City Commuter electric scooter for heavy adults, you can ride safely and stay visible at night as it has dual headlights and taillights. A dual electric motor with a 500W hub motor on each wheel and a peak power output of 1600W drives this commuter fast electric scooter. 

The Pegasus's 48V/15.6Ah lithium-ion battery enables it to travel approximately 28 miles on a single charge. Its smart battery management system protects your battery as you ride. Also, with the Pegasus Independent Suspension, you can ride safely and climb hills at 25 degrees effortlessly. The Pegasus has an expansive deck, puncture-resistant tires, dual fenders, and a locking clamp. The Pegasus City Commuter electrical scooter has exceptional features at an affordable price.

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Keep Safe At Night

Apart from having bright lights, it would help if you did the following:

  • 1. Stay in well-lit areas: 

Before going on a ride, plan your route and ensure that you only ride in areas with streetlights. Moreover, it will promote safety and preventive measures on escooter and reduce the likelihood of road accidents.

  • 2. Be familiar with local ride laws: 

The first and most crucial thing to remember is local law. Knowing your area's fundamental scooter-related traffic laws and procedures during your night ride will be helpful.

  • 3. Wear protective gear: 

When you ride at night, there isn't enough light for other motorists to see you. Because of this, it is necessary to wear head, elbow, and knee protection.


Lights are essential for fat tire e scooters riding at night. You can add more bike lights if they are not bright enough. The Lumen factor is a crucial consideration when selecting your e-scooter lighting. The brighter the light, the higher the lumen count, so choosing a light that will protect you while driving is essential. Also, remember safety first when riding at night; always wear a helmet and other safety gear.

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