What is the LifeSpan of an Electric Scooter?

What is the LifeSpan of an Electric Scooter?

As electric scooters come into people's lives, we find out it can save us from the troubles of traffic jams, and they do not require much maintenance than cars. This makes them ideal private transportation for daily commutes and city trips.

So how long does an electric scooter last? What factors will affect this? How to extend the lifespan of an electric scooter?

Read on to find answers to these questions in this article.

what's the life span of an electric scooter


Average LifeSpan of an Electric Scooter

What Affects Electric Scooter’s LifeSpan?

  • Battery
  • Tires
  • Frame Material
  • Riding Habits
  • Rider’s Maintenance

How to Extend Your Electric Scooter’s Lifetime? 

  • Maintain the battery
  • Check the state of the nuts and bolts regularly
  • Store your scooter in the right way
  • Lubricate wheels, handlebars regularly
  • Check and change worn-out accessories



Average LifeSpan of an Electric Scooter

The service life depends on many factors. The lifespan of electric scooters at different prices are slightly different. Generally, an electric scooter can be used for 3 years or so (Daily usage of one time charging considering).

In the first two years, the efficiency will not decrease much. In the third year, the efficiency will drop slightly, and the efficiency may come to 80- 90% compared to a new one. Later, the efficiency gradually decreases. It means less cruise range, slower speed, and more maintenance.


What Affects Electric Scooters LifeSpan?

  • Battery

Like most electronic products, the battery is a key factor affecting the lifespan of a scooter. Almost all high-quality electric scooters equip lithium-ion batteries, which power the scooter’s motors, lights, digital display, controllers, and other accessories. Compared to other lead-acid batteries (SLA) or nickel-metal hybrid batteries (NiMH), lithium-ion batteries require less maintenance and last longer.


  • Tires

The tire is the only contact medium between the scooter and the ground. If you encounter a flat tire or tire pattern wear severely, the electric scooter will not be used. You can't ride it until you change to the new tire. Given that many parts of the electric scooter can be replaced, as long as the frame is strong enough, the scooter's lifespan will be longer than the average life.


  • Frame Material

Material is also an essential factor in durability. Aluminum alloy and carbon fiber are strong enough frame materials in the market. These are durable and corrosion-resistant. A good frame with outstanding material can stand the test of time.


  • Riding Habits

I don’t know if you have the following habits? Riding at full throttle, preferring to ride on bumpy mountain roads, frequent sudden braking, etc. These habits will aggravate the wear of accessories and tires. Riding habits will affect the range, shorten the scooter's life, and more seriously increase the danger of falling.

Riding habits influence your e-scooter's life span

  • Riders Maintenance

Although electric scooters require very little maintenance, this does not mean that maintenance is not required. In fact, only you need to do some simple daily care for your scooter, clean regularly, and follow the precautions in everyday use to keep your scooter in good condition.


How to Extend Your Electric Scooters Lifetime? 

Maintain the battery

  • Avoid draining the battery

For lithium batteries, recharging if all the batteries are exhausted is not suitable for the Li-on battery. When the battery power is at least 10% or higher for longer-lasting use, you can prepare to charge the scooter.


  • Avoid exceeding the charging time

Compared to deplete the battery, the harm caused by overcharging is more serious. Not only may it cause irreversible damage to the battery, but in severe cases, the battery may overheat, swell or even catch fire. To avoid this dangerous situation, please read the instructions carefully, and unplug the charger after completing the recommended charging time.


  • Let battery cool down before charging

After long-distance riding, the battery will get slightly hot, which is normal. If you want to charge the scooter, please wait at least half an hour for the battery's temperature to cool down to normal before charging.


  • Charge with manufacturer-approved charger

Although the chargers of different brands are similar on the outside, the charger's internal wiring is slightly different. If you use an unmatched charger, the scooter may fail to charge or be short-circuited. For using the scooter normally, please use the correct charger.


  • Charge battery before long storage

One characteristic of lithium batteries is that they will drain if they are not used for a long time. As we mentioned above, depleting the battery will harm the battery. In order for the battery to maintain good performance, we recommend charging 70% of the power before long-term storage. And don't forget to charge the scooter once a month!

maintain your electric scooter's battery to extend its lifespan

Check the state of the nuts and bolts regularly

After long use, especially after driving on a rough road, the nuts and bolts on the electric scooter may slightly loosen. It is necessary to check and tighten the nuts and bolts regularly. If you are riding on a relatively gentle road, you should tighten the nuts and bolts every month.


Store your scooter in the right way

It is very important to store the scooter in a suitable place. Humidity, extreme cold, or hot temperatures are not suitable for the storage of the scooter. Choose a place that is cool, ventilated, and rarely exposed to the sun. This will be an ideal environment for storing your scooters.


Lubricate wheels, handlebars regularly

It is best to lubricate at least once every three months. Including all moving parts of the scooter, such as wheels, handlebars, steering. However, depending on the riding conditions, if you ride it every day you may need to perform routine maintenance more frequently.


Check and change worn-out accessories

If the parts are worn-out and you prefer to extend the electric scooter's life, instead of discarding and buying a new scooter, you only need to replace the worn parts to continue using the scooter. Tires are the most common parts that need to be replaced in scooters. If you accidentally get a flat tire, you only need to change to a new inner tube, which costs only about $20. And when you notice that the scooter's thread is almost flat, it is telling you to replace the tire.


Final Word

You only need to pay attention to the above maintenance skills in daily use, which can significantly extend the scooter's life and make every penny worth it.

Every sum of money on an electric scooter is an investment, and we all hope that our investment rate of return is higher. If you're one of the Eagle One riders, you've already gotten a 2-year warranty service for Varla Eagle One. Feel free to contact our after-sales team if you need any supports.


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