Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Varla Pegasus
Varla Pegasus

Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter

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Varla Pegasus E-scooter x 1
Charger x 1
16 in 1 Multi-Function Repair Tool x 1
User's Manual x 1
Chain Lock x 1
A Spare Deck Loop x 1
Pair of Spare Brake Pads x 2

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500W X 2 Hub Motor

With a Dual 500W hub motor situated in its mechanized wheels, this e-scooter delivers an impressive peak power output of 1920W, energized by 2x20A speed controllers that ensure optimal and reliable performance at all times.

500W X 2 Hub Motor
  • Super Power Output

    Come with a 1920W peak power output, and guarantees a top speed of up to 28 MPH.

  • 25 Nm Torque

    It can climb up to a 25-degree slope and tackle effortlessly traverses 99% of the urban road.

LCD Display

Equipped with a 4.6-inch smart LCD display, speed, battery, range, everything you need to know at a glance.

LCD Display LCD Display
LCD Display LCD Display

748WH Battery

Boasting a 48V/15.6Ah lithium-ion battery, it is capable of traveling over up to 28 miles on a single charge.

748WH Battery
  • 13 x 6 lithium-ion

    Pegasus is outfitted with 78 units of high-energy-density 18650 lithium-ion batteries, fully satisfying your daily long-distance commuting requirements.

  • BMS

    A smart battery management system indicates the health of a battery and protects the battery while in operation.

Dual Mechanical Brake

As an expert in urban commuting, Pegasus insists on using advanced mechanical brakes to provide you with a prompt braking response in any circumstance.

Dual Mechanical Brake
  • Quick Braking Response

    Pegasus executed an emergency stop at 15 mph, requiring only an excellent braking distance of 9.2 ft.

  • Dual Braking System

    Provided a quicker, better, and safer city riding experience for every Pegasus rider.

Dual Shock Absorption

The front and rear spring suspension plus dual independent suspension can greatly absorb the discomfort caused by rough roads.

Dual Shock Absorption
  • Dual Spring Suspension

    Easily cross the speed bump without fear and pass the speed bump smoothly.

  • Impressive Smooth Ride

    The independent suspension system is adept at cushioning against bumps and ensuring the stability of gravity.

Dual LED Light

Equipped with a bright white front light and a red taillight, not only can you clearly illuminate your path, but you can also alert others to your presence, ensuring safe and visible night riding.

Dual LED Light Dual LED Light
Dual LED Light Dual LED Light
  • Front Light

    Positioned at the base of the pole, you can easily adjust the angle of the light to expand or reduce the range of illumination to fit your needs.

  • Taillight

    Pull the brake, the red taillight will flash; turn on the light at night, it will help to make others aware of your position.

Puncture-proof Vacuum Tires

Puncture-proof Vacuum Tires

Upgraded to tubeless tires, greatly enhance the comfortable riding experience. Vacuum tires with high-quality rubber, explosion-proof and pressure resistant, resistant to abrasion, lightweight, easy to maintain, and durable. Based on data from 5,000 Pegasus scooters in the U.S. market test group, under 0.3% of riders got a flat tire.

Thumb Throttle

Thumb Throttle

Beginner-friendly! Only push the throttle with your thumb, then go with ease.

Silicone Deck

Silicone Deck

The 6.7" wide and 23" long deck provides plenty of room for your feet to stand on. The elastic silicone pad can not only reduce bumps but also with the design of square bumps, it can also increase friction and prevent slipping. All are designed for your safe ride.

Lock Clamp

Lock Clamp

Only 3 steps to fold and unfold the scooter, simple and easy to process.

Front & Rear Dual Fenders

Front & Rear Dual Fenders

Equipped with great design fenders, not a hint of mud splashing away to the riders.

Dual Hub Motor, 500W x 2
9 inches Puncture-proof Vacuum Tire
M5 LCD Display
Max Range
28 Miles
Pegasus Charger 2.0A
66 lbs
48V/15.6Ah Lithium-ion battery
Charging Time
7-8 Hours
Climbing Angle
25 degrees
Frame Material
Aluminum+Magnesium Alloy
28+ MPH
Dual Spring Suspension
Dual Disc Brake / 120mm
Payload Capacity
Max. 280 lbs
Thumb Throttle
Headlight & Taillight
Deck Pad Material
Recommended Height
Waterproof Rating


Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Michael McDonald
Love the Pegasus

This scooter is just pure fun. It does take a bit getting used to turning but after a few minutes it becomes second nature, like learning to ride a bicycle. It took my 14 year old son a few tries to get started and balanced as he starts with his back foot on the scooter first.
I started with 1st gear single motor for about 10 minutes just getting the feel before I moved up to the higher gears and eventually going with both motors. The difference is about 3 mph in 2nd gear and 5 mph in 3rd when using the single vs the dual motors.
I rode the scooter for about 2 1/2 hours on the charge that was on the battery out of the box. It was a beautiful day and a storm was coming in the next day and didn't want to wait to charge it. I rode mainly in 2nd gear dual motor to stay paced with my son on his e-scooter I got him for x-mas. His scooter does 19 mph so when he got to far ahead I would just hit 3rd gear to catch up and in a few seconds I was passing him.
Riding in 3rd gear is where the fun is at though. If starting from a stopped position and starting in 3rd gear is like the beginning of Buck Rogers OOH WEE ! I just can imagine ow it would be on the Eagle One. I would get an Eagle but I hate the cockpit. I like the display in the center and thumb throttle.
I was able to put 15 miles on the scooter with about a 2/3 charge that it came with. It handles grass extremely well and can handle some off-roading as well. On the city street the suspension creates a comfortable ride.
The light works ok but I might buy a light to attach to the handle bar.
I ordered the scooter on Sunday 1-28-2024 and it arrived Wednesday afternoon 1-31-2024. I logged on to write this review and saw the are offering the Free Phone Mount. If I had just waited a day or 2 I would've been able to get that free, bummer.
The Varla Pegasus is definitely worth the money. I suggest ordering from the Varla Website vs Amazon. Amazon offers the same price without the FREE Goodies !
I am tempted to order the Falcon for my son but for $80 more I could just get another Pegasus with all the Free Goodies. I got mine with a coupon code for $60 off.

Taejin Jeon
Great scooter but careful in wet ground

I've been riding this scooter over 6 months now. I'm 6'1", 230lbs. It's great so far! Just make sure that when the ground is wet, your back of clothes get wet even though there is no raining. It's all dirty ground water on your shirt and pants. you can literally tell there is black dusty liquid on your feet to neck on the back side. Other than that, it's great lol

Patrick McNeely
Balance of portability and power.

The power and speed this thing has is pretty impressive with really strong hill climbing, but it's as heavy as I would like to load in a vehicle regularly. The built in steering damper is really tight at first but loosens up quickly. I'm really impressed with the LCD display and functionality, it was easy to change between km and miles. I think it would be nice to have a few battery size choices.

Awesome scooter

Love the power and portability! Have enjoyed this scooter. My brother has one also and loves his too

Thanks for reviewing your new e-scooters. Happy trails!


We purchased our Pegasus 2nd hand from a local couple for a great price in which they rarely used it with 120mi of usage only and the scooter looked practically brand new. My wife and I aren’t aggressive riders and coming from swagtron scooter owners it’s easy to agree on that assessment. But we wanted a slight more fun. Thus the Pegasus. First off this scooter is fun to ride. In gear 3, it’s fast fun that puts a smile on my face but not scary fun where you have an apprehensive smile and hoping nothing will cause you to crash hard. We really love the look of this scooter. It’s a bit different from other scooters that you see out there today. The fit and finish & quality is very good for this midrange scooter. So far, we’ve put in about 40mi of fun riding and can’t wait to add more. It does take time in getting used to the tight steering due to the built in steering dampener but after 15mins or so of practice you learn to steer by also “leaning” with your body to the direction of your turns. After learning to do this comfortably, we enjoyed our rides. I would like to share a stem wobble “fix it” advice to all that might have this same problem. I noticed that our scooter had a slight stem column wobble when you shake it back and forth as if the stem and stem lock mechanism was loose. At first, I thought the lock mechanism just needed to be adjusted so I tightened/adjusted all of the screws at the stem lock mechanism but the slight wobble was still there. After more analysis, I concluded that there was a very small gap (perhaps millimeters) where the stem folds and locks. So to fix it, I found these thin neoprene adhesive pads from Amazon. They’re thin and squishy. So I cut them up to circular shaped pieces as best I could and stuck them around the bottom flat part of the wheel stem. And that part I mean is where the actual front wheel is connected to and not the long stem column. But that’s up to you where you want stick them on as long as it works for you. I then bought the stem column up and locked the stem and tested. This fixed the stem wobble and now when I shake the stem back and forth it feels tight and not loose. However, now the locking mechanism does take a bit more force to lock/unlock due to the added neoprene pad space but I’m sure with some slight adjustments to the lock mechanism I can make it perfect. For us though, we are leaving the stem lock a bit tight. We feel more comfortable having to use a little bit more force to lock/unlock as this way we know the stem lock won’t come loose while riding. In conclusion, we are happy with the scooter and Varla quality. When we do out grow this scooter, we’ll buy another Varla product for sure.

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