Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter
Varla Pegasus
Varla Pegasus

Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter

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Varla Pegasus E-scooter x 1
Charger x 1
16 in 1 Multi-Function Repair Tool x 1
User's Manual x 1
Chain Lock x 1
A Spare Deck Loop x 1
Pair of Spare Brake Pads x 2

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500W X 2 Hub Motor

With a Dual 500W hub motor situated in its mechanized wheels, this e-scooter delivers an impressive peak power output of 1920W, energized by 2x20A speed controllers that ensure optimal and reliable performance at all times.

500W X 2 Hub Motor
  • Super Power Output

    Come with a 1920W peak power output, and guarantees a top speed of up to 28 MPH.

  • 25 Nm Torque

    It can climb up to a 25-degree slope and tackle effortlessly traverses 99% of the urban road.

LCD Display

Equipped with a 4.6-inch smart LCD display, speed, battery, range, everything you need to know at a glance.

LCD Display LCD Display
LCD Display LCD Display

748WH Battery

Boasting a 48V/15.6Ah lithium-ion battery, it is capable of traveling over up to 28 miles on a single charge.

748WH Battery
  • 13 x 6 lithium-ion

    Pegasus is outfitted with 78 units of high-energy-density 18650 lithium-ion batteries, fully satisfying your daily long-distance commuting requirements.

  • BMS

    A smart battery management system indicates the health of a battery and protects the battery while in operation.

Dual Mechanical Brake

As an expert in urban commuting, Pegasus insists on using advanced mechanical brakes to provide you with a prompt braking response in any circumstance.

Dual Mechanical Brake
  • Quick Braking Response

    Pegasus executed an emergency stop at 15 mph, requiring only an excellent braking distance of 9.2 ft.

  • Dual Braking System

    Provided a quicker, better, and safer city riding experience for every Pegasus rider.

Dual Shock Absorption

The front and rear spring suspension plus dual independent suspension can greatly absorb the discomfort caused by rough roads.

Dual Shock Absorption
  • Dual Spring Suspension

    Easily cross the speed bump without fear and pass the speed bump smoothly.

  • Impressive Smooth Ride

    The independent suspension system is adept at cushioning against bumps and ensuring the stability of gravity.

Dual LED Light

Equipped with a bright white front light and a red taillight, not only can you clearly illuminate your path, but you can also alert others to your presence, ensuring safe and visible night riding.

Dual LED Light Dual LED Light
Dual LED Light Dual LED Light
  • Front Light

    Positioned at the base of the pole, you can easily adjust the angle of the light to expand or reduce the range of illumination to fit your needs.

  • Taillight

    Pull the brake, the red taillight will flash; turn on the light at night, it will help to make others aware of your position.

Puncture-proof Vacuum Tires

Puncture-proof Vacuum Tires

Upgraded to tubeless tires, greatly enhance the comfortable riding experience. Vacuum tires with high-quality rubber, explosion-proof and pressure resistant, resistant to abrasion, lightweight, easy to maintain, and durable. Based on data from 5,000 Pegasus scooters in the U.S. market test group, under 0.3% of riders got a flat tire.

Thumb Throttle

Thumb Throttle

Beginner-friendly! Only push the throttle with your thumb, then go with ease.

Silicone Deck

Silicone Deck

The 6.7" wide and 23" long deck provides plenty of room for your feet to stand on. The elastic silicone pad can not only reduce bumps but also with the design of square bumps, it can also increase friction and prevent slipping. All are designed for your safe ride.

Lock Clamp

Lock Clamp

Only 3 steps to fold and unfold the scooter, simple and easy to process.

Front & Rear Dual Fenders

Front & Rear Dual Fenders

Equipped with great design fenders, not a hint of mud splashing away to the riders.

Dual Hub Motor, 500W x 2
9 inches Puncture-proof Vacuum Tire
M5 LCD Display
Max Range
28 Miles
Pegasus Charger 2.0A
66 lbs
48V/15.6Ah Lithium-ion battery
Charging Time
7-8 Hours
Climbing Angle
25 degrees
Frame Material
Aluminum+Magnesium Alloy
28+ MPH
Dual Spring Suspension
Dual Disc Brake / 120mm
Payload Capacity
Max. 280 lbs
Thumb Throttle
Headlight & Taillight
Deck Pad Material
Recommended Height
Waterproof Rating


Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Big man ride!

I am a large man. Think defensive tackle. But I like to ride. I find the ride comfortable and enjoy my Pegasus as much as possible. I can take any hill and consistently hit 28mph. I enjoy it so much I would replace it with the same if something happens. I am over 122 miles no with no problems.

Josean Rodriguez
Pegasus electric scooter

Love the scooter solid scooter 👌

Marco Gaudio
Great scooter

Plenty of power and energy

Wassim Jamaleddine
So far its good

I bought the pegasus (new model) 3 weeks ago. Im liking it so far. This is my first electric scooter. I picked this one because it has style and personality. Its not the best for the money performance wise according to my research but the tires they dont go flat easily which is essential to have for my daily commute as there is glass shards everywhere. I have no complaints so far, I recommend this for anyone who wants to have some fun whole going to school/work.

truckers scooter

I love the scooter! this is my first scooter. I had to buy one after getting one of those rentals. I drive semi trucks all around the country and thought it would be a fun activity or way to get to the store etc, when I'm off duty. I wanted to get a bigger one, but this is about as big as I wanted to get and be able to put it in the back of my truck. I've been storing it on my top bunk in the back of my truck. it goes 28 mph, and I've gotten at least 20 miles of range, driving with both motors as fast as it will go. I'm scared to test it exactly how far it goes. I am 6'1 and 220 lb it goes up hills great and has enough power to get me around. I wish all of these scooters were longer, and wider. but this one is about as long as they get. it could be a little wider but, other than that it's very comfortable. I'm really glad I went ahead and bought one! the quality of this is great it's very solid aluminum, and have had no problems with it s reliability. I highly recommend the scooter especially for people who travel!

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