Buying Tips

How to Choose Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills?
Hi there! Are you not satisfied that electric scooters are only for daily traffic and want to try to go off-road? As you know, not all scooters can ride off-road, so if you really need a scooter that can climb hills, let’s read the following 5 factors.    BIG...
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Top 3 Accessories You Need
There are lots of accessories on the market, how do you choose with the limited budget? We selected 3 things for you here. No matter you go off-road or commute on a scooter, these 3 accessories must be the most...
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Why Choose Varla Scooter?
Are you still worrying about that you can't find a shared scooter when you go to work? Does it annoy you when failed to climb up a slope? Are you still afraid of the battery will be run out on the halfway?  ...
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