Varla Father‘s Day Sale!!!


3 Things You Should Do When The Scooter Arrives

1. Sign for it

Please personally sign for the package.
If the package shows delivery, but you did not receive your package, please first ask if your neighbors sign for you.
If not, please call FedEx/UPS to verify the situation and report to the Varla support team ( We will check with FedEx/UPS as soon as possible.

2. Unboxing & Check the items

Please check all items of the package. If any item is missing, please email
Notice! Accessories and selected gifts will be shipped separately. After we ship out, you will receive an email about the tracking number, please wait patiently.

3. Assembly & Ride

If you have any questions about assembly and riding, please take photos or videos and send them to, we will assist you to solve them soon!

The following video is for your reference (Subscribe to get the latest news)

Varla Eagle One unboxing and assembly introduction

P-setting instruction for Varla Eagle One

Accessing Settings

  • Power on your scooter.
  • Hold the Mode and Power buttons (3seconds) to access the P-setting menu.
  • Press the Power button to toggle through P-settings.
  • Press the Power button to adjust the value.
  • After adjustment, short press the Power button to switch to the next feature and save the previous feature value.
  • To save settings, allow the LCD display to timeout (8 seconds) or long press Mode and Power buttons to exit the menu.

Commonly Setting Menu

Setting Feature Notes
P1 LCD brightness 1: low
2: mid
3: high
Default: 3
P2 Speedometer units 0: kph
1: mph
Default: 0
P8 Power level 1: slowest
100: fastest
Default: 100 km/h
P9 Start mode 0: zero start
1: kick to start
Default: 0
P12 Acceleration 0: off
1: weak
5: strong
Default: 3
P16 Lifetime odometer reset Long-press Mode button to reset to 0
P17 Cruise control 0: off
1: on
Default: 0

How to install the seat?

How to install the front light?

How to install the deck hook?

Other tech tips

How to replace an electric scooter tire or inner tube?

How to replace the motor?

How to replace the brake pads?

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us!