Replacement Parts

varla scooter
  • product_2pairofbrakepads

    Brake Pads for Pegasus

    $ 15.00

    Package Dimensions: ‎4.72 x 3.54 x 1.1 inches

    Items: 2 Pairs of Brake Pads


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  • Inner-Tube

    Varla Scooter Inner Tube

    $ 39.00

    Specs: 10×2.5 Inches

    Including 2 pcs of the inner tube.

    It suits Varla Eagle One.

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  • Off-roadtire

    Off-road Tire 10×3 Inches

    $ 99.00

    2 pcs of Off-road tire for Varla Eagle One Electric scooter
    Tire size: 10 x 3 inches
    Ships in 1 month

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  • Deck Hook

    Deck Hook

    $ 49.00

    Fixing Hook Fit For Varla Eagle One.

    Lock stem to the deck when the scooter is folded, for easy lifting and storage.

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  • charger

    Eagle One Charger

    $ 69.00

    Choose to have 2nd charger, to save half of the charging time.

    *One charger is in the box with Eagle one scooter already.

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  • pegasus-LIGHT-display

    Varla LCD Display

    $ 49.00

    Type: Display & Trigger throttle
    One LCD display comes with the Eagle One scooter.

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  • keyignition

    Varla Scooter Key Ignition

    $ 35.00

    Locking key ignition with a voltmeter.
    Able to indicate vehicle error according to voltage.
    *Key is unique to each voltmeter.
    *One key ignition comes with the Eagle One scooter. You can buy it as a replacement.

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  • kickstand2

    Eagle One Kickstand

    $ 18.00

    Not easy to deform, anti-rust, and will not fade.
    Stand holder can be folded, easy to use, and can help you to save space after putting up, won’t abrade the scooter.
    The kickstand suits Varla Eagle One.

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  • cover

    Scooter Front & Rear Fender

    $ 49.00

    The Eagle One scooter comes with a pair of fender.

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  • VarlaEagleOnehydraulicbrakes

    Zoom Hydraulic Brakes Kit

    $ 189.00

    Kit includes:
    Left & Right Handbrake Levers
    Front & Rear Brake Caliper + Pads + Brake Lines
    2 pairs Installation screws

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  • 1616051699149_Bolt_covers-720

    Motor Axle Nut Cover

    $ 20.00

    4 PCS Motor Axle Nut Covers for Eagle One Electric Scooter.

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  • Pegasus's M5 Lcd displayM5 LCD DISPLAY

    M5 LCD Display

    $ 80.00

    Replacement display for the Varla Pegasus scooter

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