When do Electric Scooter Parts Need to be Replaced?

When do Electric Scooter Parts Need to be Replaced?

As a daily personal transportation vehicle, many parts of electric scooters will continue to wear out during commuting riding and outdoor adventures for a period of time. When these parts have worn reach a certain level, it will affect our daily riding, or threaten our safety. For avoiding these situations, we need to replace parts of electric scooters in time. When should we replace it? We have summarized the following signals when parts of electric scooters need to be replaced. varla scooter


The state of the tire is closely related to our riding experience. How often should the tires be changed? Under normal circumstances (without puncture and other factors), the life of off-road tires is up to about 2000km, while the life of commuter tires can reach 3000km or more, because people usually ride a commuting scooter on a flat road, but off-road tires will meet more rough road. But if the following situations appear on the tires of your scooter at this time, the tires may need to be replaced early. Varla off-road electric scooter

(1) When the tread is flat or the side wear is large.

Generally speaking, there will be patterns on the surface of the tire. When you notice that the pattern is almost invisible and the tread is flat, it means that the life of the tire is approaching. It's time to replace the tire. And if you find that the side wear of the tire is severe, or you can observe directly whether the font on the side tire is very blurred), indicating that the side protection performance of the tire has been greatly weakened. Instead of getting a flat tire on the road accidentally, it is better to replace it as soon as possible~

(2) When there are too many "scars" on the tire or the inner tube can be seen directly from the outside.

I believe that most riders have met the situation of tire punctures. After a puncture, our ability to avoid danger will improve, but the puncture resistance of the tire will be worse than before, and the risk will increase. So when your tire is already scarred, you should change it right now. This will also reduce the possibility of frequent replacement of the inner tube due to tire punctures in the future. And when you can see the inner tube through the tire, the tire must be replaced. Because this shows that the puncture-proof layer of this outer tire has been punctured, the inner tube will be completely unprotected in this area, and the risk of a tire blowout will be very high.

(3) When there are many surface cracks.

Even tires with a small number of kilometers will age due to improper storage (exposure to the sun, etc.), resulting in many cracks on the surface. At this time, the stab resistance and grip of the tires have been much worse than before. Although they can still be used at low speed and on a flat road, they should be replaced as soon as possible. (Know more about how to replace an electric scooter tire) Varla off-road electric scooter brakes


(1)Brake cable

A brake cable in good condition allows us to brake smoothly and accurately. Generally speaking, if you ride your scooter 3 days or more a week, the brake cable should be replaced once a year; meanwhile, if you find that the brake cable has branched or rusted, and the outer tube is brittle, you also need to change a new corresponding cable tube.

(2)Brake block

The brake block is one of the important parts that can brake the electric scooter quickly and safely. Especially in the process of high-speed driving, it is crucial to stop immediately. When the brake block wears severely, the braking efficiency will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the brake block in time when it's seriously worn. When Does brake block Need to Be Replaced? There are 2 simple methods to know the condition of the brake block roughly. The first is to test the braking force. When you find that your scooter's braking effect is significantly weakened, it also means that the brake blocks need to be replaced. The second method is that you can also see the thickness of the brake block to confirm the degree of brake block wear. The thickness of the new disc brake block is about 3-4mm. When it is reduced to 1mm due to daily use, disc brakes may stop working. Thus, when you find that the brake block is thin, it is better to replace it as soon as possible.

Handlebar Grip

The handlebar grip is destined to age with time and use and it tends to be sticky.  At the same time, after a long time of use, the grip may be soaked by sweat, and it is not easy to grip when riding. Now is time to replace them. Varla If you find these signs on your electric scooter, it's time to replace them! Check your scooter quickly! Check out more helpful tips:

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