How to Choose and Ride an Electric Scooter Uphill

How to Choose and Ride an Electric Scooter Uphill

You might already have a new Varla electric scooter, or you plan on choosing this awesome ride for your daily commute; it's important to learn how to use it and its limitations. For electric scooters to be considered a reliable form of transportation, it needs to ride on different types of terrain and go uphill.

It is important to know whether your electric scooter can go uphill because it might be the rider's only form of commute. Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles have hills everywhere, and what would an electric scooter be if it couldn't take you where you need to go. Most electric scooters can go uphill, and it's easy to do. Just make sure you keep your eye on the road and constantly aware of your surroundings. Keep both feet on the e-scooter for balance and lean slightly forward so not all your weight is placed on the back wheel. Let's learn what kind of electric scooter to get and how to ride uphill.

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Buying An Electric Scooter

When buying an electric scooter, there are some things to consider that can affect how steep an uphill it can go. Manufacturers are more concerned with production costs due to the increase in popularity of the electric scooter. This results in low-grade components being put into your electric scooter.

Motor: The more powerful the motor, the better it can ride up steep inclines. If you live in an area with many inclines, consider getting an electric scooter with a 500-watt motor.

Battery: The stronger the battery, the more juice it provides the motor.

Range: Going up many inclines can reduce the range of the electric scooter. It can even reduce the range during your commute by 50% if used aggressively.

Climb angle: Most electric scooters have a climb angle of 10-15 degrees. Varla electric scooters have a climb angle of 30 degrees, making them superior to most e-scooters.

Tires: Having tires with the right size and grip will help you ride on inclines with ease.

Suspension: When you are riding your electric scooter uphill, you put more weight on the back tire. Having a good suspension system will ensure your weight doesn't affect the tires.

Weight: The weight of the rider will affect the electric scooter's ability to go uphill. Having a foldable electric scooter for adults and a higher carrying capacity will help get you uphill in no time.

When buying an electric scooter, buy from a reputable company and those known for making premium-grade materials. It needs to have efficient batteries, powerful motors, and good tires to climb hills easily.

What Happens To the Electric Scooter When You Ride Uphill?

Riding your adult electric scooter uphill all the time can cause motor damage due to the extreme workload. Your range per battery life will also lesson. During steep uphills, your range can drop between 20%-50%. Electric motors can transfer serious power to the wheels of the e-scooter. When they get subjected to extreme workloads for long periods, they can break. You will notice that after long rides uphill, the motor will begin to get hot from work it's putting in. In the long run, riding for long periods will cause the lifespan and motor performance to decline. You might need to replace the motor or electric scooter sooner than you expect.

How To Ride Your Scooter Uphill

When riding a scooter uphill, there are a few things to consider:

1. Charge your electric scooter before riding on inclines.

2. How much weight you are carrying. If you are riding on multiple inclines, it's best to have as little weight on you as possible such as a heavy coat and backpack.

3. Make sure you have a good balance when you start the ride.

4. If possible, gain some momentum.

5. Don't attempt to go top speed unless the scooter is slowing down significantly.

6. Stand in the middle of the board and balance your weight evenly.

7. Lean forward and ensure your knees are bent but still avoiding leaning over the handlebars.

8. Accelerate your scooter uphill while being aware of pedestrians, cars, and obstacles that might be on the road

8. Lastly, have fun!

    If you are having difficulty and the scooter is slowing significantly, kick with your foot on the ground and help it up or step off and push the e-scooter. This is the best option to ensure your safety.


    Varla Eagle One Electric Scooter

    If you want the best off-road electric scooter that can go uphill, then you have come to the right place. The Eagle One is not only made to be durable, but it also has impeccable safety features. The foldable electric scooter for adults comes with 2 x 1,000-watt motors and can climb a 30-degree angle with ease. It also has a 52V/18.2Ah Lithium-ion battery, so you can be sure your electric scooter can take you uphill during your commute. Try taking the Eagle One out for an outdoor excursion. With its 10 x 3 Inches pneumatic tires, you can ride up and down inclines and over small obstacles without worrying about getting a puncture on your first day.

    The Bottom Line

    It is easy to go uphill on an adult electric scooter like the Varla Eagle One with a long-range and heavy-duty so that you can travel uphill with ease. The Eagle One has a max carrying capacity of 330 lbs and a long range of 40+ miles. Remember that the range will be shortened when you travel uphill often throughout the commute, but you can still get optimum performance from a Varla adult electric scooter. If you travel uphill and downhill often on an electric scooter, make sure you are wearing safety equipment to prevent injury. The Varla accessories store has a headlight, elbow and knee pads, and gloves to protect your skin in the event of a fall. See our Eagle One and Pegasus for the best adult electric scooters for commuting!

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