How to Ride Your Electric Scooter Uphill and Downhill

e scooter uphill and downhill

Electric scooters for hills are a fun and simple way to commute from place to place. This efficient and safe transport has taken over the market, and people who regularly use electric scooters aren’t likely to go back to buses and trains.

However, as more people start experimenting with this mode of transport, have trouble riding their e-scooter uphill and downhill. So here, we will go over how you can ride your fastest electric scooter uphill and downhill.

How to Ride Your E-Scooter Uphill

How to Ride Your E-Scooter Uphill

First, let’s start with how to ride a best scooter for uphill. Here are some tips to help you get better when you go up hill.

Fully Charge Your Electrical Scooter 

When you’re riding uphill, make sure that you fully charge your best e scooter for hills,then you can incline scooter more successfully. Riding hills also needs a powerful motor since the e-scooter will need to pull its weight and yours uphill, which means it’ll need a lot more juice to run. The battery drains quickly when you’re going uphill, and if you don’t have a full charge on a scooter you might get stuck.

Going against gravity is not an easy task, and it requires the power of dual motors like in Eagle One Pro. Not every electric scooter can go uphill, but you can find some that do.

Stand on Your Electric Scooter Properly

Keeping track of your posture is essential part when you’re riding uphill. Riding uphill can get dangerous if you’re slouching or bending over on the handles. You need to position yourself correctly, make sure you plant your feet on the scooter’s deck, and balance yourself properly. Take strength from your core muscles to keep standing tall.

As you’re moving up, lean forward slightly to distribute the weight of your body according to the momentum. Avoid distributing your weight through your arms; since it can put pressure on the handles, and you could fall if you have to suddenly stop.

Accelerate While Climbing

When you’re moving on a steep incline, go as fast as you can while still being safe. This will help the adult electric scooter pull you up quickly without adding much pressure on its motor and tires. To get the maximum speed out of your e scooter for hills, put it on sports mode or if you have a high-powered Eagle One Pro take it out of eco-mode.

However, you should avoid going too fast when other pedestrians or vehicles are around. Be mindful of your surroundings and try not to go too fast. Only pick up speed when you start going down.

Don’t Carry A lot of Weight

The last step, try riding as light as possible, and don’t exceed your scooter’s weight limit. The more weight you have, the more challenging the uphill climb will be. Try not to carry something too heavy while you’re on your e-scooter, since that put pressure on the motor, which make sit drain charge faster. If not, then minimize your load so as to not put a strain on your adult electric scooter.

How to Ride Your E-Scooter Downhill

How to Ride Your E-Scooter Downhill

You always have more momentum when going downhill, since gravity is doing most of the heavy lifting for you. However, you still need to be careful when you’re coming downhill, so here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Lean Back

It’s essential to lean back when you’re going downhill. Since you’re already headed down, leaning forward will shift your weight with the decline, which can make you lose your balance. While doing this, don’t forget to keep your balance and control over your electrical scooter. When you shift your weight backwards, you need to be careful of your speed, since you also want to break when necessary.

Maintain a steady grip over your handlebars and plant your feet firmly on the deck. If you shift your weight around, your electric scooter will get wobbly, which could lead to serious injuries.

Slow Down

Since gravity will be pulling you forward, you’ll be going much faster than you usually do. To prevent any injury or accidents, it’s imperative that you slow down when you’re descending. Slowing down will also help you gain better control over your best electric scooter for hills.

Moreover, when you’re moving at a slow pace during descent, you can navigate various obstacles better.

Brake Slowly

This seems obvious to those who have been riding an adult electric scooter for a while now. But for people who are new, you need to remember to apply the brakes slowly so you can make a easier scooting. Often in high-end electrical scooters, like Eagle One, breaks are quick and powerful. This will be a huge disadvantage when you’re on the decline; you will likely spiral because of the blunt force.

When you’re making a turn or moving in a straight line, use the breaks cautiously. However, when you’ve made the turn remember to release the breaks to avoid locking your wheels.

Look Ahead

Often incidents occur mainly because the driver wasn’t paying close attention. When driving any form of vehicle, you ought to look ahead on the road. This precaution is to make sure you don’t get into a crash.

While on an e-scooter, you need to remember that you’re open from all four sides and while on a steep descent, you need to be extra cautious. For beginners who have trouble focusing, it’s advised that you should practice in a safe environment before hitting different routes.

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If you follow this guide, you won’t have to worry about fatal injuries or crashing on your all-power electrical scooters. E-scooters are more powerful than most realize, which is why you need to take specific measures when you’re riding.

If you’re searching for the best electric scooter for steep hills, Varla all-power electrical scooters are suitable for all terrains and wouldn’t die on you in the middle of your journey, try our Eagle One Pro or our bestseller, Eagle One. They are equipped with a dual motor for big power and suit for riding in all terrain, no matter go up and downhill! Both are highly recommended scooters by various people. You won’t be disappointed with the performance and definitely be able to wholeheartedly enjoy the hike.

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