Avoiding the Dangers and Pitfalls of Modifying Your Commuter Electric Scooter!

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It can be exciting to adjust some features of your electric scooter, which would set them apart from others. However, before you begin, it’s best to have the proper knowledge, as not all changes are safe. 

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With these modifications, your scooter’s appearance and performance would differ from the original. Adopting safe riding habits and minor repairs on your escooters is advisable. However, tampering with the scooter’s limit, motor, or battery could void the warranty and get you in trouble with the law in your area. 

Knowing these issues is best, so you don’t end up with a damaged motor scooter.

What Are Commuter Electric Scooter Modifications?

A commuter all terrain electric scooter modification is an alteration made to an electric scooter for adults to enhance its aesthetics and commuting performance. One of its best benefits is that a motor scooter upgrade doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Also, it would help if you avoided unauthorized tuning and only used authorized components and service shops when servicing your adult electric scooter to prevent these issues.

You can make various modifications to improve an all terrain electric scooter. For instance, if you have an adult electric moped with a standard 6-inch front tire and change it for a 10-inch tire, that’s if the wheels are compatible. Some modifications, such as increasing the distance or removing the speed limiter on a commuter electric scooter, will necessitate a bit of mechanical or electronic know-how. However, they are dangerous and must be avoided.

The changes that can improve or degrade the motor scooter’s performance include the following:

Removing the Speed Limiter 

Some riders often boost the speed of dual motor electric scooters by either modifying the software or removing the speed limiter installed by the manufacturer with the aid of a digital display. However, this is unadvisable since the speed limit is to safeguard the rider and others on your path. 

Replacing the Battery

Another modification people make is replacing their battery with a much higher charge reserve than the one they now have can be added or replaced. The Varla Eagle One Pro All Terrain Electric Scooter has a 27 Ah 60V Lithium-ion Battery to reach over 45 Miles per charge.

Upgrading the Brake System

While some cyclists upgrade the brake system, purchasing an electric scooter for adults with an optimal dual hydraulic brake system is best. If only one of the braking systems fails, scooters with two are superior in terms of performance and safety.

Making Your Electric Scooter Look Better

Your off road electric scooter can be painted, polished, and cleaned as needed. You can also personalize stickers to give your motor scooter some extra oomph!

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Adding Accessories

The front, rear, and deck lights, locks, trucks, baskets, alarms, phone holders, speedometers, turn signals, hooks, mirrors, seats, wall mounts, and cup holders are important electric scooter accessories that not only enhance the overall style of your fast electric scooter but also make it more functional. However, check to see that they are not adding excess weight to the dual motor electric scooter.

What Are the Most Common Issues People Who Modify Their Electric Scooters Face?

In a bid to cut down on cost and make their off road electric scooter suit their whims, many motorized scooters for adult users take some drastic risks in their modifications that later result in complex issues. Some common problems that those who modify their commuter scooter for adults experience include the following:

Cutting Corners With Cheap Parts:

Many long range electric scooter owners try to cut costs using cheap parts of lesser quality, which usually leads to other problems. An old saying says, “Buy cheap, buy twice.” When you buy a substandard part to fit into your cheap escooter, you can expect to spend more than you should on multiple replacements of these parts. The aim is to make your motor scooter the best electric scooters for commuting; cutting corners with cheap parts can affect its efficiency.

Fitting Inappropriate Parts: 

Some dual motor electric scooter owners substitute inappropriate parts with factory settings for the original, standard features. Replacing a dual motor electric scooter brake pad with an incompatible black market pad, for example, puts your brakes at risk of failing at inconvenient times. For instance, you can’t replace your commuter scooter’s battery of 748WH with a 1620WH  battery. They are both standard-quality products from Varla, but their off road electric scooter capacity differs.

Poor Installation of Parts: 

Scooter modification requires a lot of technical detail. You must pay attention to the minutest detail to avoid recurrent problems. When parts are poorly installed, it could damage the scooter or even lead to accidents. Poor installation of various modifications made to the motorized scooter for adults is one of the causes of escooter accidents in the United States. The unfortunate part of this sad story is that such poor installations could void their insurance, even if they have one.

Scooters are categorized under the laws that guide two-wheelers under the laws of most states in the United States. There are legal restrictions on modifying two-wheelers under the laws of many states in the United States, and you must familiarize yourself with the rules according to your state.

Depending on the modifications you make to your scooter, you must notify the appropriate authorities. For example, changing the entire color scheme of the scooter and tampering with the engine may result in compliance issues with your Regional Transport Office (RTO). Also, regardless of the nature of the modifications, notify your two-wheeler insurance provider as soon as possible. Please do so to ensure the settlement of your two-wheeler insurance claim.

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Are the Modifications Safe?

A significant question you must ask yourself is if you intend to make some modifications to your scooter. Many riders are more concerned with aesthetics and performance enhancement rather than safety.

Modifications can result in dangers, and every alteration to your scooter should comply with local laws. You can be sure that they would not allow you to fit a twin-turbo engine on your electric moped for adults, even if it would make it go faster.

Is It Worth It?

Another central question is whether the modification is worth the risk involved. Your aim should be to maintain your scooter at its best productivity level, which is what you see when you buy the best escooter from Varla. So, although those modifications may make your scooter more beautiful to behold and improve its efficiency, you still must ask yourself this salient question before starting: Is it worth the risk?

Your Warranty May Be Invalid If You Make Modifications

Another thing to remember is that modification to your scooter may be a reason to void your warranty. If you do, the scooter manufacturer will likely not cover any damage or malfunctions resulting from the modification.

It could lead to expensive repairs and may even make it difficult for you to get parts in the future. Some manufacturers will be more lenient than others, but avoiding any risky modifications is best. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks of modifying your scooter. If you upgrade your scooter and it gets damaged, the warranty will not be valid. Suppose you have doubts about whether the manufacturer covers a modification; it’s best to check the warranty conditions.


Suppose you are thinking of making modifications to your e-scooter. It’s essential to consider whether or not the improvements will be worth it. You should also know that adjusting your e-scooter may violate its warranty and even your local road law. Hence, before making any modifications to your escooter, ensure that your changes are legal and safe.