8 Tips for Riding an Electric Scooter in the Rain

tips for riding an electric scooter in the rain

A frequently asked question: Can you use an electric scooter in the rain?

The simple answer is yes. At present, some scooters with IPX4 can be used in light rain, which means you need to confirm the waterproof level (IP rate) of your scooter before you ride.

The other problem that needs your attention is that the risk of riding in wet condition will no doubt increase, so we do not recommend riders to ride in rainy days. However, we have no way to control the weather. Sometimes we do need to travel in the rain. Today we will introduce 8 riding safety tips for riding an off road electric scooter in the rain.

Check The Waterproof Level

Confirm the waterproof level of your electric scooter before you travel. As the rainy weather is relatively humid, it is prone to damage to the circuit by water. To prevent this from happening, please make sure that your scooter’s level is above or include IPX4. If you are not sure, please contact the certain scooter team. Check out more information of waterproof level.

electric scooter waterproof level

Wear Raincoat

There is nothing more annoying than wearing clothes and shoes that have been drenched in rain in a day. In addition, traveling on rainy days may cause the rider to get sick from getting wet and cold. To avoid this, wear enough clothes, raincoats, waterproof gloves, and helmets to keep yourself dry and warm.

Waterproof Your Scooter

For most scooters, they can be ridden on rainy days, but for entry-level scooters, water vapor may enter the scooters and cause a short circuit risk. In this case, some ways can be taken to improve the waterproof performance of the scooter, here to protect the battery, display screen and other electronic equipment. When you carry high-value electronic items, you should also equip a waterproof bag, such as Varla waterproof handlebar bag, to keep it dry.

 Use Electric Scooter Lights and Reflectors

One of the most harmful effects of rain is its ability to restrict visibility. Since visibility is reduced on rainy days, it is important to make sure that other people around you (especially the driver) can easily see you. The best way is to add scooter lights and reflectors to your electric scooter. If you have to travel at night on a rainy day, it is necessary to be equipped with the above equipment.

use electric scooter lights

Lower Tire Pressure

You need to check the tire pressure before you travel. The higher the tire’s air pressure, the less the part of the tire that touches the ground, and the grip will weaken. On the slippery ground, properly reduce the tire pressure within a suitable range (according to the tire pressure range), increase the contact area between the tire and the ground to better grip the road, which makes the riding more stability. Be careful not to fall below the minimum air pressure standard of the tire!

Brake Early

The above 5 tips are what you should prepare for the ride in the rain. It’s time to discuss the most 2 important tips while riding. The first is to remember to brake early. Braking early allows you to slow down gradually, thereby maintaining traction throughout the process. Sudden braking on a wet surface road will cause skidding and may lose control of the scooter.

Slow Down

Riding an electric scooter in the rain follows many of the same safety tips as driving in the rain. One main rule is that when riding on wet roads, you should ride slower than usual. This is the same reason as early braking. Besides, the road is wet and slippery on rainy days, and the visual field is affected. Keeping a low riding speed makes you better control the electric scooter and react faster.

Clean Your Electric Scooter After You Ride

Another important tip for riding an electric scooter in the rain is to make sure to spend time cleaning the electric scooter after ride. This includes cleaning it, but also ensuring that it is fully dried to prevent rain from causing any long-term damage to the scooter, such as rust and short circuits. After riding on a slippery road, taking time to clean and dry it can greatly increase its service life. (Check out how to clean your electric scooter)

how to clean your electric scooter

If you cannot avoid traveling on rainy days, please keep in mind the above 8 tips, which can make you safe and enjoyable riding in the rain!

Do you have any other tips for riding in the rain? Welcome to share with us in the comment!

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