6 Things to Ruin an Off-road Electric Scooter Ride

6 Things to Ruin an Off-road Electric Scooter Ride

TGIF, the busy week is over, and welcome to the weekend! Have not been out for a long time, you have planned to ride your beloved scooter and have an exciting off-road ride on weekend! However, the following things may happen, and greatly interrupt you to venture out. What’s wrong? Come and take a look, don’t let these 6 things ruin your outdoor riding!

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#1 Forget your kit or equipment

You are excited before going out, after you check all things at home and finally go out and meet up with friends. However, when you arrive at the agreed place, suddenly realize, Oh, forget kit! Forget helmet! For this reason, you have to spend another 20 minutes or more time to go back to get the helmet. Otherwise, you can only watch your friends start the scooting trip, you have to end your off-road riding plan ahead of time and go home. What a disaster!

Tips: Prepare your equipment the night before, place it in a prominent place, and write it in the preparation list. Before you go out the next day, bring your equipment and tick off before you go!

#2 Not charging your battery

This is definitely an epic disaster. Can you imagine that you start with full of expectation, when you turn on the power and find that the battery of the scooter is only the last 20%? Have you ever had this experience? If so, how did you deal with it? Welcome to leave a comment and share your measure with us!

Generally speaking, a 2000 W electric scooter takes 8-9 hours to fully charge, by using fast charging, it’ll take 4-6 hours. If you really want to go out for a ride the very day, then quickly plug in and charge. During the waiting hours, you can re-plan the route and check if there is anything missing! Next time, remember to set an alarm clock to remind yourself to charge the scooter the night before!

#3 No water when hot

With the equipment ready and the scooter fully charged, you have successfully started an exciting riding trip. But you forgot to prepare water! That’s a pity! After a complete ride, your throat is already dry.

#4 Drink too much water before you go

Forget bringing water is annoying, but drinking too much water before you go is not a good thing. You may meet a very embarrassing situation during the ride, and you need to find a restroom very frequently. To be honest, it is not very pleasant to deviate from the route so often.

Next time, just drink 200ml of water properly, just bring a bottle full of water and go! Trust me, your ride will be smoother.

#5 Forget watching the weather forecast

Autumn is really an ideal season to ride out, not so hot and not too cold, you can ride more comfortably. However, the weather in autumn has changed a lot. It may be sunny in the morning, but it’ll rain suddenly.

When you see it’s a sunny morning, you rode out enthusiastically without checking the weather forecast. But sometimes it may rain when you on the halfway, so you have to find a place to hide as soon as possible and wait for it to stop. Your outdoor riding is interrupted, unfortunately. What a terrible experience!

So, no matter how great the weather is when you wake up in the morning, don’t forget to check the weather forecast!

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#6 Puncture or get a flat tire

The feeling of a puncture halfway may be comparable to the experience of the battery drain! Many reasons for flat tires are the air pressure is too high, and the tire pressing on hard rock. Or unluckily, there was a nail or something on the road that punctured the tire. We know that no matter who encounters this situation, they will be in a bad mood, I am the same. If it’s happened, we can do some remedial measures. Take out the tire repair sticker, take a moment, repair the tire, and set off again! If you need more guides to replace an electric scooter tire, check out our previous post.

The above are the 6 things that may ruin your off-road riding. Can you think of other things that can ruin your ride? How did you deal with it? Welcome to share!

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