5 Things You Can Do to Ride an Electric Scooter Safely in Fall Weather

5 Things You Can Do to Ride an Electric Scooter Safely in Fall Weather

There’s probably nothing more efficient (or fun!) than riding an electric scooter wherever you please. From experiencing the freeing sensation of wind rushing past your ears to bypassing the congested traffic of main roads, our understated yet powerful machines are the perfect solution for the modern rider.  

As such, you’re probably eager to ride your Varla Eagle One or Varla Pegasus as much as you can. Still, summertime can’t last forever, and you might be worried about using your favorite car alternative in fall weather.  

Don’t worry; we’ve got all the tips you need to enjoy a safe ride year-round. So, whether you’re sporting an electric scooter for heavy adults or a simple city scooter, be sure to keep reading!

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1. Keep An Eye Out for Wet and Slippery Surfaces

Unless you live in one of those rare places that can’t ever seem to escape the heat, your home probably experiences at least some wetness during the fall season. From occasional rainfall to full-on snowstorms, even a pile of wet leaves can make your favorite paths a safety hazard.

So, even if you’re using an off-road electric scooter, it’s a good idea to exercise caution and stay vigilant for any slippery streets that could reduce your traction. Try maintaining the following precautions during your trip:

  • Save the speed for summertime! Instead, ride slow and steady, so you have enough time to spot hazards — and avoid them.
  • If you do encounter a slippery spot, don’t swerve wildly. Instead, allow yourself time to brake and safely dodge the area.  
  • Always stay vigilant! Ice and puddles can spring up out of nowhere, so you can’t risk being distracted during your ride.

2. Use Fall Fashion to Your Advantage

Okay, so maybe you’re not the biggest fan of warm hoodies and thick jackets. But, if you want to continue enjoying your cherished city scooter during fall, you’ll have to make sure you’ve dressed appropriately for the weather.

Here are some additional considerations for having a safe ride:

  • Keep your hands warm with a pair of quality gloves. Frozen fingers won’t do you much good if you suddenly have to brake quickly!
  • Protect your head with a sturdy helmet. Furthermore, make sure it’s snug enough that it won’t slide off due to any other headwear you’re sporting, like a beanie or pair of earmuffs.
  • Prevent your body from freezing up by wearing multiple layers (if necessary); You’ll need to be warm and agile to control your scooter accurately.

3. Make Yourself Noticeable

Unfortunately, you might not like this tip if you’re a particularly shy person. However, other people need to be able to see you while you’re riding to prevent accidents.

Since the fall season is known for its limited supply of daylight, you could find yourself cruising home on an electric scooter for heavy adults while your surroundings are pitch-dark. As such, drivers, off-road electric scooter riders, joggers, dog walkers, and others might not see you if you blend in with the shadows.

So, to keep yourself from crashing into another innocent pedestrian during your evening ride, make sure you’re as visible as possible by following these tips:

  • Wear outer layers made of reflective and/or bright fabrics. You can even purchase accessories, like a blinking light strip, to wear around your arm or wrist. Of course, if you’re using our Varla Eagle One, you can simply activate the scooter’s front & rear LED lights.  
  • Be a defensive driver. Just because you’re on a cool city scooter doesn’t mean you’re immune to accidents!
  • If familiar with the area, try picking a route that you know is well-lit and, preferably, far away from foot/vehicle traffic.    

4. Don’t Slack on Scooter Maintenance

Chances are, you’ve invested quite a bit into your favorite scooter — so why let it succumb to the threat of rust and premature wear?

Though you should always keep up proper maintenance, scooters usually require more care than usual during the fall season. Even after just an hour or two of cruising those city streets or mountain paths, it’ll probably be filthy by the time you get home. As a result, you’re going to have to clean it before placing it back into storage.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of methods to turn your dirty city scooter into a squeaky-clean vehicle ready for another ride. Try out some of the following:

  • For simple cleaning jobs, you can just wet a cleaning cloth with water and scrub away any residue from the scooter’s surface. Be careful not to submerge any electronic parts completely, though — water-resistant doesn’t always mean waterproof.
  • Restore chrome and metal components using a polish. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully beforehand!
  • Avoid chemical cleaners, especially on plastic panels. Instead, opt for wax or spray that can restore the paint’s shine without damaging it.

5. Outfit Your Scooter with the Right Tires

Just like how you wouldn’t drive a car with faulty tires on fall roads, the same precaution should be taken with any other vehicle, from electric scooters for heavy adults to bicycles.

Your scooter’s tires should meet the following criteria:

  • The tread is adequate for weather conditions you’d encounter during the season.
  • They aren’t so hard that they can easily slide across slippery areas, but not so soft that the riding experience is unpleasant.

Of course, if you have an excellent off-road scooter like the Varla Eagle One, you’re already halfway there. Still, even a general city scooter like the Varla Pegasus can be safely used in fall weather if you obey the proper precautions.


Though fall might bring along some unwanted weather conditions, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite scooter until the following summer. By remembering the tips listed in this article, you can continue enjoying those rides you love safely — regardless of what month it is.

And, if you’re searching for the next scooter to add to your collection, be sure to visit our online store!  

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