Things To Do Before Riding Your Scooter


Electric scooters are one of the most common forms of transportation around the world. They’re perfect for getting around in small, tight spaces, and are relatively simple to use when you know what you’re doing.

Before getting on your electric scooter, you want to make sure that you are always safe when you’re on the road. When you want to take it out for a spin, there are a few things that you should do to make sure that your ride goes smoothly and safely. Whether you want to make sure your electric scooter is running at its best or you want to gear up with the proper safety equipment, this list of important things to do before every scooter ride will get you ready to cruise on two wheels.

Important things to do before every scooter ride

  • Check tires

It’s important to regularly check your tires for any signs of wear and tear. Most electric scooters for adults have tread depth indicators, so you can quickly see if it’s time for a replacement. Pneumatic tires aren’t found on all electric scooters, but if they do, make sure they’re inflated to the right PSI. Not only will the right PSI improve your control over your electric scooter, but it will also extend your range.

However, if your electric scooter doesn’t have one or you’re not sure how to use it, take it into a shop for inspection. Also make sure that all of your screws are tight and secured—you don’t want a loose one flying off and causing damage.

  • Tire wear

Make sure the tires on your motor scooter aren’t worn out, no matter what kind you have. Examine each tire for signs of severe wear or punctures that might lead to a blowout.

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  • Check stem and folding mechanism

A damaged stem or folding mechanism could mean a damaged motor scooter. So be sure to check these before every ride. If you see any damage, have a professional repair it before continuing your trip. Minor damage can lead to big problems if left unrepaired, so it’s best to know that your electric scooter for adults is in working order before hitting the road.

  • Check brakes

Even though it’s a no-brainer, people often neglect it. Check your electric scooter’s brakes before each ride. If your brakes aren’t working correctly it can lead to potentially dangerous scenarios when riding or even starting off in general. A brake wire or pad may have been damaged, despite the fact that this is extremely rare. As a result, you might wind up in a dangerous scenario if you don’t inspect your electric scooter before you go out for a ride.

  • Brake lights

Brake lights have become a regular feature on most motor scooters in recent years. To ensure that other potential commuters are aware of your slowing or stopping, you should always check your electric scooter’s lights before getting on it.

  • Check suspension

You don’t want to be riding on a bumpy road for hours and end up with a sore backside because your electric scooter’s suspension is completely worn out. With each ride, take a quick look at your scooter’s tires, wheels, and especially its suspension. If anything looks loose or like it could break off, get it fixed before you ride again. In some cases, you may need to bring in an expert mechanic. It can save you money in future repairs if something isn’t quite right with your scooter’s parts. No matter what, though, always give your motor scooter a quick checkup before every ride.

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  • Check the battery

Your electric scooter’s battery can run out pretty quickly. Always check it before riding. It is best practice to give your electric scooter a full charge, every time. Make sure there’s enough power in your battery.

When possible, take a charger with you when you ride, so you can charge at work or other places during your day. Otherwise, make sure you check your battery before each ride and re-charge if necessary.

  • Locking clip

Before standing on your electric scooter for adult, make sure any locking mechanisms, such as a folding stem or folding handlebars, are properly secured into position.

  • Overall inspection 

Once you’ve completed most of our recommended pre-ride inspections, we recommend that you undertake a fast overall check. Take a look at both the top and bottom of the electric scooter. Look for any loose or missing nuts, broken wires, or anything else that might have an adverse influence on your ride.

In conclusion, no matter how thorough our pre-ride checklist is, you are still at risk when riding your electric scooter. The total safety of an electric scooter rider is influenced by a plethora of factors. Hopefully this list will get you one step closer to having the safest possible ride.

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